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Are Electric Bicycles The New Technological Innovation?

electrically powered bicycle Electrical bicycles, also known as e-bikes are very much in use in the modern day. It solves many problems relating to ecological problems. Ever since the idea of electric bicycles has been conceptualized, various automobile companies have been on the lookout to be the pioneers in the field. It not only indicates the lowered rate in fuel combustion, thus contributing to the sustenance of the ecosystem but makes it easier for the rider. Electrically powered bicycles make it less strenuous for the riders to pedal. Ebicycle has revolutionized the field of riding bicycles. Riding a bicycle has been a difficult task right from the beginning. Unlike motorcycles, it takes a lot of strength on the rider’s part to put all his accumulated strength into pedaling. Regular riders have an average speed of 14 km per hour in India. Given the condition of the roads, it takes a lot more strength than what meets an ordinary eye. 

With the advent of the heavy-duty electric bike, the average speed of commuters has shown an increase by at least 10 km per hour. They not only meet the health standards of the people around them but also show significant efficiency.

What Is An Electric Bike?

Electric bikeThe electric bicycles come with an electric motor embedded into the system. The electric motor helps in assisting propulsion. Among the various ebikes known to exist across the globe, the two most common kinds are the pedelecs and the ones functioning in the moped-style manner. The distinguishing factor between an electric bicycle and an electric motorcycle is the fact that the former does not take away the agency to pedal from the riders. The vehicle still very much remains under the riders’ complete authority and supervision. It has no agency to move on its own without the impetus of the rider. 

E-bikes once recharged can go on for 25 to 32 kilometers at a stretch. Among them, the high-powered ones have the ability to go on for 45 kilometers after one full recharge. The advent of electric bicycles has considerably affected the market for traditional bicycles. In countries like Germany, traditional bicycles are getting lesser on the road by the day. E-bikes are becoming the most used bicycles in the market. As for countries like China, e-bikes are replacing fuel-run bicycles in the market. After the launch of electric bicycles, the Chinese Government has sought to minimize the use of fossil fuel-run vehicles. The Government has provided every citizen with electric vehicles, among which the number of e-bikes is particularly striking. The small motorcycles which consumed more fuel than their productivity have been successfully replaced by the Chinese Government for the betterment of their nation.

The electric motor in the bicycle integrates battery propulsion with a different power source thereby rendering it a hybrid electric vehicle. The power is harnessed by pedaling and not by internal combustion as is the case in fuel-run vehicles. Hence, in most markets, these bicycles have been named hybrid electric bicycles or hybrid pedal-electric bicycles.

Hybrid Features of Electric Bike?

what is an e-bikeDue to their hybrid features, electric bicycles are exempted from coming under the laws binding the bigger vehicles. Run by electricity, the laws are yet to figure out how dangerous these bicycles can prove to be in the future. Coming from a family of bicycles, the e-bikes have not been considered as much of a threat. The riders have not been compelled to get their rides licensed only due to the source of the origin of the vehicle. Had the E-bicycles been classified as motorcycles, the government would have to ask for relevant documentation before they could allow the plying of such vehicles. Distinct bicycle laws have not yet been formulated because the vehicles have not portrayed any potential to surpass human control so far.

One of the two types of electric bikes which are abundant on the streets is the pedelec. These bicycles have a low-powered motor run by electricity. This does not support a very high speed. The pedelecs are of such low speed compared to the motorcycles that they are without a doubt classified under the bicycle category. The electric motor that assists the what is an electric bikerider while pedaling helps in reducing the strength that it needs for a rider to exert. The motor helps the most when the rider is trying to climb up a steep hill. The power generated by the motor will compensate for the lack of strength on the rider’s part. Even with a less powered motor like that, the rider will be able to comfortably ride up steep terrain and hilly regions. 

Pedelecs, even though are electrically powered bicycles, a function similar to any conventional bicycle. The motor integrated into the system only assists the rider. The rider does not lose his autonomy on the vehicle. His experience would be just as similar as riding a traditional bicycle. He would still have to pedal, with a little less strength. It would be easier to ride an electric bike under any given circumstance, but its use and function remain the same as any other bicycle. People with heart conditions and lacking in strength are recommended to use pedelecs. This would ensure less strain on their knees and joints during pedaling. The electric motor will compensate for their lack of strength and commute would still be cost-efficient, without any casualty by means of burning fuels.

Some More Types of E-bikes!

 electric bicycleThe other kind of E-bikes that are largely in use these days are the ones that are available on the basis of power-on-demand. These bicycles come with the choice of either the pedal power alone, or the motorized version of it, or both the options. These E-bikes can be used in three ways depending on the preference and requirement of the rider. For more difficult terrains, the rider may get tired of pedaling and let the electric motor take complete charge of the vehicle. The operation of the electric motor is usually done with the help of the handgrip where a throttle is manually operated. These bicycles are rarely classified as bicycles. They are almost as evolved as motorcycles. There is also a choice of removing the pedals altogether and using the vehicle as exclusively an electric motor run vehicle. These E-bicycles can easily be categorized as electric motorcycles. They vary both in speed and performance from the pedelecs. 

e-bicycleIn India, the minimum age required to ride the pedelecs is 14. One can understand, even though these bicycles have not been awarded the status of any other evolved vehicle, the addition of the electric motor to such a basic vehicle as a bicycle has caused the implementation of such an age limit. Practically impossible to function as anything else but a bicycle, the E-bikes with their electrically powered motors have a slightly higher speed capacity. The less application of strength leaves the rider at liberty to go up and down more difficult terrains at a greater speed. Hence, the age limit becomes a bit of a requirement. 

As a whole, the electrical bicycles are environment-friendly and rider-friendly alternatives to many other vehicles plying every day on the streets. Opting for one would not be a regrettable choice. 

Motorcycle Safety Lawyers add, had the E-bicycles been classified as motorcycles, the government would have to ask for relevant documentation before they could allow the plying of such vehicles. Distinct bicycle laws have not yet been formulated because the vehicles have not portrayed any potential to surpass human control so far.

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