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John Paul DeJoria: An Icon of Entrepreneurship in the US

John Paul DeJoria is not a popular name like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. However, he has attained milestones of business administration and entrepreneurship that can envy other competitors. 

Paul DeJoria began as a newspaper courier services provider. He also worked as a tow truck driver and a concierge to pay his bills. Gradually, John commenced his occupation with a haircare firm. Here, he got in touch with Paul Mitchell. 

With financing of only 700 US dollars, both Mitchell and DeJoria began a commercial venture that switched into a multinational currently named John Paul Mitchell Systems. 

Afterward, DeJoria became the co-founder of Patron Spirits. He was also an establishing collaborator of the House of Blues restaurant chain. Currently, as of March 2020, the net worth of John Paul DeJoria has crossed $3.1 billion.

About John Paul Mitchell Systems 

JPMS or John Paul Mitchell Systems is a US-based producer of hair care items and hair designing devices via many brand names such as MITCH, Tea Tree, and Paul Mitchell.

In 1980, the company was set up as a joint initiative by Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria. Earlier, the head office was situated in Beverly Hills, CA. Now, the global headquarters are located in Century City, CA and the operations hub is based in Santa Clarita, CA.

John Paul Mitchell Systems also runs the Paul Mitchell Schools and they have a presence in 100 places across the US.

John Paul Mitchell Systems arrogates that the product line sold under the Tea Tree brand is carbon-neutral since they put seedlings in the ground for counterbalancing carbon releases.

The company joined hands with YouCam Makeup for generating an application that enabled users to perform virtual trials with hair color.

Up to 2018, the company has marketed over 80 items. It was the oldest professional hair styling firm that openly protested against animal experimentation or in vivo testing.       

In 2018 January, John Paul Mitchell Systems declared a collaboration with PS Salon and Spa. The company operates with around 200 employees and its revenue stood at $1 billion in 2015. 

Who are the key people of John Paul Mitchell Systems?

Given below are the names of the prominent functionaries of JPMS:

  • John Paul DeJoria (Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-founder) 
  • MichaelineDeJoria (CEO) 
  • Jason Yates (President)
  • Paul Mitchell (Co-founder)
  • Angus Mitchell (Co-owner)

How it all began for John Paul Dejoria

Two friends in 1980 were motivated to launch a business that would augment the achievement of hairstylists and offer deluxe hairstyling at a reasonable rate. With only a nominal fund of $700, John Paul DeJoria began a groundbreaking hairstyling setup with three items. That is the story of JPMS.

John Paul DeJoria ventured into the hair care industry as a beginner-level worker for Redken Laboratories. However, he was sacked from this job. At the time of founding John Paul Mitchell Systems, Paul stayed in a Rolls Royce vehicle that was 20 years old.

From the very beginning, DeJoria planned to launch a business that would accommodate beauty salons, hairstylists, and the beauty sector altogether. Rather than selling his business to a multinational corporation, Paul DeJoria guaranteed that the firm remains held by a family and individually operated to make sure that all the products are marketed to the specialized beauty sector.  

For over four decades, John Paul Mitchell Systems has been serving the professional beauty sector with salon-standard hairdressing products and devices via their range of brands such as the following: 

  • Tea Tree
  • Awapuhi Wild Ginger
  • Paul Mitchell 
  • Neon
  • Neuro
  • Paul Mitchell Pro Tools
  • MarulaOil

They were the oldest hairstyling firm to raise voice against in vivo testing. JPMS has hung on to a powerful commitment to pay back, backing up a broad variety of philanthropic campaigns, both inside and outside the nation.  

Causes behind the phenomenal growth of JPMS

1) Pledge of Quality

If professional beauty salon products are marketed by unlicensed retail merchants or vendors, digression takes place. Frequently, the products they sell are out-of-date, pilfered, imitation, and damaged. All the products of JPMS are assured only when they are bought on JohnPaulMitchellSystems.com, at a Paul Mitchell School, an expert beauty salon, or from one of the accredited online retail outlets such as Amazon.com, JCPenney.com, and Ulta.com.

2) No cruelty to animals- JPMS’s vow 

Since the time of their foundation, they believed in cruelty-free beauty and fashion products and they have been steadfast in keeping their promise. Currently, after successfully running their business for over four decades, this vow still works as a motivating force for them no matter what they do.

3) JPMS always remained innovative

The product development procedure of the company starts in their high-tech PIC (Product Innovation Center) which is situated in Santa Clarita, CA. This is the place where the products are explored, developed, and trialed (certainly on human beings). From the phase of ideation to culmination, they have a skilled group of in-house pharmacists who operate together with certified hairstylists to design, experiment, and fine-tune every procedure and launch their freshest creations to life.

4) They always source eco-friendly and natural ingredients to formulate their design           

JPMS has explored the whole world for eco-friendly and natural elements for manufacturing their products. In doing so, they have set up a solar-driven Awapuhi ranch on the island of Hawaii. They are also collecting the Marula oil from demarcated places of land that have been kept in a natural condition in Africa and are not used for agriculture or any other purpose.

5) Transparency in operations

Clarity is a priority for John Paul DeJoria’s organization. Therefore, all the customers are well informed at the time they are buying a product from JPMS. All the PaulMitchell.com pages feature crucial details about their products like whether it is vegan, gluten-less, paraben-less, or sulfate-less. 

6) Establishing green trends

JPMS is honored for being both eco-aware and eco-friendly since they constantly look for environment-friendly elements for their products. Besides, they endeavor toward complying with the latest green trends when it comes to packaging their goods and logistics. 

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