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Which is the Best Health Insurance for Diabetes Ridden Patients?

Diabetes presents itself as a primary health problem globally and is amongst the top five leading causes of death in even the most advanced countries. India is often referred to as the ‘diabetic capital’ of the world – it is estimated that 1 out of 6 diabetic patients in the world are Indians. Diabetes is known to the ‘silent killer’ since symptoms at first may not appear to be so severe, and even diagnosis and detection of the disease taking place late.

The underlying causes of diabetes vary by type (type 1 and 2). However, irrespective of what type of diabetes you have, it can lead to excess sugar in your blood. These increased levels of sugar in your blood can lead consequently to critical health problems. While the exact causes leading to diabetes cannot be pinpointed, here are some of the common risk factors that play a role in diabetic patients across the globe – 

  • Family History –

    Risk increases if a parent or sibling has diabetic.

  • Weight –

    Obese individuals with unhealthy lifestyle habits are more vulnerable to diabetes. The more fatty tissue present in the body, the more resistant your cells become to insulin.

  • Lack of Exercise –

    The less you exercise, the greater the risk of getting diabetes. Exercise helps you control your weight, consume glucose as energy, and make the cells sensitive to insulin.

Diabetic patients across the country face problems finding a suitable policy that includes health insurance for diabetes. This is because some health insurance companies may extend their exclusions to diabetes as well as various complications arising from it. However, this does not diminish the importance of health insurance for diabetes. With the right research, you can safely protect yourself and your loved ones from any financial burden arising from diabetes complications.

  • Disease-Specific Plans –

    If you’re looking for health insurance for diabetes, a disease-specific plan would be the best option. These plans offer coverage for the various expenses incurred in treating a specific pre-defined disease/condition. These plans are affordable and designed especially for those looking for cost-effective or those who may not be eligible for other standard health policies due to pre-existing complications. These specific plans are ideal for diabetic patients looking to protect themselves from exorbitant treatment & consultation expenses. Disease-specific plans also include an array of benefits including cashless settlement, annual health check-ups, customization features, and lower premium amounts.

  • Individual Health Insurance –

    Many insurance companies also offer coverage for various diseases such as diabetes/hypertension. This plan is perfect if you’re looking to insure yourself or your parents against the costs of diabetic treatments. The insured can claim the entire amount of coverage for their personal use – a perfect solution for individuals who regularly incur expenses caused by diabetic conditions. Health insurance for diabetes is highly sought after these days, which is why Individual Health Insurance policies are extremely popular. Like Disease-Specific Health Insurance policies, Individual Health Insurance policies also include benefits such as cashless settlement, annual health checkups, and customization features.

Diabetes is a disease that often leads to other complications as well, which can spiral out of control if not looked after in the initial stages. These complications can cause a significant financial burden on individuals, which is why health insurance for diabetes is a must in the modern age. Care Health Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the country offering dynamic solutions. The company offers uniquely designed insurance policies in the case of diabetes with an array of benefits. It has an impressive claim-settlement ratio of 95.2%, along with a diverse network of over 15,000 hospitals that accept cashless settlement options.

Source: https://www.policyholder.gov.in/dos_and_donts_for_health_insurance.aspx

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