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Tips For Getting Real Instagram Followers And Growing Business In 2021

In today’s world, Instagram is certainly a very popular social media platform with over 1 billion monthly users. This is obviously, an excellent opportunity for brands to dive in to increase their brand awareness and ultimately sales. 

Earlier, brands used Facebook for their marketing purposes, and many brands still use it. But keeping in view that Instagram has a 4.21% engagement rate compared with Facebook’s 0.7%, most brands now want to shift their marketing efforts to Instagram.

With many brands shifting to Instagram daily, they also struggle to build their presence and get real and engaging free Instagram followers for their accounts that will convert and keep their business growing. 

With an extremely smart algorithm and tons of competitors, it’s not very easy to build a considerable presence for your brand on Instagram. 

If you are struggling to find legit ways to increase Instagram followers for your brand, you are at the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you the latest and legit ways to improve your Instagram following. 

When it comes to getting Instagram followers, you can either get them through freeways or buy them. Let’s discuss each of them one by one.        

How to get Free Instagram Followers

Below are some of the legit ways to get free and real Instagram followers and free Instagram likes

Optimize Your Profile for Search

First things first, your profile should be well optimized to engage two-third of those profile visits, which are from non-followers. Your profile is the first thing users interact with, so you should make it engaging and give them a reason to follow you.

Interestingly, optimizing Instagram profiles is a less focused Instagram hack to get followers. Instagram has clearly stated that users from 6 countries will now be able to search using keywords. So, it’s a better idea to optimize your name and your bio for your niche-related keywords.

Utilize Instagram Reels

In 2021, an excellent opportunity for brands is Instagram reels.  Reels on Instagram are a new 30-second video-sharing way. Like Tiktok, Instagram reels have huge potential to go viral and earn you many followers.

Engage with existing Influencers in your niche 

One of the best ways to get a niche-specific and highly engaging audience is to get those followers from accounts already sharing content related to your niche.

You can comment on their posts to get noticed by users. If your username is relevant, then people will visit your profile. 

Another awesome way to get a highly engaging audience is through Influencer marketing. You should look for your niche-related influencers and ask them for collaboration that will benefit both of you.  

Cross-promote your Instagram on your other networks

If your brand is already famous on any other social media platform, then you should have a reasonable following on that platform. Try to take those followers to Instagram too. 

You can also add social media sharing buttons on your website to direct your website users to Instagram.    

How to Buy Instagram Followers

One of the easy ways to get many Instagram followers is to buy them. You will have to do nothing except to pay some pennies. You can buy Instagram followers from the trustful apps, like GetInsta.

free Instagram followers

However, I’ll not recommend you to buy followers because they are fake followers, they’ll not engage, and sometimes you may get caught by the Instagram algorithm, and Instagram will suspend your account. 

Building an online presence is a matter of life or death for brands in 2021. Building a great social media presence is not difficult if you do it the right way. Follow the above strategies which are real to increase your Instagram following. 

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