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Moving to Atlanta- All You Need to Know

Moving house and area is exciting, but is amongst the top 10 stressful experiences. There is much to consider when moving, and it requires organization and planning for a smooth transition. If you are moving from your home town to a big city like Atlanta, make sure you gather as much information you can before your arrival. 


Living costs in Atlanta are very reasonable compared with other states. Many people move there because of its thriving real estate market. Atlanta will offer you more houses for your money, making it a very attractive option. If you are moving to Atlanta for work and need to get there quickly, you can rent a property for a reasonable price while you look for a permanent home. Rental prices vary depending on the area. The most affordable area in downtown Atlanta where you can find apartments for less than $1000 with great transport links. 

If you want to bide your time and wait for a bargain-priced house, you may be wondering how to store the contents of your current home. Atlanta self-storage options are available in a variety of sizes providing a safe and secure solution for your storage requirements. 


The job market in Atlanta is progressing, and if you have not yet secured employment, there are several opportunities you could explore. Technology and entertainment are thriving industries in Atlanta, so if you have any special skills in this area, you shouldn’t find it too hard finding work.  

It’s also useful to note that according to zippia.com data analysis, healthcare jobs are in demand providing a permanent employment option. 

Atlanta is a large city with big hospitals, schools, universities, and other employers, creating more employment opportunities than smaller American towns. 

Living prices 

As well as low house prices, the cost of living in Atlanta is pretty low in comparison to other states. If you own a car and rely on it for work, you’ll be pleased to know gas prices are amongst the lowest in the US. Grocery costs are below the national average, and eating out is affordable. There are also many free attractions to visit in Atlanta, along with no-cost parking making a day out easy to plan and free of charge. 

As a bustling city, Atlanta has a plethora of food choices. You’ll find cuisine to suit every taste; Chinese, BBQ, Italian, Greek, or Indian; all are popular restaurants. 


Culturally Atlanta is known for its civil rights movement heritage. You can visit the Martin Luther King attraction, which celebrates his life and all the good work he did. 

The city is diverse with a multicultural feel, and there is something for everyone. It is known as the Big Peach and is referred to as the New York of the South. It’s also the hometown of Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world. There are several festivals each year, such as Music Midtown and the Dogwood Festival. 

If you are moving to Atlanta, you won’t be disappointed; with its low-cost living, cheap houses, and bustling community, it’s likely you’ll never want to leave.

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