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9 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Renovate

Summer is one of the best times to renovate a home. There’s positive energy in the air with warmer weather, and the days are longer. Here are nine reasons why summer can be the jump start you need to update your home.

The Weather Conditions Are Better

If you have an external renovation project, take advantage of the dryer conditions of summer. There are fewer rainy days when working may be difficult or impossible. Even working on an interior renovation means fewer muddy boots in the home as builders try to work. That means your project is likely to run on time without the weather disrupting the schedule.

There Are More Working Hours in the Day

The summer months bring more daylight hours. Contractors can work into the evening on jobs because the light is better. Even an internal project is easier in summer as the light is better. If you have electrical work to do, there is better daylight to work with when the power supply is disrupted. Summer also means better availability of contractors as they have more daylight to work in, and thus more room to schedule additional clients.

Summer Inspires Change

The colors of summer and warmer weather inspire change. Brighter days get people in the mood for renovating, decluttering, and improving their homes. There’s never a better moment to start planning your renovation project and freshen up your home with a new design or color scheme. Just the anticipation of summer coming is enough to reach out to get your renovation organized so your work is scheduled to start when the season comes. It’s also a great time to think about new furniture options or upgrade your backyard by building an outdoor kitchen that would fit outdoor activities such as camping in the backyard, doing a pizza parlor, or get more details at RTA Outdoor Living. Try changing up your outdoor living space with an outdoor modular sofa.

The Light is Better

When you are choosing a new color scheme for the house, natural light is always best to see how it looks. During winter you have lights on most of the time, so you do not get the best perspective when making a choice. That’s why it is best to start thinking about your construction work and renovations for the summer months.

The Kids Are off School

Managing a renovation project around a child’s school hours and exams can be disruptive. If you plan your decorating and home improvements for the summer you have less to worry about. The kids can be kept occupied during the day. You can take them out while the renovation is ongoing or schedule a vacation when the contractors are working on your home.

You Are Prepared for Holidays and Winter Months

The exterior jobs in particular help prepare your home for the colder winter months. They are ideal to finish when the sun is shining. Winter is also a time for celebrating holidays and Christmas. If you get your decorating jobs done in summer, you’ll be prepared for additional house guests and be a lot more organized for festive preparations. Adding a bathroom is an example of a project that can make your house more inviting to guests when they visit. Another example is renovating a guest room.

Summer Has a Slower Pace

The heat of summer sees us all relax and life takes a slower pace. Some people travel on vacation so will be away when the house gets renovated. There will be less disruption in your home, making it easier for your family and for the contractor. That slower pace can also make it easier for you to take your time with the details, improving the process of decision-making on a project.

Summer is Easier to Cope With a Renovation

There’s no hiding it, a renovation is disruptive in a home. But if you do it in the summer months, you can adapt a lot easier. While the kitchen is out of commission, you can dine outdoors with a barbecue. You can also camp outside away from the renovation work. If you have kids, you can even turn the renovation into an adventure by having them stay outside while the decorating is going on indoors. Loud noises from building work are easier to cope with when outdoors than when you are stuck at home in colder winter months.

You Can Get Away

Summer is a good time to schedule a vacation. Planning your project around it suits some people as well as contractors. It means you can get away from the disruption and they have space to work. However, if you do this, you should plan to be at home for at least some of the decorating work as you will need to make decisions and agree on bills. A short break is sufficient time to get away from a large renovation job and make sure you are around when required.

Summer is definitely the better time of year to get a renovation project underway and completed. You will need to book your contractors well in advance to be sure of your dates and ensure you can complete renovations in time. Once finished you’ll have a beautiful home to enjoy when winter returns.

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