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8 Awesome Business Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

Did you know that there are 252 million female entrepreneurs worldwide? That’s right! More than 36 percent of small businesses are owned by women, and that number is on the rise. The barriers to starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur have been made more accessible thanks to the Internet and social media, which is why new businesses and entrepreneurs are cropping up so quickly. 

But when it comes to women entrepreneurs, there are many reasons why they may be more inclined to become an entrepreneur or create a new business. Their reasons vary vastly from those of male entrepreneurs who create businesses for profit and growth opportunities. 

Why Women Become Entrepreneurs 

Before we dive into the many different business ideas and opportunities for female entrepreneurs, let’s explore why women start businesses and enter into the entrepreneur lifestyle. 

Accomplishing Personal Goals – Many women create businesses to accomplish or fulfill a goal they may have for themselves. 

Experiencing a Traumatic Event – A lot of female entrepreneurs have expressed that traumatic events like divorce, job loss, discrimination, recessions, and other experiences have caused them to start a business.

Wanting More Flexibility – Women have also stated that they started businesses to build more flexibility into their lifestyle and want more freedom than their corporate jobs offered them. 

Desiring Multiple Streams of Income – Women are looking to diversify their income today more than ever because there are so many opportunities to create a viable business while also working a 9-to-5 job. Diversifying your income streams can also help add more stability to your life, despite experiencing events like job loss, layoffs, or illness. 

Wanting to Work Remotely – The responsibilities of the household and taking care of family typically fall onto women, which is why it can be appealing to start a business that allows you to work from anywhere so that you can manage it all.  

Awesome Business Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs 

Understanding the many reasons why women start businesses could also spark business ideas and uncover potential business opportunities. Let’s check out some of the most exciting business ideas for female entrepreneurs.

  • Salon or Spa Owner 

Female Entrepreneurs
Image Source- PR Image Factory

If your passion is hair and beauty, have you ever thought of owning your own salon or spa space? Whether your space is small or large, you’ll have a blast decorating it, filling it with salon equipment, and sharing your magic with your clients. There are so many approaches you can take when you’re learning how to build clientele, thanks to social media, which will help you be successful in your new business endeavors. When it comes to securing funding for building out your new salon and investing in salon chairs, women experience many obstacles compared to men. However, there are many ways to get loans and financing so that you can open your business the right way. 

  • Digital Marketing 

It’s no secret, marketing and social media are the names of the game right now. Women can easily make money online by not only having a social media presence themselves as a content creator, influencer, or blogger, but they can also assist others in creating a social media presence through their very own social media marketing agency. Showing people how to make money and market their business online turns out to be a very lucrative business without needing a whole lot of startup inventory or costs. As long as you have a computer, internet connection, and experience in the field you want to teach, you’re all set to start your marketing coaching businesses. 

  • Public Relations

Aside from digital marketing companies, you could also create a PR firm if you have a background in marketing. Boutique PR firms are very appealing when brands and companies are looking to hire a firm to help them with their marketing strategies. You can either start this business solo or recruit other marketing professionals to join and help you build your business. 

  • Skincare

Do you have a knack for creating personalized, sustainable, or clean skincare? If so, there are many consumers looking for ways to adopt cleaner and more sustainable skincare practices and products into their routine. You can start selling your products on Etsy and then expand to your very own website. This is a really fun business to start as you get to play with things like product branding and packaging. Going a step further, you can become a certified esthetician. This skincare license allows you to provide advanced services like hair removal, exfoliation, skin peels, and more. There are many places to work with this license and this career path can give you a chance to work for others or own your own business.

  • Health and Wellness Coach

If you live and breathe health and wellness and you constantly have people asking you what you do to have the perfect body, skin, or hair, you may want to look into starting either a health and wellness coaching business or brand. Whether you create and sell a wellness product like Irish sea moss or you have quick 30-minute workouts that keep you fit, sharing these insights and products with your social media following or creating a digital platform could spur a fruitful business for you. Personal trainers also fit into this category! 

  • Small Batch Coffee 

Female Entrepreneurs
Image Source- mavo

Who doesn’t love coffee? If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you could always create a business around coffee. Whether you want to sell high-quality, small-batch coffee online or you want to open your very own coffee shop, both have turned out to be viable business options for many women. 

  • Boutiques 

Whether you’re into sourcing vintage designer jewelry pieces or you have always dreamed of owning and operating a clothing store, maybe it’s your life calling to open a boutique. Because of the flexibility the internet and social media provide, you could either start your business online and then expand to a store once it’s a viable and feasible option, or if you’ve always wanted a physical storefront, then go all in! 

  • Pet Boarding or Sitting 

Female Entrepreneurs
Image Source- soul_studio

If you love animals and have space and time to watch fur babies while their owners are out of town, you could open your own pet sitting service. Whether you operate this service out of your own home or you build a doggy daycare facility, you can scale or mold this business to fit your lifestyle perfectly. The best part? Animals…all day!


We hope this article sparked your creativity and has you thinking about all of the potential opportunities you could have in business as a female entrepreneur.

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