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Potential Careers For Applied Behavior Analysis Graduates

We meet and intermingle with different people every day as our colleagues, friends, family members, or even strangers. We all expect friendly and welcoming behaviour from everyone we meet. Some make you feel comfortable when they meet you, while some people make us feel like not meeting or seeing them again. When we talk about behaviour, it encompasses our verbal and non-verbal gestures while talking to someone. Every office has one of those employees who are either isolated or brooding most of their days. The psychological definition of behaviour says that it is a reaction towards external stimuli or events. 

When we achieve a milestone, we feel happy and delighted. We have different behavioural moods when we are delighted. If we do not like something, our reaction or behaviour will be different. External stimuli like weather, an event, or anything that affects our emotions can change our behaviours. The way we behave has a lot to do with our feelings. At times we might not notice, but our behaviours can have a pathology involved. Behaviours tell a lot about our emotional and mental health. We see people getting frustrated and angry for no reason. They cannot seem to identify the reason behind it. Instant changes in our behaviours can point towards an underlying cause that can hinder our daily activities in the longer run. 

Like mental health, behaviour issues also have a solution. Once we identify the emotions causing a particular behavioural pattern, we can control its intensity. We need a professional’s help to understand the wide range of our feelings and how it affects our behaviours. Counsellors and behaviour analysts can help in overcoming troubling emotions and degrees. 

Do you have an ABA online degree and are thinking about how to utilize it effectively? Here is how you can put your degree to use. 

  • Special Education Assistant 

As a behaviour analyst, you can be tremendously helpful in special education settings. behaviour analysts mostly get to work with children having autism. A behaviour analyst with experience in dealing with a kid with autism or any other developmental disabilities can pursue a successful career as a special education assistant. You can work in public or private school settings focusing on children with special needs, or you can work in residential facilities. These assistants do not teach children but help parents understand their children’s behaviours and feel better. Children with troubling behaviours can get triggered easily. Making parents aware of the triggers can help in controlling the behaviour changes. 

  • Behaviour Analyst Consultant 

As a behaviour analyst consultant, you will need to utilize all the skills and expertise of a full-time behaviour analyst. The only difference in this career pathway is that you get to enjoy the flexibility of working hours. As a behaviour consultant, you can work in legal settings to analyze criminal behaviours or school settings to identify the behavioural patterns of kids with autism or ADHD. A behaviour analyst consultant can explore various opportunities to excel and make transitions within their field. They share their expert opinions with counsellors or psychologists to help with developmental disabilities and other behavioural problems.

  • Clinical Director 

As a clinical director, your job will entail overseeing a team of clinicians and analysts working in various settings. These directors are responsible for leading their teams and developing strategies and plans for individuals with behaviour issues or other developmental disabilities hindering their daily life. They analyze and monitor their team’s performance, train them accordingly, and mentor the team’s new members. Clinical directors can also collaborate with other organizations working on behaviours and mental health disorders to devise better therapies and treatments. 

  • Wellness Coach

A behaviour analyst can also pursue their career as a wellness coach, helping people identify their skills and potentials. We all feel stuck or question ourselves what we can do best or the purpose of our lives. No matter how outstanding or exceptional we are, we always look for that one click that can make us feel that we have found what we searched for our entire life. We pursue different careers, but we don’t feel happy or passionate about the work we do. A wellness coach helps such people overcome the roadblocks, either physical or mental, blocking their path towards success or finding their proper niche. 

  • School Psychologists

School-going kids are more prone to emotional turmoil resulting from bullying or any other trauma. Kids are sensitive, and a simple, even like a teacher’s loud voice, can instil fear in them. Behaviour analysts can be the best school psychologist as they have a better understanding of behaviours and their impact on emotional health. They can also train and guide teachers to handle kids in a specific way that are already struggling with some trauma or troubling emotions. 


Understanding behaviours requires detailed knowledge and expertise to sense any pathology that can lead to mental health disorders. Troubling emotions can stimulate some negative behaviour that can affect our social and emotional well-being. A behaviour analyst can help us understand our emotions’ impact on our behaviours and how they can turn into toxic behaviours. A degree in applied behaviour analysis can get you into diverse career pathways based on your experience, knowledge, or expertise. A career as a behaviour analyst or in the relevant field is rewarding as you ease the issues that bother people and make their lives difficult.

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