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Do You Have A Knack For Liberal Studies? Here’s What You Need To Do

Nowadays, students have a wide range of viable career options available to them apart from the traditional paths of medicine or any other sciences. People are increasingly beginning to realize the importance of humanities and how it teaches us how history is made and what we can learn from it. 

Through exploring history, art, societal setups, and the human mind, we learn to think critically and analytically and learn to derive meaning from the obscure. Most importantly, studying the humanities teaches us empathy, and views a situation from various perspectives, and understands multiple viewpoints. 

A degree in liberal studies is the perfect option if you wish to hone your interpersonal and leadership skills simultaneously while learning to think critically. If you’re completing your liberal studies degree, or looking to start one but don’t know which career paths are open to you, keep reading below. We’ve listed here what you can achieve with your career path.


A career as a journalist allows you to take on a significant responsibility to investigate and report on the truth objectively. Without the press, there would be no accountability for those in power and no one to raise a voice for the voiceless. Furthermore, without journalists, people wouldn’t have access to critical information and news, affecting them profoundly. Journalists can conduct interviews with people in authority or sleuth around to get to the bottom of any story.

A liberal studies online degree can prepare you for an illustrious, fulfilling career as a journalist. Furthermore, the degree program is taught only by the most distinguished professors, with interactive classes. The degree encompasses various subject areas, which give you a deep insight into political and social matters. Furthermore, this degree prepares you to communicate effectively in both oral and written mediums so that you can get your message across. You have the perfect knowledge base to explore real-life issues and tell your stories with passion.


A career as an educator can easily be one of the most rewarding career paths to pursue. The role of the teacher isn’t only to impart valuable knowledge but also to shape entire generations. Teachers can help guide students of all ages through not just academic but personal struggles too. Over time, they can become trusted confidants who help create a more inclusive, emphatic society. A liberal studies degree teaches you literature and language and encompasses an overview of science too.

Your exact duties as an educator will vary based on which organization you join and what level you’re teaching. However, teachers play a vital role in creating curriculums and tailoring the curriculum to each students’ needs. The detailed knowledge of various subject areas in liberal studies will allow you to create a holistic curriculum that engages your students and gives them valuable information. Furthermore, you can also design assessments that accurately track student progress and motivate them to improve.

Research Analyst

In a densely saturated business market, companies now need to do all they can to stand out from the competition and make their mark. In such a competitive situation, analytics are more critical than ever before, and companies can’t blindly make any decisions. Research and analysis are essential if companies want to ensure that each business decision helps them get a step ahead of the competition. Data analysis, however, is no easy task and requires in-depth knowledge and critical thinking skills. A degree in liberal studies provides you just that and can help you spot vital patterns in unstructured data to help businesses make the best business decisions.

The need for research analysts promises to grow by 18% by 2029, which is much faster than that of most other occupations. 

Business Manager

Due to the vast range of subjects that a liberal science degree covers, you can efficiently work in the corporate sector with this degree. Business managers are integral to any corporate setup, and without their leadership skills, even the most prominent companies can struggle. Business managers play a vital role in overseeing all significant aspects of a business and ensuring that everything keeps moving smoothly.

They oversee finances, operational areas, client and employee relations, and more. They help communicate effectively to both employees and the administration and act as a bridge between both parties. Working in the administrative sector is also pretty lucrative, and you can expect to make $98,890 per year. Furthermore, business managers are integral to a business setup and can expect to progress fast.


If you want a career where you utilize your interdisciplinary knowledge, leadership, and communication skills, you’ll do well in any of the options mentioned above. Progressing through any of these options can be an enriching experience, financially and personally. You can learn immensely on the job and develop skills that help you in your interpersonal relations too.

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