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Time Tracking Apps for a Successful Business Career and Growth

Time tracking apps are the best friends of a business, regardless of whether you are self-employed or working for someone. 

What is a time tracking app? It is a software solution that can help you in keeping track of the time you spend on various tasks and different activities throughout the day. So, if you want to settle for the best time tracking apps for MAC 2021 or for that matter any other OS, read on. 

You can use this app either as a standalone application or in conjunction with other business process management tools

In this article, let us find out more about these apps under the following sub-topics,

  1. Business process management toolsHow to choose the best time tracking apps
  2. Top benefits of using the apps
  3. Time tracking for freelancers
  4. Names of the best time tracking apps

So, let us take one sub-topic at a time in the paragraphs that follow.

How to choose the best time tracking apps

Since the time tracking tools offer many benefits in your day-to-day life, choosing the right one judiciously can work wonders for you. let us find out how you can zero in on the right app.

Once you have decided that you want to incorporate a time tracking solution in your life, make sure you can answer these questions so that you can identify and lay your hands on the one that will meet your requirement. So, what are these questions, let us find out. 

  1. Will the time tracker that you are planning to get will be one that is used only by you (a single person), by your team (more than one person), or by the whole enterprise (more than 10-15 people). 
  2. Which core area are you involved in? Is it architecture, construction, manufacturing, or legal firm? Alternatively, do you want the app as a general time tracker? 
  3. Are you planning to integrate the app along with other software solutions and service providers? 
  4. What is the amount you would want to spend for paying for the time tracking business tools?
  5. What functionalities are you looking forward to in the app? 
  6. Why do you need the app in the first place? In what way are you expecting to see an improvement by investing in this software application.
  7. Have you gone through the reviews of the app? 
  8. What will be the benefit of tracking for your business organization?
  9. Will you be able to enjoy free trials?
  10. Have you compared features and costs among different vendors?
  11. Which user interface will be best suited for your company?

Before settling for the app, you must be able to get satisfactory answers to the above questions. Take time and do not rush into getting an app without doing due diligence. 

Time tracking for freelancersTop benefits of using the apps

As we have said before in the aforementioned paragraphs that time tracking apps are the best friend of a business entity, it was just a single benefit you got to know. Let us quickly go through few more benefits that you can enjoy by using the time tracking apps

Accurate billing 

These automatic time tracking apps can take note of every activity you perform. So, you can do away with setting timers to remember tasks. This software solution can keep record accurately the working hours that get recorded in the timesheet. 

Project management

With the help of the tracking app, you are in a better position to work out the estimations for your projects and cost management in real-time. They have become an integral part of project management of late. 

Improve team productivity

If you have not been performing quite well at your workplace for a particular project, these apps can identify what is pulling you down or hindering you from being productive. As such, if you can identify the factor that is holding you back from performing better, you can always work upon the same and remove the distraction. 

Best time tracking appsTrack progress and communicate

With the help of the report that is generated by the app about all your activities, distractions, and data collection, you can share the report status. It helps managers to go through itemized breakdowns and details of money spent and billing details

Enhance profitability 

Find out the billable to non-billable ratio. It helps in assessing and identifying where you are wasting time and money and whether or not you are working as per priorities. 

Assess capacity to perform

With the time tracking apps, you are in a better position to gauge sustainability and understand the capacity of your business in terms of output. It takes just a few seconds for the app to ascertain the same. It helps in maintaining a fine balance as far as a team effort is concerned. 

Makes unreported tasks visible

These apps will “capture” those tasks that are not always reported. These include details related to business travels, project communication, calls to clients, meetings, and task management. However, you have to make sure that all these tasks can be integrated with the software solution you reusing. 

Business toolsHelp in calculating fair rates

If you have been performing the same tasks for a long time now, it is easier to integrate and calculate rates that are relevant to your niche. 

Set well-defined objectives 

With a time tracking app to monitor your work hours or output, it becomes easier to define the goals and objectives of your business. Most importantly, it is visible to all team members and each of these members will be able to work towards it in tandem. 

Offers transparency

Since everything you do is recorded in the timesheet, it becomes easier to work since the system is transparent. 

Time tracking for freelancers

As a freelancer, time management is a crucial aspect that you must take into account. How will you make optimum usage of the apps for time tracking for freelancers? Let us find out.

  • You can set reminders so that you know that you are not losing focus or deviating from your deadline. 
  • You will come across several such time tracking apps that are compatible with iOS and Android devices. By using these apps, you can deliver the work on time. 

Most importantly, you will be able to adhere to the TAT or Turn Around Time. This indicates your responsibility and in turn, you can win over more freelancing projects in the process. In other words, your credibility improves. 

Let us find out the names of few such apps that you can use for your projects. 

Names of the best time tracking apps

Check out the names in the list below-

  • Best time tracking apps for MAC 2021ProofHub
  • When I Work
  • Timely
  • My Hours
  • Toggl
  • Paymo
  • Clarizen 
  • TMetric
  • Zoho Projects
  • ProWorkflow
  • Harvest
  • Basecamp
  • TimeCamp
  • Mavenlink

Investing in time tracking apps is worth the expense. They offer several benefits that can help your business to get visibility and grow steadily. 

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