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Fruit in a Pizza – Is It Really That Weird?

Pizza is a food that is very famous among the youngsters. Even elderly people love them. What if we have a pizza made out of delicious and nutritious fruits? Yes, you heard it right. Fruit Pizzas may sound weird but they are a real thing. Not like traditional chicken and cheese, fruit pizzas are made of different sweet servings and delicious seasonal fruits. They are often topped with caramel or cream cheese coatings

Closely resembling the American Tart, fruit pizzas are a delicacy for the people. Usually, fruit pizzas are made with a delicious crust prepared separately to make a fruit pizza only. They are then layered beautifully with cocoa or jam stuffing and are perfectly covered on top with fruits of the desired flavor mostly kiwi, apple, mango, litchi. At last, baked with cream cheese, and topped with whipped cream, fruit pizza is served. Fruit Pizza is always warmly welcomed as a better serving of dessert due to the inclusion of health-beneficial fruits which people with sugar intolerance can also enjoy. 

History of Fruit Pizza

The origin of Fruit Pizza can be seen back in time as long as the 6th Century BC when there were Persian Soldiers. For faster preparation of food on the battlefield, the Persian soldiers used to make flatbread on the top of the iron shield that they used to carry for protection. The iron covering of the shield helped them to bake their food well. They then started to top their bread with ripe dates and raisins along with some cheese which was a better version of the bread that they baked. This food later turned to modern-day fruit pizza. Some even bake more of it starting from the dough without the crust making it a fruit cake.

he origin of Fruit Pizza

How Is It Made?

Fruit Pizza takes a long time to get prepared. Fruit Pizza crust needs to be made delicately with the fine ingredients that are suited for a particular flavor of the pizza. A very widely used fruit in the fruit pizza is pineapple. Cut in small circular plates and roasted in a very low flame, the pineapple pizza is one of the rare delicacies that people love. Starting with a thin baked crust mostly made from cookie dough, mixed with equal quantities of chocolate chips, and is baked well and kept to cool. After the crust cools down, it is frosted with cream cheese mainly for jams and jellies. Strawberry and cranberry jams are mostly used as they go with everything. It is then perfectly designed for its creations by cutting down fruits in small pieces and then accordingly designing the pizza with vibrant colors making it unusually attractive to see.

There can be a lot of customizations that can be made in the preparation of a fruit pizza. Couples prepare it in the shape of the heart and uses red-colored fruit to give the fruit pizza a romantic outlook. Some people in India made fruit pizza in the shape of small lanterns known as Diya to celebrate Diwali. Fruit pizza dessert can also be made perfect for Independence Day purposes by using the fruits to prepare the flag and thereby many other various holidays can be significant with this dessert

Pizza & Fruit Pizza – Are They Similar?

Some experts and food-related high educate have discarded fruit pizza as a pizza. They have only a single similarity with that of the regular pizzas in that are they are circular. They are different in all the other ways like the number of toppings a pizza has is much lower compared to the huge number of toppings in a fruit pizza

Fruit pizza uses cream cheese which otherwise is used in a cheesecake and not a pizza. Even the cheesecake cream is much thicker than that of the fruit pizza. They have a thin layer of cream cheese mainly used to hold the crust with the jams and glazes used. But there are certain people also who consider fruit pizzas as a legitimate form of pizza by their logic since tomatoes are fruits. Hence if there can be a tomato pizza, there can also be a fruit pizza according to them.

Recipe to Prepare Fruit Pizza

crust of the fruit pizza

Now after reading so much about fruit pizza, you might be eager to know the recipe for making a fruit pizza. Here is a full recipe for a standard fruit pizza, starting from the making of the crust. 

There are different recipes for making the crust of the fruit pizza itself. 

You would require,

  • 20 grams of cookie dough refrigerated which could be sugar-free or added sugar according to your choice.
  • 20 grams of high fat, thick cream cheese and would be better if it is softened
  • One-third a cup of sugar for a little taste in the crust.
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 
  • Kiwis, apples, dates, bananas, all minced.
  • A cup of freshly cut strawberries
  • A cup of frozen blueberries
  • Half a cup of Strawberry jelly or apple jelly.
  • A cup of whipped cream whipped for a long time.

Now, here are the steps we need to proceed on along with the above ingredients:

  1. First, we need to heat the oven to a temperature of 350 F. Now on a circular big pizza pan. We need to grease it with cooking spray or vegetable oil. Then we have to open the cookie dough and spread the dough evenly on the plate to increase the surface area of cooking. This would be our crust. Then we need to bake the crust in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes until the crust turns golden brown like that of the cookies. After that, we need to cool down the crust by keeping it out for about an hour.
  2. Now we need to prepare the second layer by mixing some of the items. So in a bowl, we need to add the cream cheese, little whipped cream, sugar, the vanilla essence for a long time until the mixture turns all white. Then the ingredients need to be mixed more using an electric mixture until the white mixture turns glossy by the sugar and it gets all fluffy. Then the fluffy mixture is gently spread on the cooled crust.
  3. Now the jams that we had, need to be spread evenly on that white mixture without keeping any lumps. Spread out all of it over the crust and then the minced fruits need to be arranged carefully and in accordance with the color and shape that we desire.
  4. Liquid caramel is often used to brush off over the fruits to increase their taste. Then our whole pizza is refrigerated and chilled for 2 hours.
  5. Now after the refrigeration is complete, the pizza is taken out and served to the people in triangular shapes just like that of the pizza.
  6. The main creativity lies in the preparation of the toppings of the fruit pizza. You can make it in shapes as desired by you which has been roughly sketched previously. Many people line the fruits in circular patches and rings of different sizes to make the tart look great and more like a pizza.

Fruit pizzas are widely made in western countries on the mark of any special kind of event or holiday. They are less diabetic in nature considering all the different kinds of fruit sugar and are suitable for people from all the different age groups. A healthy fruit pizza consists of low-fat content and high fruit protein content. A fruit pizza with all the balanced ingredients is the perfect dessert at the end of a day. 

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