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The Untold Mystery Of Giza Pyramid

Giza pyramid is located in Egypt and is considered to be one of the ancient wonders of the world due to its dazzling work of architecture. There is a hidden void which is about a hundred feet tall, which was discovered by the scientist in the year 2017. Inside the Giza pyramid, there is space dimension which resembles the grand gallery of the pyramid which is about more than 156 foot tall and 26-foot long corridor which takes to the chamber where the burial of Khufu is kept. Khufu is the pharaoh for whom this whole structure of pyramid was built. 

Giza pyramid

It has been remained unclear about the fact of the spaces for which purpose it was made and what it contains. Since the 1800s the void became the first inner structure to be discovered within the 4,500year-old Giza pyramid which was possible due to the advanced use of particle physics. Many archaeologists and Egyptologists had said that this discovery was the discovery of the century. There were a lot of hypotheses about the Giza pyramid but to date, no one had ever imagined the void which is so big can be located over the grand gallery.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Facts 

The mark findings which were long back helps to understand the mysteries of the pyramid of Giza. The great Giza pyramid was made nearly about 4500 years ago during the rule of the fourth dynasty of Egypt’s ancient kingdom. Then, Egypt was very powerful in terms of highly centralized monarchy along with the wealth that comes from trading and the Nile river nourished agriculture. This great Giza pyramid is the expression of the ultimate power that the kingdom holds. 

The pharaoh Khufu had resigned from the power from 2509 to 2493 BC and built this great pyramid for himself whose base is spread over more than 14 acres of land and the tower stands with a height of 479 feet. The whole pyramid structure mainly consists of nearly more than 2.5 million blocks of limestone which have been transported, quarried, and cut according to the sizes and moved into a particular place. In recent times the modern travelers had reached a pinpoint of sublime thrill after seeing the great pyramid of Giza.


The travelers became very astonishing after seeing that 4600 years old Giza pyramid had withstood the plateau desolate, dunes covering wilderness and the burning Egyptian sun and standing still today. Along with several small tombs and monuments, the Giza pyramid has especially three important tombs i.e. Khufu which is 481 feet tall sometimes also known by the name of Cheops; Khafre which is around 471 feet tall, and the last one is Menkaure which is around 213 feet tall.

The 4th dynasty of Egypt was known for its innovation and engineering projects all over the world. The rule of this dynasty which is around 2575 to 2465 B.C was regarded as the golden age. The second king Khufu of their dynasty was ruling this period. The historians of Greek had depicted him as the cruel and proud king of their dynasty. After the death of Khufu, his son Redjedef ruled for a short period and started to work upon the tomb in Abu Ruwaysh that has never finished.

The next pharaoh i.e. his brother name Khafre who built a pyramid in Giza, the same pattern was followed by the following generation. Son of Redjedef, Baufre built his tomb outside the Giza, and Khafre’s son Menkaure built his tomb in Giza. Each of the pharaohs which were built in Giza was mad in so accordance with very simple rules that harmoniously ordered the complexes of three funeral over the plateau: the Khafre’s façade at the high temple is aligned with the face of western Khufu’s pyramid. And the Menkaure’s façade at the high temple is aligned with western Kgafre’s pyramid. The imaginary line that roughly joins the three pyramid points towards the temple of Re of Heliopolis.

How The Pyramids Of GizaWere Made?

The mysteries of the pyramid lies in the fact that how they were built. It took nearly more than

the great pyramid of Giza facts

20 years to complete and there are several other theories debated by various scholars as to who had built this. Some scholars had a point that it was built by slave labor but it seems that the Egyptians had themselves put their efforts, working on the time of flood and their farm work was not possible. The people of Egypt is done it in the form of civil service. 

Some evidence says that the great Giza pyramid was built with nearly about twenty thousand workers who were even paid for their work. The procedure of accounting and record-keeping had taken a great deal of organization and manpower. They had been known for their fantastic documentation. The construction of the pyramid was carried on with the use of stone blocks weighing about 2 tons each. Many theories are suggesting about that multiple men together had maneuvered the stone blocks over the ramp. 

Many scholars eschew the theory and given a different reason which is mainly the idea of using the wood as a medium of making the stones reach over the ramp. Not only this many scholars had proposed the idea of aliens who had built the great Giza pyramid. The great Giza pyramid was completed which was faced with the limestone of tura which has a spectacular presentation in the desert. It was previously 481 feet high but since the top

mysteries of the pyramid

was lost it reduces the height of 25 and overs around 13.1 acres of area.

It has been estimated that it required almost around 2.3 million stone blocks which were weighing around 2 to 15 tons each. The pyramid was made of internal passage and with long chambers that have housed the Pharaoh’s body and all necessary goods needed for their afterlife. These goods include all the precious stones, handcraft, and everything.

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