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5 Tips For A Successful Remote Hiring Process

While the pandemic has cost many companies to stop operating, some continue by digitalizing their businesses. With such, most operations are now done virtual, including the hiring process of workers.

Considerations For Remote Hiring

Though the process is mostly similar to the traditional method, the difference is it’s now done remotely. You can now attract, assess, and interview potential employees through the internet. However, to make the procedures a success, you may want to consider the following tips:

1. Use A Tracking System To Find Candidates

While posting jobs on your social media account or websites is okay, it may be best to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to make the search easier. You may even find it useful throughout the entire remote hiring process. With this software, you can do the following more efficiently: 

  • Finding Potential Candidates

With an ATS, your job posting can appear in many locations. In this way, you can target an area where your potential employees are residing. For instance, if you’re looking for an accountant, you may use the software to post your ads in places with top-notch accountants. You can even broaden your posting to another country or another state. 

Moreover, you can save such settings as your default, which you can use for another posting. You can also edit the version according to your candidates’ profiles. By doing this, you’re automating your tasks instead of doing it all over again. 


  • Interviewing Remote Candidates

Not only can you outsource remote candidates but you can also use the ATS when conducting interviews. Most software solutions have embedded video interviewing tools to make the process easier. During the interview, you can take note of the highlights said by the candidates. You can also save the whole video, so you can review them later.

2. Emphasize Remote Working Culture

Aside from using technology to make your remote hiring process more convenient, it’s recommended you let your candidates understand your remote working culture. Although their tasks may be similar to their traditional jobs, working from home is quite different, especially since the setup includes how they should perform their duties using various technology. You should also indicate what they should expect from your company even if they’re working with you virtually.

With such, you can use your ads to let candidates have a glimpse of your remote policy. By doing so, you can prevent those who don’t like your culture from applying. It may be a waste to interview and test someone who will, later on, find it hard to comply with your policies. 

If their role requires specific online tools or software, you may also add it in your job posting to eliminate the ones who don’t use such tools. 

Moreover, letting the candidates know what culture they’re likely to work with will attract talents that adhere to such. With this, you can be sure the ones applying have understood what your company is all about.

3. Assess Their Skills 

If they passed the interview, don’t forget to assess their skills. The evaluation may include personality, behavioral, aptitude, typing, coding, essay, and other testing tools to help in the recruitment process. When you use it properly, you can find suitable candidates for the role you’re looking for. You can also use online assessment proctors to monitor the candidate’s audio and video feed. In this way, you can ensure the authenticity of the results. 

Especially when you’re hiring for many roles, using these assessment tools can help you create all your applicants’ reports. The most interesting attribute of these is their ability to provide you with a performance summary of your candidates. That way, you won’t have to conduct the test individually, but you’ll use the report to check the candidate who fits.

4. Create An Onboarding Experience 

Although you may have found the best remote employees, some may find it hard to adjust because it may be their first virtual job. This may result in their disappearance because they may find it overwhelming if they don’t know how virtual work is being implemented. When this happens, not only are you losing potential talents but you’ll also be wasting your time, effort, and resources.

You can avoid such incidents by creating an onboarding experience to assure your talents they’re in a good working environment. Make their first day a pleasant experience wherein they can feel they belong in your company. Simply welcoming them together with your existing employees can make a difference. Imagine what they’ll feel if they’re on board and no one shows they’re part of the team. They may think you have a terrible working culture. 

Let them feel they can voice out their thoughts and that someone will be there to guide them. Instead of just giving them handouts of what they should do, let them know they can always reach someone to teach them things they’re unsure of. 

By doing such things, they may get a positive vibe from your company, increasing the chances of them staying and working with you.

5. Offer A Tryout

Most importantly, it may be best to have a virtual tryout, so the candidates can assess if the job is right for them. Let them know a trial phase will determine whether they can be the best fit for the role you’re hiring.

With a trial period, you can avoid wasting paying someone who’s not suitable for the actual job. Especially if they’ll be using paid accounts to access your tools or business operations, it may cost you dearly.

Moreover, you can check whether the candidate surpassed your expectations. If not, then you won’t have to fire them immediately. You can just wait for the trial phase to be over before telling them of your assessment. In this way, both of you won’t feel bad about ending the terms.


Hiring remotely allows you to employ anyone worldwide, which broadens your target of having the best talent. With technological innovations, you can use software and assessment tools to make the process more efficient. 

You no longer have to spend much of your time posting ads, reading applications, and conducting assessments to find the best candidate. Instead, you can focus on doing more for your business while the hiring process is ongoing.

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