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Self Management Skills- How Can It Be Learned And Improved?

Every Workplace wants people who have self-management skills. It is so evident that the first towards success is having the skills that allow self-management. One thing that is common in every successful people is the art of self-management. This article will talk about the definition of self-management and the different skills that one should have.

What Is Self-Management?

what is self-managementThe ability of an individual to manage our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors productively and consciously is regarded as Self-management. A person with strong skills in managing self knows how to act and what to do in times of difficult situations. For example, people with self-management skills can control their anger and stay focused even at their worst.

There is no problem saying that both Self management skills and responsibility go hand in hand. Previous studies have shown evidence of how emotional intelligence and self-management are related to each other. Such people are so self-regulated and self-aware that they do not let obstacles affect their personal and professional life.

Why Do Organizations Prefer People With Skills Related To Self-Management?

Every organization believes that a person’s management skills are very critical when it comes to the effectiveness of the firm. Working for any company comes with a lot of challenges and difficult tasks, so only if a person has self-management skills he/she will be able to cope up with the corporate world. Any firm can succeed only when its employees are resourceful and innovative. They should be able to understand their goals and tasks so that a better and effective decision can be taken for the organization as a whole.

How Can One Increase Their Self-Management Capabilities?

There are times when an individual stays up late just to binge-watch a series on Netflix, despite being aware of the fact that the next day they have to complete a lot of important tasks. So, if a person is missing deadlines or suffering because of their carelessness, it means they should now focus on developing skills for self-management. Below are few skills one can learn, that can help them master the art of managing self.

  • Self Care Should Be A Priority

what is self-managementIt is an individual who is the best when it comes to taking care of themselves. Others can just guide, but in the end, every individual is their best caretaker. One can flourish only when one starts to care for themselves. Many people believe that the act of self-care is selfish but caring for others is noble. One can be the best for others only when they are their best. That is one reason self-care is important else after a certain point, they will not be capable to do anything for anyone. Meditating, taking small breaks, doing what one loves the most, exercising, listening to music, etc are few things that can be done for self-care.

  • Emotional Regulation

One can regulate their emotion only when they are aware of what they feel. For example, one can get provoked to fight when they don’t understand that they are sad about a particular situation. Being self-aware, allows a person to understand their fear that they may not be the appropriate person for the task currently assigned to them. The only way one can overcome any of the above feelings is by thinking judiciously about the strength they have and how they can further apply it to get the best outcomes. Not only will this help them to refocus and work effectively and efficiently but also work when they are not very comfortable.

  • Having Clarity Of Their Role

self-managementHaving clarity about one’s role lets them known about their responsibilities, the importance of their work for a concerned person/ organization, and how they are measured. It will also help to know whom they can depend on when it comes to getting a task done. In short, it helps an individual to understand how they serve the organizations and why and how do they fit for the same.

  • Aligning The Goal

Organizational success depends on a team as a whole and not that of an individual. The end goal for the entire team should always be the same. So, every individual should be capable enough to look at the bigger picture and should be able to understand and align their goal as an individual to that of the company they are working in.

  • Strategic Planning

Once, individuals can align goals, they should now know what are they suppose to do to support the goals of the firm they are working for. Each works backward from the anticipated future state to regulate what is needed to be done to reach there.

  • Setting Up The Priority

After planning and aligning the goal, it is very necessary to set priorities to achieve the set goals. Setting up priorities will allow every individual to perform maximum top priority tasks even when there is a time crunch. 

Tips To Help One Self-Manage Themselves Better

People with brilliant capabilities when it comes to self-management can stumble now and then as well. Below are few suggestions that can allow one to improve their self-management skills.

  • Make promises only when you know you can fulfill them and work effectively and efficiently towards them.
  • Make sure that the engagement you are aligning with is appropriate according to one’s role and skills.
  • Rather than focusing on something that is not in one hand, an individual should focus on what they can do in the present circumstances
  • Rather than being a victim, one should be a player instead.
  • An individual should be aware of both their strength and weakness and try not to focus on something which they are not.
  • It is very important to be clear about priorities and work on the most important task at first.
  • self-managementOne should keep a track of their progression and know where they stand
  • Taking breaks, nurturing oneself, and practicing mindfulness is very important and should not be neglected
  • Coveting is something that should be avoided
  • Multi-tasking should be avoided. One should be present fully when performing a particular task rather than focusing on too many things at a time.


To conclude, one should know that no one is born with self-management skills. These are transferrable skills and can always be learned with practice and time. So, there is no harm in taking time out to evaluate how can one improve their self-management skills and be at their best. Staying conscious of one’s own feelings, thoughts, and desires and realizing what are the areas that need to be developed in crucial. The only way of improving is by starting to acknowledge the area that needs to be improved.

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