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Three Tips For Event Managers To Attract Staff To Help Reopen Their Business

The realistic horizon for the events industry does not seem very promising to us right now. This is due to the vast impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had on loads of different industries. More specifically, the event industry has been hit somewhat the hardest because all events have been canceled. It also hasn’t been possible for all events to move online – from weddings to concerts. Sadly, this has come with a drop in interest in employment within the event industry; however, this needs to be picked up again for the foreseeable. Keep reading for four tips you can consider – as an event manager – to attract staff. 

Offer Great Employee Benefits

Attempting to reopen your business will be a very daunting task for most, if not all event managers and business owners. They will have lost staff and lost a lot of motivation as a result. However, as the events industry begins to open again, more staff will need to be employed. This is useful because many individuals will be looking for jobs. Yet again, they might not look toward the event industry as it is a rather rocky boat at the moment and for the foreseeable. COVID-19’s impact on the event industry has been catastrophic. 

There are ways you can attract staff to help build up your business – one of which is to offer incredible employee benefits and rewards. These can include – and are not limited to – discounts on their shopping, parking and alike, educational courses and great training programs. With this, there is no point in providing great benefits for your employees if they have nowhere to access them. One example that we came across was Zest employee benefits, which offers a fabulous one-stop-shop for staff to access all their benefits at their convenience. Their software has been purposefully developed so that employees can stay up to date and engage with the benefits they deserve. This will appear very attractive to prospective staff, so it is worthwhile considering!

Offer Flexible Working Hours

One of the most attractive things about the events industry is that it is entirely flexible. For example, individuals can normally choose what events they work for and how long they work for. When it comes to attracting new staff as more events occur due to COVID-19 restrictions relaxing, we recommend that you attempt to offer flexitime. When hiring staff, your job descriptions should note this as they would attract more interested potential employees than you think. 

Workers around the globe are becoming more aware of how much work affects their personal lives – and instead of working their lives around their job, they want to have full control over how much their work affects their personal lives. Therefore, allowing individuals to choose when they work is a quality you should consider featuring when hiring new staff.  

Offer Excellent Training Programs

When it comes to working in the event industry, many event businesses fall short in providing adequate training for their staff. Essentially, this means that individuals tend to fall into work without sufficient training which minimizes staff retention rates. Therefore, as an event manager, you should offer a great training program for your staff to set them up well. When it comes to events, more often than not, employees are separated and not told what to do. This can be very dangerous as they must know what to do in the event of an emergency. To counteract this, decent training should be put in place for all staff and the training content should be made available to staff if and when required. If you offer excellent training, this will attract more potential workers. 

Which of these tips will you consider to help you attract new employees?

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