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Tips To Make Your Website Design and UX The Best It Can Be

The region of Nashville is home to almost 2 million people and more than 53,000 businesses. The cozy middle area of Tennessee is defined by a multicultural economy, low cost of living, and a well-educated population. 

There are many small businesses in Nashville. In particular, web design companies in the scenic city are gaining popularity, with businesses looking to modernize their website. Hiring companies like UPQODE Nashville Web Design services can be the difference between making or breaking your business.

Web design that is an eyesore to potential customers might make them click away, perhaps to a more visually pleasing competitor’s website. A whopping 94% of people trust a website less if it has poor design elements. 

User experience is equally important. People usually like sites that are easy to use. Thus, having a site that is as smooth as butter can substantially increase and maintain site visitors. Below is a discussion of some of the best ways to improve your website.

Create A Plan

Nashville, Tennessee, has around 26,000 small businesses. To stand out from the crowd with your website, you first need to create a plan. The first step to do would be to map out a plan detailing how you’ll go about improving your website. Start this by organizing an outline of your customer’s journey, from when a customer clicks on your site to when they make a purchase.

Get Rid Of All Potential Distractions

The message or product you’re trying to sell might get muddled by things like lengthy content, elaborate animations, and boring images.

Studies show that the average audience only has an average attention span of 8 seconds. Having reliable brand guidelines, you can work from can help you avoid distractions. That means your font styles, colors, imagery, iconography, and logo usage.

1. Add reviews and testimonials 

When shopping online, you are probably drawn to products that have four and five-star reviews. Reviews and testimonials allow people to gauge the product properly and gain trust in it. Customers are 58% more likely to buy your product or service if there are testimonials about it online. 

2. Construct A Call To Action Plan

To convert leads to conversions, you need to guide them through the purchase process. It’s usually recommended to use original photography, but you can stick with stock photography if that’s not possible. One such company that can help with this is UPQODE in Nashville, which is a web design company.

3. Navigation

Navigation is at the heart of good web design and user experience. It’s like the map that displays the top places people visit. Depending on the quality of your website’s navigation experience, users struggle to find essential bits like your blog and services/products or can smoothly find what they need. 

4. Add More Stuff On Your Homepage

Did you know that according to a 2018 study by Nielsen Norman Group, 74% of the viewing time on a website was spent on the first two screen fulls, up to 2160 pixels horizontally? So, it may be helpful to fill up your homepage with sections like:

  • Value proposition
  • Intro video
  • Service overview
  • Product features
  • About your company
  • Testimonials
  • Success Stories / Case studies
  • Content

5. Add Some Whitespace

White space is a vital element, which helps to divide the page and boost readability. “Also called “negative space,” white space refers to the areas around elements on a page that are empty and lacking content or visual items. While more white space can dictate what sections are separate and guide the eye, less white space can dictate which elements are supposed to be related to one another due to their proximity.”

6. Mobile Optimization Is Crucial

In the days where 80% of internet users have a smartphone, it is necessary to optimize your site for mobile use. Mobile optimization not only increases visual responsiveness but also tailors the needs of mobile users.

7. List Your Price Where It’s Easy To See

A typical situation: a customer scrolls through a website, trying to find the price of a company’s product or service. Frustrated, they give up and move on, perhaps to a competitor’s website. You probably do not want this to be the case, so it might be beneficial to list your pricing in a clear and accessible way.

Few Final Points

Nashville is booming in terms of businesses, and yours will too, even more so if you follow these tips. 

If you want to bring drastic changes to attract more customers and improve user experience, implementing these changes is the way to go.

Although it may be scary to undertake the mission of improving design and website usability, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition in both the short and long run.


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