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How To Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards?

You must have encountered moments where your favorite drink was way too expensive to be consumed for habit. Caffeine lovers can relate and more so for Starbucks fans. Funding for your coffee habits might have been a herculean task but not anymore! Learn how to score a free Starbucks gift card to save you caffeine money. 

How To Get Free Starbucks Gift Card?

free Starbucks gift card codeStarbucks does not seem to be expensive given the quality products that the brand delivers. The amazing and aromatic Starbucks coffee never fails to make you warm and fuzzy especially on a cozy day. Bursting the bubble! The price of a cup might not suit your daily habit and the money really starts adding up. Why not earn a Starbucks free gift card instead of spending $6 dollars for a cup of happiness. 

We know money cannot buy happiness and that’s why we have researched and compiled ways on how to get free Starbucks gift cards. Remember, a few of these tips need some time to show results although the prize is worth it!

  • Swagbucks

Easiest and people’s favorite site to earn money from in different ways that are fun and knowledgeable. Some of the ways to get a Starbucks free gift card are by watching videos, playing games, online shopping, answering surveys, and searching the web. The points that are earned are known as ‘SB’s’ which gets converted into Paypal cash or gift cards and that is how you get to win free gift cards for Starbucks. 

Tips: If you are planning to earn points on Swagbucks the easiest way is to participate in the surveys as they allow the highest-earning and keep the videos running while you are occupied somewhere else. 

  • Ibotta 

Individuals are crazy about this site because of its simplicity and several cashback allowances. Ibotta is also an easy way to earn a Starbucks gift card online since it gives cashback offers for the things you were already planning on buying. 

How does it work?

  1. Starbucks gift cards onlineThe Ibotta app has to be downloaded from the apple store or any play store on your digital device. 
  2. The items that you wish to buy have to be selected.
  3. Drop into the store and purchase the desired items. 
  4. Proof of purchase has to be uploaded thereafter. 
  5. Earn your cashback

The form of cashback can be done according to your choice, for instance, a gift card or a free Starbucks gift card! You can also choose to withdraw the cashback in cash and spend it on your next cup of latte. 

  • Fetch-Rewards

This is a unique app to earn a Starbucks free gift card. This mobile application rewards its users when they scan their receipts on the app, shop through the app, or refer their friends to the application. The app designates a different value for each activity and the accumulation of 5000 points will gain you a $5 gift card, yes, from Starbucks too! The value of the point increases when the application is linked with the Starbucks app as it scans e-receipts automatically. 

  • Survey Junkie 

As the name gives away, Survey Junkie is now one of the leading and hottest sites to win free gift cards by answering simple surveys. The site has considerable payout and thousands of surveys to answer from. 

Starbucks free gift cardThe stratagem of the site is to provide its users with a lot of surveys and deriving their answers which is basically providing your opinion on a topic asked.  The site rewards you for the answers you provide and the time you allocate by points which can be later converted into gift cards, and yes, a Starbucks free gift card too! 

On a happier note, you can enjoy your free Starbucks coffee by using the free Starbucks gift card code while answering the surveys anytime, anywhere. 

  • Starbucks App: Starbucks Free Gift Card 

Do you know how to get a free Starbucks gift card? Well, from Starbucks itself. 

Starbucks has an app that allows buyers and users to pay for the drinks and accumulate points in the app itself by just linking your card. Once you accumulate a considerable amount of points, Starbucks gets you rewards! 

Points to be collected for Starbucks gift cards online

  • 25 Starbucks points, your drinks can be customized, and also you can add dashes of extra toppings or can get a dairy product substitute for free!
  • 50 Starbucks points, you get a cup of brewed hot coffee, tea, or any other bakery item for free!
  • 150 Starbucks points, you get a drink or parfait and breakfast sandwich for free!
  • 200 Starbucks points, you get a lunch sandwich and protein box or salad for free! 
  • 400 Starbucks points, you get a free bag of their extraordinary coffee, a cup of their signature coffee, or any other coffee accessories from their list. 

For every dollar you spend on Starbucks products, you earn two Starbucks stars which can be used when paying with a registered Starbucks free gift card

On select few days, Starbucks gives away Double Star days which means, as you can presume, means double the star for any item purchased. The app gives these bonus stars on certain occasions by generating a free Starbucks gift card code. Good news! You can also earn more bonus points every time you use the Starbucks free gift card for a purchase. 

  • Inbox Dollars

Akin to Swagbucks, Inbox dollars also allows people to earn points and collect gift cards after completion of various tasks such as participating in surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, or simply surfing the web. You can win free gift cards on this site which, you know, also includes Starbucks!  

Starbucks Gift Cards Online

If you are a Starbucks addict, you would find an all-brainer way to win free gift cards to cut down on your coffee expenses. 

Apart from the online sites to earn gift cards from, there is another way to hype up your coffee habit, that is, signing up for a credit card. When paying at Starbucks, credit cards are an excellent option. Regular payment at Starbucks through your credit card allows you to earn points and eventually you can win a free Starbucks gift card. 

win free gift cardsYour early morning coffee does not have to remind you of the price you paid for it. That is why the option for earning Starbucks gift cards online is available to all coffee addicts. There are several ways as to how to get a free Starbucks gift card among them, most of the requirement is for you to sit back and answer surveys while you sip on your cup of coffee.

To win free gift cards is not only a way to treat yourself deservingly but also your family and friends. 

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