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The Best Places To See The Northern Lights And When

Getting to see the spectacular northern lights is an experience that does not happen too many. There are dreamers and then there are people who just go and get it. Without such a conviction, getting to see the northern lights is an unimaginable feat. Let us dive into the list of best places to see northern lights, and the best time we can possibly choose to do so. With each passing day, the nights are getting darker, and the chance of catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis is increasing eventually. One could fix on the months of December to March to have the best time to see the northern lights. During the winter, nights are longer and darker. Hence, the chance of having such an experience increases greatly. 

Countries to Devour the Extremely Beautiful Northern Lights: Go Touring!

The best places to see the northern lights are countries like Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. As you move closer to the Arctic Circle, you will move towards fulfilling your bucket list of seeing the northern lights. Moreover, with the travel industries that have been set up across the world, this experience has only gotten easier. There are tours and packages specially made to suit your preferences. 

Exclusive tour packages have been made available, especially for women, keeping their choices in mind. Women can rarely just go out on a trip on their own considering how unsafe the world has become. In such times of crisis, such arrangements come as a blessing to mankind. The best time to make such a travel choice should be one aligned with a new moon night. The northern lights are an instantaneous phenomenon, it just appears and disappears instantly, within a wink, and it becomes very important that you are alert. However, no matter how hard you look, how attentive you are, you are not likely to see the northern lights if the sky is not clear. You can somehow gauge the northern lights forecast by picking suitable weather for your trip. 

Captain Sigridur Einarsdottir, a female pilot from Iceland, is now an expert in spotting the northern lights. She has been travelling in the Arctic skies for around thirty years now. She has gathered up the knowledge to even predict a possible time for the northern lights to show up. With experience like hers, one can easily do a northern lights forecast. However, she explained, witnessing the northern lights is not an easy feat. With the incessant changes in the weather of Iceland, the chances of witnessing the northern lights too become quite difficult to predict. An application called Service Aurora has been set up which predicts the possible time for a show of the northern lights. The northern lights checkers who run the application keep a close watch over the Aurora Borealis and make a forecast. 

The Places That Provide the Best Experience with the Northern Lights

  • Northern Lights Cruise, Alaska

Even during August or September, you can have a spellbinding experience while looking up at the sky. Sign up for a cruise on Queen Elizabeth and look up the magnificent sky. You will clearly see the Aurora Oval right above your head. The Aurora Oval is the space with the most northern lights most visible. A night at the sea spent stargazing with the best facilities available is worth more than what it seems. The northern lights will illuminate the entire night sky hence no artificial lights have been used to anyhow distort the effects of the northern sky. 

  • Arctic Bath Hotel, Sweden

Sweden has come up with a new chain of attractions. The Arctic Bath Hotel is a magnificent structure floating in the northern regions of Sweden. It has started offering its services in January 2020. There are overwater cabins available that float on the Lule River and remains still while the river remains frozen, depending on the time of the year. Apart from that, there are few cabins on land with luxurious setup. There are adjacent pools available with the land cabins. Even the pools open under a sky where the Aurora Borealis is witnessed. 

  • Arctic Cultures Trip, Canada

These are chains of services specially designed for the ladies. The leader of Natural Habitat Adventures introduced a pioneering plan exclusively for women who can take a seven days break and rest in the lap of the Northern skies. Inspired by the women travellers, this brand-new tour package has been planned. It especially looks at the women signing up from various countries and their conveniences. It includes various activities like igloo-building, snowshoeing, and sledging led dogs. The evenings are exclusively reserved for stargazing and soaking all the peace in. One may actually end up seeing the northern stars. Campfires are lit and a friendly atmosphere prevails. Women get to experience an all-female experience where they support each other to do various activities during these seven days.

  • North Pole Igloos Hotel

If you end up at the North Pole, you are sure to experience the northern lights. There are igloos well heated from the inside, which add comfort to the travellers’ experience. The igloos are enclosed with glass entirely and allow a view of the sky at all times. The guests get a view of the northern sky even without having to step out in the cold chilly weather. It is one of the most experiences but most additional expenses are included in the package, and such an experience is worth having at least once in a lifetime.

  • Hidden Iceland

The tour package provided by the company named Hidden Iceland offers a very private experience even among other families and groups. If you can opt for this, there is nothing like it. There are ice caves so that people can avoid the crowd in the areas. The package also includes relaxing in the Secret Lagoon hot waters, the oldest natural geothermal swimming pool in Iceland, and having adventures.

What causes the Northern Lights?

The skylights up when electrically charged particles get disoriented and leak into the earth’s magnetic field while entering from space. What then occurs is a display of magnificence and splendour. The Aurora Borealis is usually referred to as a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field but whatever causes us to see the northern lights cannot be anything but a blessing.

According to the country and the experience you want to opt for, go book the tickets. With the pandemic struck in 2020, all plans had to take a backseat. Be it Iceland or Alaska, just pick a place and drop there. Even women can now break the confines of their homes and travel the world without too much to worry about. So take your cue, and go ahead!

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