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5 Social Media Hacks for Businesses

Using social media as a business is a must, not only for your marketing strategy but also to ensure that you are connecting with your target market and sharing relevant brand information. Social media, across all platforms, is a rewarding and exciting marketing avenue for any kind of business, and using it can be fun and creative as well as strategy-driven. 

However, using social media can be overwhelming, especially if you are a large brand trying to keep up with big trends, a huge target market, and making interesting posts every single day. Here are 5 hacks to make it easier. 

1. Always Research Your Trends

Trending topics are the ones you are going to want to jump on to boost your brand visibility. It is important to get involved in the discussions that everyone is having, whether it is other businesses, your target market, or the world at large. Hashtags can be important for trending topics, so it is a good idea to set time aside in the schedule to check trending topics so you can get involved.

2. Do not Forget About Editing

Taking impressive photos and videos to share on social media will have a positive effect, but good editing can make all the difference. Especially if your image content is to show off your product or brand, you want it to look the best it can, so professional editing such as filters can make your photos stand out and more likely to stop someone mid-scroll so they can interact. 

3. Use Software or Solutions to Make it Easier

Driving success with social media does not mean you have to do everything manually, or alone. There are professional solutions out there from other companies which can help to support your business with their social media posts. For example, with greenfly.com/solutions/sports, you can collate many different types of fan content in the sports industry and bring it all together easily to boost your social media channels.

4. Give People a Nudge 

If you can drive interaction and engagement, that is great. You may have noticed people liking or commenting on your posts, which is even better. However, do not forget to do a little extra work to prompt people. This could be: 

  • Liking a photo or post on the page of someone who has just interacted with your content 
  • Sending a follow request to a customer to encourage them to follow you back
  • Inviting a consumer to like your page 
  • Making posts that directly speak to consumers, asking them to comment, like, or share

5. Embrace Emojis 

Emojis are not reserved for more casual or playful brands. Even the most professional brands should be using emojis for their posts or conversations because that is simply what the online world expects. 

Not only that, but emojis can really help to dictate the tone of a conversation or post. If you are failing to use any and providing big blocks of text, or plain sentences, tone can easily be misconstrued if not clear enough without emojis. They are also eye-catching and add color to blocks of text, which is helpful for a busy social media page.

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