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Mac Startup Programs

Mac startup programs are programs that automatically start on your computer when you turn it on. Generally, the longer you use your Mac, the more startup programs appear on it. But you should know that a big number of Mac startup programs slows down your system performance. To find out how to stop apps from starting on Mac startup, keep reading this article.

Types Of Startup Programs On Mac

Before we start, let’s figure out the types of items that run automatically when you start your Mac:

  1. Applications login items are small modules inside programs that enable the automatic auto-launch of the programs on user login. These modules can’t be deleted, you can only disable them. This can usually be done in the program’s Preferences.
  2. User login items are another type of module that helps to automatically run apps on Mac startup or user login. User login items can be changed in the System Preferences of macOS. You can disable or enable any app to automatically run when you log in.
  3. Launch agents are special text files of programs that help to automatically run the external program’s processes on user login. Such processes work in the background and their files are usually saved in system hidden folders. Launch agents are the files that can be used by several applications, for example, different apps of Adobe Creative Cloud can use common launch agents.
  4. Launch daemons are another type of hidden files that contain scripts to automatically manage system service processes. The launch agents are loaded on system startup and track processes for every Mac user.

Having a lot of startup programs can significantly decrease your Mac performance. That’s why we recommend that you take control of them. Read on to learn how to stop apps and processes from running on a Mac startup.

How To Disable Mac Startup Programs?

As you already know different types of startup programs are used for different programs’ tasks. In the macOS, only the user login items can be manually changed.

All types of startup programs (launch agents, applications login items, and system daemons) depending on the situation can be turned off differently. For example, some Mac Startup Programsapps` startup programs may be disabled only by changing options in apps` Preferences, but sometimes these options are hidden. That is why you can turn them off by using the Terminal application or with the help of a special uninstaller tool, such as App Cleaner & Uninstaller. By reading this article you can learn how to disable and change different types of startup programs.

Mac Startup ProgramsTo disable user login items you should open System Preferences and go to the Users & Groups section. In the opened window switch to the Login Items tab.

Then you should click the Lock button to make changes to your startup programs list.

Once the changes are allowed, simply uncheck the boxes next to the apps you want to disable from starting automatically.

How To Turn On User Login Items?

Mac Startup ProgramsTo enable new user login items you should again open the Login Items tab in your System Preferences and click the Lock button to allow changes. After that click Plus. In the opened window choose the applications you need and click the Add button.


You can also use the Dock to customize which apps to be opened at log-in. If your app has an icon in the Dock panel, right-click on it and choose from the drop-down menu Options Mac Startup Programsthen Open at Login command.

We explained how to manage login items of apps and stop them from auto-launch, but what about other types of startup programs? How to disable launch agents and launch daemons? Read on to learn how.

An Easy And Quick Way To Change Startup Programs

If you are having glitches with startup objects and the applications run spontaneously without being checked in the System Preferences, then give a try to an online free App Cleaner & Uninstaller software that will allow in file extension management, involving launch agents and daemons. Such software finds various types of startup programs on Mac and permits you to disable or enable them easily without much hassle. 

  1. Launch the App Cleaner & Uninstaller application.Mac Startup Programs
  2. Switch to the Startup Programs tab.
  3. Find the apps you want to disable from starting at login and switch their toggle buttons.


With the application, it is also possible to remove some startup items on Mac. To do this you have to choose launch agents from the list and click the Remove option.

Mac Startup Programs

But please, before removing login items, first make sure that you will not need them anymore. 

With App Cleaner & Uninstaller you can also remove service files, uninstall apps completely and manage extensions. You can also choose the best Mac app uninstaller for you by reading this comparison article.


In this article, we described to you how you can take control of startup and login items. Use the manual way or try a special tool App Cleaner & Uninstaller for this. It is up to you. Just stop them to make your Mac run faster.

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