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Good Habits For Life – Maintain These Habits To Stay Positive & Healthy

Habits are the building blocks of human personality and drive our perspective and response to situations and people. Habits are essential in structuring your success and failure and good habits form the core of happy living. It is equally important to know how to develop good habits since it takes patience and dedication to convert daily habits into good habits for life

Human beings are nothing but flesh and bones and products of habits. Since birth, your brain has been mechanized to absorb learnings from our surroundings and environmental stimulus. Your brain, when subjected to a daily behavioral pattern, gets familiar with the action and reactions and determines it as a habit. That is why it is vital to develop good habits that stay for life. 

How To Develop Good Habits? 

good habits to haveThe aim is not to simply develop a habit but to inculcate good habits. The formation of a good habit involves duality, that is, can be either positive or negative depending upon the habit being inculcated and at what frequency. The process of habit formation is repeated constantly until it becomes automated and becomes an unconscious practice. Here are few ways to develop good habits

  • Chalk out the possible options and eliminate the excess 

The stratagem is simple with this one but might take a lot of evaluation prior to decision-making. It becomes easier for good habits to develop when there are fewer decisions to make. For example, when you choose healthy eating options consistently for a month, you develop good habits of eating healthy, avoiding processed food, and living a healthy life

  • Remind yourself of the set goals 

The aim here is to complete the goal if the task is not completed at the moment and is pending. For good habits to flourish, your goals require execution even through procrastination. For example, if you fail to complete an assignment before dinner it is okay to complete it after but make sure the task is completed. 

  • Identify and avoid possible obstacles 

To ingrain good habits for life it is important to be consistent with your habits. New habits are hard to ingrain and harder to maintain and until it is achieved the work is not done. 

  • Do not get demotivated by a fall 

The journey to forming good habits is not always a piece of cake. In several instances, you might falter in keeping up to your goals but do not get worked up. Work it out. If you have missed doing a thing, rectify it thereafter. 

  • Ask for support 

good habits to startThere is nothing wrong or low in asking for help. To develop good habits it is important that you seek support from others who would help you to keep motivated and accountable for the progress. Asking help from people would not only keep you from diverting from the good habits you have been practicing but also influence you. For example, joining the gym with another friend or joining a racing community. 

  • Replace the bad habits with good habits 

This way is not tricky but requires your determination skills and focus. If you are able to identify bad habits, replace every bad habit with a good habit. For example, if you tend to overeat at one go, practice eating the same portion divided into intervals. 

Good Habits For Life To Maintain

The good habits to have for life often require extensive discipline and regular practice. Good habits define our personality and thus you must know of the few good habits to start that can be your daily ritual. 

  • Creating a morning routine. 
  • Sticking to goals and completing them even if procrastinating. 
  • Learning to singletask.
  • Read more. Read any printed material. 
  • Learn to appreciate and count your blessings. 
  • Surround yourself with positivity, which includes positive people. 
  • Schedule a time for physical activities
  • Invest in self-care and self-appreciation. 
  • Opt for social media detox.
  • Practice listening more. 

These above-mentioned are among the few good habits to start with since they are easy to initialize. Having said so, it is also a herculean task to be able to maintain good habits for life

How To Develop Good Study Habits?

how to develop good study habitsThe key to becoming a smart student is ingrained in good habits which are inculcated early in life and have been maintained through rigorous practice. As you advance in your education you tend to realize that being able to develop good habits is the key to being successful in academics. Here are few good habits to have if you are in academics:

  • Avoid cramping all subjects and information in one session. 
  • Plan out or keep a study routine that is to be followed every day. 
  • Stick to the set time for study regularly. 
  • Each study session should involve a specific goal and make it an aim to complete it the very day.
  • Try to eliminate procrastination during study time as it leads to demotivation to complete the task eventually. 
  • Prioritize your subjects as it allows you to organize your study effectively. 
  • Involve in revisions and reviews before starting a task or an assignment. 
  • Keep away from potential distractions since it leads to demotivation to study as your mind is occupied somewhere else. 
  • Use study groups for better motivation. Since other members of the group are at the same par as you it would be easier to develop good habits in studying such as punctuality. 
  • how to develop good habitsReview your week’s work over the weekend as it would help you to be updated. 

Building health and wealth takes years of patience, smart decisions, and good habits. The author of the book, ‘Change Your Habits, Change Your Life’, Tom Corley writes about the good habits to have and the habits that make ordinary people successful

Daily Habits Of Successful People You Can Try!

Daily habits of successful people reflect how much it actually takes to become successful. As an author, Tom Corley discusses in his book, the traits of success lie in developing good habits.

  • They wake up early in the morning. According to Corley’s study, nearly about 50% of millionaires woke up three hours before the weekday started.  
  • They indulge in extensive reading. Reading from newspapers to voluminous books and blogs, 88% of Corley’s successful respondents claim to read at least 30 minutes a day. 
  • They spend at least 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes in focused thinking which ranges from planning for the day to bigger commitments. 
  • They tend to keep physically fit as exercise is a topmost priority to clear their head surrounding nature or just a simple job in the park. It not only installs the good habit of focused thinking but also keeps you healthy cognitively. 
  • They spend more time with people who inspire them to achieve their goals. 

Good habits for life are not just personally elevating but they contain traits of success that are proven to deliver a healthier and happier life. 

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