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Top Content Marketing Strategies You Cannot Ignore

The ongoing pandemic has played a vital role in reshaping the way business operates. Although online business was already rising, global lockdowns helped push even more companies to the online realm. Furthermore, with more and more people shopping online, the marketplace saw a massive boom. With the market seeing such immense changes in such a short amount of time, businesses must adapt to take full advantage of the new situation. Digital marketing should now be the cornerstone of your efforts, with an emphasis on content marketing. Your content connects you to your clients and allows you to reach out to more people and generate conversions. Without excellent content, you can alienate even your loyal customers and fail to market even the most innovative products. High-quality content, conversely, allows you to show off your products in the best light. So, if you’re interested in learning the best content marketing strategies to showcase your brand, keep reading below.

  • Build Backlinks

There are numerous ways to market your content, but having a solid backlink profile is one of the most effective. A cohesive backlink strategy is one of Google’s top 3 ranking factors, so this should be your first consideration when designing a content marketing strategy. High-quality backlinks can help you show off your brand as well-reputed and well-reviewed, giving you points with clients and search engine algorithms alike. Furthermore, backlinks on various websites can help you attract a great deal of organic traffic. However, it’s important to note that you need backlinks from authoritative, relevant websites, and they shouldn’t be paid. 

Earning backlinks may be a lot simpler than it seems. One of the best ways to make backlinks is by identifying unlinked mentions. Many people may talk about or review your products without linking back to your website. You can use brand monitoring tools to find unlinked mentions and add links to those posts. Furthermore, you can conduct a link gap analysis to identify web pages that link to your competitors but not you. These are just a few ways you can build a cohesive backlink strategy and show off your content.

  • Video Marketing

In a way, marketers have a lot more on their plates than they did just a few short years ago. Earlier on, text posts were a practical and helpful way of content marketing, as you could give your clients all the information they needed on your brand. However, block text walls can be incredibly overwhelming for readers and can immediately put them off. Customer engagement is more complicated than ever before, and most people start to lose focus after a mere 8 seconds. With global attention spans decreasing, you need to figure out better ways to keep your customers hooked.

Video marketing is an incredibly effective content marketing tool that lets you inform your clients without boring them. Customers now have a wealth of information and content surrounding them from all sides, which is why only the best content captures their interest. Videos are catchy and memorable and can help you draw in audio, visual, and textual learners. Besides keeping customers engaged, video marketing is an excellent way to gain more organic traffic, as clients are likelier to share videos than text. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media may easily be the biggest market to infiltrate for any niche. More than 2 million people sign up on social media networks each day globally, giving you a potentially infinite number of clients to access. Furthermore, the connections you make on social media are long-lasting, and you can learn a lot about your clients too. Clients prefer interacting with brands with a solid social media presence as it helps the brand seem much more legitimate. Furthermore, social media allows you to highlight your best products beautifully.

Before picking a social media platform, however, make sure to do thorough research regarding which platform would suit you best. Each platform attracts different users. For example, Instagram is more suitable for beauty, fashion, or food businesses. Facebook is better for companies looking to attract clients to their services, and Pinterest is better for photography or art businesses. Picking the right social network can make it much easier for you to tailor your content to your audience’s needs.

  • Relevant, Original Content

Clickbait is easily one of the most off-putting ways of marketing your content. It can drastically impact the trust clients have in your website and can instead make your brand seem shady and irrelevant. Customers now want to engage with only well-thought-out, cohesive, relevant content that offers them something valuable. They want to see your brand personality reflect in everything you publish, especially your content. Copying the latest viral headlines and topics can make your website seem spammy and can lower your authoritativeness.

Furthermore, clickbaity headlines may get you clicks, but they will also get you a high bounce rate. As more and more people leave your website, your rankings are sure to plummet. So, instead of testing out these shady tactics, offer clients relevant content to solve their problems. 

  • Collaborations

Sometimes all you need to make your products fly off the shelves is a stamp of approval from an industry expert. Collaborations are an excellent way to penetrate your targeted niche deeper, as you pair up with an expert and get access to their followers. Collaborations aren’t just limited to social media. Rather, you can collaborate over podcasts, videos, or even blog posts. Collaborations can allow potential clients to learn more about your brand from a trusted source, which can be incredibly lucrative.

Furthermore, you can also collaborate with other brands in your niche which aren’t your direct competitors. Developing a new product together is an excellent way of showcasing your creativity and making friends in the industry too. Collaborations can, overall, help you improve not just your content but your products and services too.


Digital marketing can seem like an immensely challenging area to master. Still, it doesn’t have to be so if you follow these tips. These strategies will help you keep your clients engaged with your brand for a long time to come. Furthermore, they will help you develop evergreen content that stays relevant over a long time and gives you greater conversions.

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