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Plumbing 101: What You Need to Know

Waking up in the middle of the night and stepping into a pool of water can send anyone into panic mode. A burst pipe or sewer blockage is not only costly but can cause great damage to your property. To handle such a crisis an emergency plumber Melbourne locals use regularly needs to be contacted.

Flooding can damage structures when it goes unchecked, causing homeowners to lose valuable belongings and cause serious wear and tear to the house itself. If you don’t have a reliable plumber Melbourne locals can trust on speed dial yet, you should find one as soon as possible. 

Read further to learn what you should look out for and what constitutes a plumbing emergency. We’ll also discuss some of the common causes of plumbing mishaps.

Identifying a Plumbing Emergency

A professional emergency plumber Newcastle states that knowing what a plumbing emergency is can save you money, not all water leakages are plumbing emergencies. Some leaks can easily be fixed with basic supplies from your hardware store. Knowing what requires the help of a plumber and what can be a DIY project is important to save you some money. A sewer line inspection is a cost-effective way to find out the exact source of the problem – which can help the plumbers solve the issues. Mainly in the case of older homes, a sewer line inspection is highly recommended. The signs of clogs could be – sewer line blockage, foul odors, or sometimes toilet bubbles.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you identify a plumbing emergency:

  • Overflowing toilet: Did you know the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most used rooms in any house? A clogged toilet left unchecked can cause major sewer blockages which can lead to further damage to the pipes. It’s best to call an emergency plumber Melbourne locals can rely on to quickly solve an overflowing toilet. 
  • Clogged sink: How many times have you heard men complain that ladies spend too much time in the bathroom? Lots, right? The sink is where most of the time is spent, in front of the mirror brushing hair or doing their make-up. Sinks can become clogged by many items, but hair is the main culprit. When trying to unclog the sink avoid chemicals. A drain snake can usually do the trick. If that fails, it can be considered an emergency and you’ll need to call the plumber for help. 
  • Burst pipes: A burst pipe is considered a plumbing emergency. A pipe usually bursts when there’s a significant increase in water pressure building up. This pressure can cause weak joints in the pipes that give way and burst. Normally a loud popping sound will follow when it bursts but that’s not always the case. You’ll need a professional plumber to fix this as this can cause water damage in your home.
  • Sewer back-up: Sewer lines run from and to your house into bigger reservoirs and outlets. The pipes can get clogged from time-to-time which will require a plumber to look at it. The blockage can be caused by different particles such as toilet paper, hair, and grease. Look out for gurgling toilets or any bad smells coming from your sinks or toilets. These are the first tell-tale signs that something is wrong with the pipes.

Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash

Common Causes of Plumbing Issues

Over the years researchers have investigated what the most common causes for plumbing issues are. Here are the main causes:

  • Putting off regular maintenance and repairs to your pipes will eventually lead to leaks and blocked pipes
  • Hair is such a resilient and tough material to break down and is the number one cause of clogged drains & sinks
  • Rethink the soap you’re using for those long luxurious baths because fatty soap bars clog the drains and stick to the inside of pipes causing blockages
  • Throwing anything besides toilet paper down the toilet is a big NO and is considered one of the most common causes of plumbing issues
  • Think twice before you toss any left-over food or used oil down your kitchen sink. You will have to call out a plumber to unclog your drain for you
  • Leaking taps aren’t only irritating but can cause damage to the faucets, wearing them out. So, fix a leaking tap as soon as it starts leaking

Final Thoughts and Tips

We usually take running water from the tap and a working toilet for granted, right? But as soon as your toilet gets blocked or your sink clogged you begin to understand the value of this complex network. You have to respect the world of plumbing and how essential it is to our everyday lives.

Regular maintenance on your plumbing infrastructure also helps mitigate a potential crisis, so don’t put off any repairs. As soon as something stops working, get it fixed. Practice healthy waste management in your home and avoid throwing anything down the drain that can block it. Every little bit helps to keep your pipes in prime condition.

Forge a relationship with your local plumber and don’t be afraid to tackle small repairs around the house. Lastly, enjoy the wonder of plumbing, an age-old system that has been around since the Middle Ages which keeps evolving to better cater to our needs. Plumbers deserve a medal for their work on piping infrastructures. 

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