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Kamsa Thephavong Shares His Views On Success Strategies And Tips

“Whatever the client wants from their vision I want to produce”- this is the business principle followed by the young and successful entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, K&G Digital 360 LLC, Kamsa Thephavong. 

Kamsa Thephavong, the CEO & Founder of K&G Digital 360 LLC, comes with 14 years of professional experience in his field of expertise! This young entrepreneur succeeds by constantly learning about the new market in the industry and ongoing trends in the digital marketing world. He is a go-getter by nature and loves experimenting with anything new in his life. 

Kamsa Thephavong shares his views on success strategies and tips, and motivation with Business Upside in this interview. Edited excerpts from the interview:

Business Upside [BU]:  How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: The whole idea and concept of building my agency all started my senior year capstone of college. My goal in that class was to make a start-up from the ground up. Mine was to produce a digital marketing agency. This all started about 6 years ago in 2015 when I was a senior still at Buena Vista University. I also just became an LLC this year in April. Before all of this happens I was primary a sole-prop before deciding to rename my agency. I had 3 different names, First was Kamsa Marketing, 2nd was MultiKamsa Digital Marketing Agency, and Finally, my last is K&G Digital 360 LLC., which stands for Knowledge and Growth. 360- because we can do anything local or worldwide.  

I always had a dream of owning my digital marketing agency as a child. YouTube was what got me started in 2007 creating over a thousand videos on there with me and my friends. We did a lot of content creation for Machinima which was a huge gaming platform now gone from YouTube.  This is on our mission statement and vision too. My agency is very unique! Our goals and vision are to assist the world by creating digital marketing apps and help to optimize their online business with synergy. Also on Youtube, we had over 200K subscribers and millions of views on all the channels I helped. I was the editor of the bunch. 

[BU]:  What was your mission at the outset?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: My mission is to create an agency that is very unique and provides tons of services! Right now we are offering 15 and about to be adding our wedding packages soon!

[BU]:  How do you market your business, and which method has been most successful?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: The best way of marketing my business is a lot of networking with people. I will always be attending networking events, hosting them, handing out business cards personally, Facebook, and Linkedin have been my primary ones. 

[BU]:  What is unique about your business?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: A full-service digital marketing agency based out of Wichita, Kansas. Our business model is very unique and different from other social media agencies. We have a big niche creating professional videos and growing your business online presence.

[BU]:  How do you generate new ideas?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: I have always been a creative thinker and my mind thinks about many things in a creative way for any of my clients. Whatever they want and have a vision for it we will produce it the way they want. 

[BU]:  If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be??

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: It takes a lot of time to start up a company. I had to invest a lot of money and also spend hundreds of hours each week on building up our agency with clients and projects! I spend about 100 hours a week too right now building up and sleep 3-4 hours usually every day at night. I’m used to it because in college I was a wrestler we would wake up super early to lift weights all 4 years and was working plus being an entrepreneur making lots of money. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree with a 3,3 GPA when rounding up

[BU]:  What do you look for in an employee? 

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: When looking for an employee I don’t care if they have a college degree or not! I look at their work experience and what they can provide for us as an agency. Being a unique person in what I’m hiring for that position will stand out for me because I want our agency to be unique. 

[BU]:  Do you believe there is some sort of formula or pattern to become a successful Businessman?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: You got to always be working and building up your digital marketing empire. If you don’t go out and talk to people and interact with them on a daily basis that won’t lead to success! I always have an entrepreneurial mindset and will accomplish anything that I have my goal set forth on. I know I’ll become a millionaire in a couple of years from now. That was my 10-year goal setting when I graduated from Buena Vista University in 2015. Storm Lake, Iowa. 

[BU]:  What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: The most satisfying moment in business is when I make any of my clients happy on a project for them. Whatever the client wants from their vision I want to produce and make all of them happy is my goal always! Building up a strong relationship with all of my clients has been very satisfying for me too!

[BU]:  What motivates you to become an Entrepreneur?

Kamsa Thephavong [KT]: What motivates me to become an Entrepreneur is to make a  lot of money to help pay for hundreds of employees and to live a successful life with my future family! My goal as a kid was to always become a millionaire! 

Kamsa Thephavong is always ready to render his expertise to help your business grow digitally. You can reach him either through social media or email him.
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