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What are the 3 Great Benefits of Deleting PDF Pages Using A Website?

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and this is a fact that all people are already aware of. This is also the case with creating documents for all purposes, which is why there is an option where you could edit or delete pages in a file. Unfortunately, some mistakes could no longer be corrected and could only be deleted or removed instead, such as PDF pages. Since the contents of a PDF are difficult, if not impossible to edit, most of the time the only way to go is to delete a page that contains the error. 

There are many ways to remove pages from a PDF document, and each of them has its advantages and shortcomings. But using a website to perform this process is the most overlooked method yet the one with the most benefits. This article seeks to explain the advantages of using a website to delete PDF pages compared to other methods. 

Delete PDF Pages From Any Device or Browser Easily

Because many websites that allow users to delete PDF pages contain cloud-based technologies, it is easier and more accessible to perform this process using them compared to other methods, such as using special software like Adobe Acrobat Reader or even converting the PDF file to Word, deleting the unnecessary page or making edits, and then converting the file back to PDF. This is because you can access such websites in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or even Safari for iOS devices on an Android or iOS device or even on a computer running on either Windows, macOS, or even Linux and ChromeOS. Since you can delete PDF pages using websites on any device, you can do this anytime and anywhere, as long as you have your device, your PDF document, and an Internet connection with you.

This is different compared to Adobe Acrobat, which you can also use to delete PDF pages. For the most part, Adobe Acrobat needs to be installed on either a Windows computer or an Android device before you could use it to delete pages from your PDF documents. Another process of converting the PDF file into Word before deleting the page and then converting the file back to PDF could be tedious, and it would also involve the use of either an online file converter or even special software such as Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Because of this, using a website to delete PDF pages is not only simpler and more convenient but also more accessible.

No Need to Sign In or Create an Account to Delete PDF Pages

Another advantage of using a website to delete PDF pages is that you would not have to sign in or create an account to use them. This is an advantage since it makes the process simpler, faster, and more accessible. Aside from this, you also do not have to pay any subscription fee to avail of their services, and you only need to have an Internet connection for you to access them. 

It is different compared to using another method for deleting or removing pages on a PDF document, notably Adobe Acrobat Reader. Unlike most websites that allow users to delete PDF pages, you would need to sign in or even create an Adobe account before you could use the app or software on either your computer or mobile device. It may not seem much of an inconvenience, but removing this step still ensures faster and easier deletion of PDF pages, something that websites could offer. 

Safely and Securely Delete PDF Pages

Compared to using Adobe Acrobat Reader or even other methods for this process, using a website to delete PDF pages may seem for a variety of reasons for most people. This is due to the possibility of documents being hacked by cybercriminals during the page deletion process, as hackers often lurk around networks, especially public Wi-Fi and other unsecured networks. While these fears are not completely baseless, many websites have considered this threat and with seriousness by several means. 

One of these ways is to create a Privacy Policy that provides guidelines and legal definitions to those who will use the website. This privacy policy also gives further assurance to the users of the website that their data will be protected and will not be used for any purposes other than removing pages from their PDF documents. Another thing that many websites do to ensure the safety and security of the PDF page deletion page is that they remove the document from their servers around an hour after the process. This ensures that cybercriminals will not be able to implant any malware or viruses on the file, especially after the page deletion process, where the result will normally be downloaded. 


Deleting PDF pages may not seem to be a task that people do often compared to converting one file format to another. But that doesn’t mean it should be considered unimportant. Like in many other things, people make mistakes on documents, and such errors would either need to be corrected or removed completely if editing them would not be possible. There are many ways to delete PDF pages, and there are also several websites on the Internet that offer such a service. Each of these methods has its own merits and demerits, and their advantages would be best maximized when used in a certain situation. Each website that offers a PDF page deletion service also has features other than the ones mentioned earlier in this article. 

But among the several websites that allow users to delete PDF pages, one of the websites that stand out for several reasons is gogoPDF. For one, it only takes a few steps to delete PDF pages using this website, and you can delete a single or even multiple pages with gogoPDF. Aside from that, gogoPDF could also accommodate large PDF files, and you can be sure that your documents will be safe with them as the website deletes them an hour after being processed for deletion. These things make gogoPDF a reliable and convenient partner for your document needs, be it converting different file formats to PDF or vice versa, as well as deleting unnecessary pages from a PDF file.

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