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Glacier National Park US: A Masterpiece Of Mother Nature

The Glacier National Park US is named for the residue of glaciers from the ice age and is often known as the “Crown of the Continent” because it is situated at the headsprings of the streams that further flow into the Pacific Ocean, Hudson Bay, and The Gulf of Mexico. The park is an attractive spot among hikers and photographers as it consists of 700 lakes, a huge number of waterfalls, two mountain ranges that are spread across 1 million acres and it is a home for a cluster of wildlife. Apart from being the home to many birds and animals, the marvelous park has some breathtaking beautiful features. At 52 miles drive through the glacier national park, the Going-to-the-Sun-Road is a historic landmark and an engineering marvel that is not only filled with scenic beauty but also an approach to some of the best spots for hiking trails.

The Glacier National Park US is an art of Mother Nature and this is evident in the verdant glacier-carved summits, the sparkling waterfalls, and the finely cut peaks. Water lovers can sail on Lake McDonald in the summer while in the spring some gleaming waterfalls such as the Banting falls, are at their peak. Due to the position of glaciers in the far North of the USA, it’s a wonderful place to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Milky Way on a moonless night.

Map of the Glacier National Park

A map is an essential tool mostly needed by hikers and tourists to have a better journey in the park. In the map of Glacier National Park, one can locate the accurate area of the park which is 1583sq. miles or 4101sq km. The west and the southwest of The Glacier National Park US is outlined by the Flathead River and the Flathead National Forest. Coming to the south, it can be seen that to the southwest the park is bordered by Lewis and Clark National Forest. Towards the east, the park is bordered by the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. 

The Great Northern Railway built a huge number of hotels and lodges that is a stay place for all the hikers and tourists. Amphitheater-shaped basins with sharp and steep walls commonly called Cirques are a common feature of the park.

The Map of Glacier National Park shows the position of the highest peak in the park, Mount. Cleveland, which is 10,466 feet high. Prairie grassland is spread across the east over the plains which are comparatively drier.

the glacier national park
Image Source- Flickr

Where Is Glacier National Park Located?

The question might strike someone that Where is Glacier National Park? As one of the most beautiful geographical spots in the entire world, it is a common spot of attraction among hundreds of people. In that case, however, one must get to know the exact location of where the park is present. The Glacier National Park is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is placed on the Northern border of Montana, USA. The park is marginal to the Waterton Lake National Park situated in Canada. Together these two parks are commonly known as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. The park is almost 40 miles to the Northeast of Kalispell on US Highways 2 and 89. 

About The Glacier National Park Canada

A part of a system comprising of 43 parks and park reserves situated in Canada, the Glacier National Park Canada is also one of the seven National Parks situated in Canada. The Glacier National Park Canada is set up in the Southeast region of British Columbia, Canada covering an area of 521sq. miles. A region covered in mountains among which Mt. Dawson is the tallest. 

The four remarkable rivers traveling through the rocky patch of Glacier National Park Canada, are Beaver, the Duncan, the Illecillewaet, and the Incomappleux. These rivers played an important part in creating the Nakimu Caves, which is one of the largest cave systems, present in Canada. The Glacier National park Canada is an attraction for many tourists visiting in the hope to come across some wildlife passing by the wild jungles. One of the premium destinations for hikers, the majestic mountains of the Glacier National Park Canada serve as a background to many rivers, forests, and wildlife.

Best Hikes in Glacier National Park

best hikes in glacier national park
Image Source- Flickr

Due to its jaw-dropping scenic beauty and long trekking trails, the Glacier National Park is the point of attraction for many hikers.

  1. The Avalanche Lake Hike – a lot different than most other hikes in the list, Avalanche Lake hike is a classic and one of the best hikes in Glacier National park. Starting from the trail of Cedars trailhead, hikers move along a beautiful flora section that is found on the pacific coast. It’s a quiet trail in the woods that leads to a very pretty lake, the walk to Avalanche Lake is perfect for anyone who is scared to hike long distances. 
  2. The Hidden Lake Overlook Hike – One of the most popular hikes, an easy place to spot Mountain goats, and the hike starts at the Logan Pass, and the hikers have to walk a combination of broad walks and stone-covered trails to get a fantastic view of the Hidden Lake.
  3. The legendary Grinnell Glacier Trail – Giving a stunning view to some alpine scenery, waterfalls, and emerald green lakes, Grinnell Glacier trail is one of the most spectacular hiking trails. The Grinnell Glacier trail is a great place for wildlife sightings which terminates in a spectacular lake and waterfall.
  4. Ptarmigan Tunnel – sharing the trail to Iceberg Lake, Ptarmigan tunnel is a wonderful day out in the Glacier National Park US. Giving rise to some breathtaking views, the trail gets steeper and strenuous as you are treated to some beautiful views consisting of streams, lakes, and sheer cliffs.
  5. Iceberg Lake – one of the most favorite spots of the tourists, the Iceberg Lake shares its trail to Ptarmigan tunnel. The trail is the home to some stunning wildlife flowers, alpine views, and the spectacular alpine lake.
  6. St. Mary and Virginia Falls – taking you along the part of St. Mary Lake, the trail shows the way to the beautiful St. Mary falls, a beautiful two-tiered waterfall.
  7. Apikuni Falls – located near some Glacier Park hotels, Apikuni falls hike is a short and popular hike among the tourists.
  8. Cracker Lake – It is one of the most beautiful lakes present in the Glacier National Park, the Cracker lake is a brilliantly colored greenish-blue lake surrounded by grassy slopes of wildlife flowers on the nearby snow-carved mountains

 The Glacier National park US is home to many pristine forests, alpine meadows, snow-carved peaks, and spectacular lakes. The Glacier National Park serves as a home to many wildlife species, and flora. Comprising of some best hiking trails and scenic beauty sights, the Glacier National Park is a paradise for trekkers and tourists. The best hikes in the Glacier National Park make it one of the best adventurous places in the world. The fields of wildflowers and the majestic beauty of the snow-covered peaks make the Glacier National Park a Heaven on Earth.

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