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Everything You Must Know About NaDCC Disinfectant Tablets

NaDCC disinfectant would be the way to go if you are looking for an effective, non-toxic disinfectant for water. NaDCC disinfectant tablets, also known by the technical name of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, are a widely used source of chlorine for disinfection as it is a form of hypochlorous acid.

This article will take you through what NaDCC disinfectant is, how it works, its applications, and its benefits.

What is NaDCC Disinfectant?

The sodium salt of a chlorinated hydroxytriazine is sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SIDC), prevalently known as NaDCC disinfectant. It is widely used as a free source of chlorine to disinfect water.

Owing to its high efficiency, low toxic disinfection, and broad spectrum, NaDCC is considered an alternative to other cleaning agents like bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite. In addition, it has a strong effect on bacteria, viruses, and bacteria spores. It could also kill algae, improving the quality of water.

NaDCC is available in powder, granular, tablet forms. The chlorine content may vary slightly depending on the form used.   

What are the Properties of NaDCC Disinfectant?

Product Stability

NaDCC in the solid tablet state, in the form of hypochlorous acid, is considered a stable source of free available chlorine (FAC). At the molecular level, NaDCC has a reasonably stable triazine ring. The product is resistant to sunlight, and the chlorine value is comparatively maintained under dry and cool conditions. 

Effective Sterilization

NaDCC, when dissolved in water, releases only half of its chlorine content in the water. The other half is released when the FAC in the water is utilized. The sterilization effect provided by NaDCC is 100 times more effective than that of sodium hypochlorite. One can use the product to sterilize paper and fabrics as well.

Efficient Chlorine Utilization

NaDCC works well even with low temperatures of water. NaDCC will release its chlorine content and ensure they have been thoroughly utilized. They further have the capability to maintain the available chlorine value in the water.  

Reduced Toxicity

According to a risk assessment report by WHO, NaDCC has low levels of oral toxicity. Therefore, one can use the product safely to disinfect drinking water. With the toxicity of NaDCC being 700mg/kg, it does not have any adverse effects on humans or the environment.

What are the Applications of NaDCC Disinfectant?

When added to the water, NaDCC disinfectant tablets dissolve and release FAC in the water. This FAC has reacted with the microorganisms in the water and kills them in the pr. NaDCC doesn’t have any smell, nor does it leave any taste in the water. That’s why NaDCC is used for disinfecting water safety. 

Different applications of NaDCC disinfectant:

  • Social:  NaDCC is an excellent disinfectant to clean baths, swimming pools, and drinking water. The disinfection and deodorization of toilets or sewers can be done with its help.
  • Industrial: It is popularly used to treat water in power plants, factories, and fertilizer plants. NaDCC is used in the manufacturing process of detergents in the chemical industry. It is also used to bleach fabrics while maintaining the quality of the material in the textile industry.
  • Agriculture:  Prevent fungal infections throughout the growth period of fruits & vegetables by delivering clean and fresh water.

What are the Advantages of Using NaDCC Disinfectant Tablets?

Easy to Use

NaDCC in tablet form is much easier to handle, store, and employ than powder form, liquids, or aerosols. You also avoid the risk of missing or spillage, which can occur when using liquid bleach. One can quickly and safely mix these tablets with water.  

Purify Water

While camping or hiking, you can use these tablets to purify water from lakes and rivers for outdoor water shortage. You can have easy access to clean water, which can be used for drinking, showering, and washing produce.

Keep Water Tanks and Pipelines Clean

NaDCC can be used to make the entire water tank and pipelines safe and clean. It prevents algae formation in storage tanks, purifies water, and also maintains residual chlorine levels.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of bleaching products is around six months, whereas the shelf life of NaDCC disinfectants is about five years. They tend to do well, even in tropical climates.

NaDCC disinfectants are a stable source of chlorine. They are easy to store and have a longer shelf life. They are also more effective disinfectants as compared to other cleaning agents like bleach. NaDCC disinfectants are widely used in domestic and industrial applications. 

When buying NaDCC, ensure the product has passed certifications like ISO 9001 and HACCP. In addition, have access to safe and clean water at all times with NaDCC disinfectant tablets.

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