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Best-Prepaid Debit Cards for New Bank Account Holders

Before entering into the categorizations of best-prepaid debit cards all of us need to know the meaning of the term prepaid debit cards. In other words, it means that the card is an alternative to traditional credit cards. You will have some amount stocked on the debit card in advance, and your expenses will be covered on that amount leased on the debit card, and not from your bank balance. All these cards help to use the existing money in your accounts and there no amount of problem arises to get hold of the cash in the bank account.

The main difference between ordinary and prepaid debit cards is that the latter does not require any bank account for you to encash them.  

Now if we consider the cash amount as the main criteria, then it is quite understandable that the prepaid debit card market is not very much saturated. That’s because very few are aware that they can transact money using debit cards without having a bank account. There are fragmented sectors in this market. From the period of 2007, a growth of 14% has been estimated in the areas of prepaid debit cards as a whole.  

What are Prepaid Debit Cards?

best prepaid debit cardsPrepaid debit cards are useful from the perspective of loading the cash which is not possible for the other market available cards at this point. 

Prepaid debit cards are of two types. The first one, an open-loop debit card, lets you use the card for transactions at various institutions. The second one, which is called a closed-loop debit card, allows you to use it at only select institutions. The card of the second type is the Starbucks prepaid debit card, which you can use only at some specific outlets of the coffee chain. 

What Is The Best Reloadable Debit Card?

The best-prepaid debit cards mainly act as the budgeting tool. Where without having a proper bank account also the customer can meet the needs as widely as possible. Before using these types of cards it is important to know that cash can be loaded here. This is quite unlike the process and phenomena of general prepaid cards. 

Prepaid debit cards don’t need to have an account in a bank that genuinely works for the normal credit cards

prepaid debit cardsBluebird by American Express somehow manages to offer more than the average prepaid debit card. Here the main advantage lies that here spending money without fees being charged or checks getting rejected is possible unlike the case for the other company-affiliated prepaid debit cards. 

But here lies another restriction. How? If someone opts for Bluebird’s cards, they can’t have zero balance, for the merchant limits the transactions to maintain a certain upper level. 

If we start our discussion about the best debit causes then definitely Netspend stands out to be the best prepaid debit card. It allows the fastest possible transaction. You can use your NetSpend data card as an alternative for a VISA card everywhere if you don’t have one. The Chase Liquid Prepaid Card is also a notable one.

You can store your money on this card utilizing a check, or by depositing a certain amount at your nearest branch of Chase, or by directly depositing in the account provided. They will not charge any amount for any kind of transfer over the PIN. However, they will deduct 4 dollars from your account per month.

free prepaid cardsFor the fee structure, the Starbucks visa prepaid debit card stands out as the most popular, and this caters to the level of utmost convenience for the users which is any day a great deal considering the other norms for the cards. 

Some prepaid debit cards don’t charge any fee for ATM transactions. Among them, the American Express Serve card is the most used. Why? Because it allows you to withdraw huge sums from any ATM of MoneyPass bank without charging any fees. If you withdraw cash from any ATM.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards with No Fees 

For some prepaid cards, there are practically no fees charged at all and this is not even a very tough job to perform. A lot of times a lot of prepaid cards tend out to be special here. With NetSpend Prepaid deposit, the cards come out completely free. And this helps the cards to help the other customers from a large angle, it is important to note down that the best prepaid debit cards are a big task to find out, especially with the above-mentioned features. But here with this particular company situation can get a good check. 

This best-prepaid debit card offers the terms of both monthly and weakly transactions, where monthly payment can be done as well as with only 1 dollar another term’s payment can get a good check with no further delay. 

free prepaid cardsSome of the top-rated reloadable prepaid debit cards are the ones that won’t charge you a fee for refilling your card with funds. Among them, the most trustworthy is the American Bluebird. Since it has a minimum limit to prevent a negative figure in your account balance, you can employ the card to inculcate lessons of fund and budget management to your little ones. 

Free Prepaid Debit Cards 

Often, prepaid debit cards have a very high transaction fee. Hence, not all of us can afford these currencies. Hence, many companies lend free prepaid debit cards to many users, or sometimes they charge a small amount fee. The best prepaid debit card is completely related to this concept of free prepaid cards. These have come out to be very useful for Americans to go with the flow of transactions which are heavily loaded in general. 

Some of the top free prepaid debit cards are those by Western Union, Netspend, and PayPal. They won’t charge you for late payments or any extra interest because you are not using any standard credit card. FamZoo on the other hand lends a primary card for storing funds, also called “parent card” which will be the source for all the fund transactions you make. You can even allow children to get their cards.

 prepaid debit cardThese will get funded from your parent card and you will be able to check what things your youngsters are spending upon. PayPal and Netspend, on the other hand, require you to use a direct deposit account from where you can derive your money to be loaded on the cards.

Most of the companies issuing free prepaid debit cards have a mobile app or e-wallet through which you can manage the status of your prepaid card.  


The best prepaid debit card is bliss for generation Z. While the older generation might be a bit skeptical about these modes of transaction, the present generation, who find it difficult to manage a bank account, will realize its benefits. Firstly, these cost much lesser than the standard credit and debit cards. Secondly, you can be sure of having the utmost privacy.

Nowadays, most businesses are using prepaid debit cards which they issue to their customers to ensure that their brand value is raised and the customers can make their transactions safely without breach of data. 

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