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Convenient Ways to Repair PDF Files Using Online Recovery Software

Are you having trouble with your PDF files? If yes, you need to determine how you should fix it right! PDF files are one of the essential features of compiling and converting files. PDFs are essential for an executive file’s security and credibility. 

Adobe developed PDF or Portable Document Format in 1990 using a programming language called PostScript. This format wraps up several components, including images, text, vectors, and others. 

These components are significant so that the document will appear with the desired layout. Using the PDF format allows sharing the file in different major operating systems. 

It offers more raised level security to reports diverged from various courses of action. Stage self-sufficiency, free watcher applications, secret expression confirmation, etc., are multiple attractions of this action course. 

Because of these advantages, this is perhaps the most standard plan for document sharing. On the off chance that you are perusing this article, I wager you experience difficulties fixing a mistake on your PDF records. On the off chance that that is the situation, I couldn’t imagine anything better than sharing the various ways to fix your PDF records’ blunders.

Want to know how to fix your PDF Files? Keep reading! 

Ways to Repair PDF File

Using GogoPDF

GogoPDF is an online tool you can use to repair PDF files. All you have to do is follow the simple steps.

  • Upload the corrupted or damaged PDF files onto the GogoPDF page. Use the official website.
  • Upon uploading, the online tool will implement the recovery process within a few minutes. 
  • But if malware or virus caused the damage, it would make the process longer.
  • After completing the process, you can download the PDF file recovered to your computer or smartphone.

Using a recovery toolbox

If you notice your PDF file is damaged or corrupted, there are several options to repair it. There is also a tool that you can use if ever that you have trouble opening your PDF files; if you want to know how to fix these errors, here’s a tool that may help you a lot. One is using a recovery toolbox.

  • Download and install your chosen Recovery Toolbox software and run it.
  • Look for the name of the damaged PDF file and let the toolbox repair it. 
  • After the process, save the file. 

The recovery Toolbox helps to repair the damaged PDF file. Otherwise, your file will remain unreadable. Choose a recovery toolbox that offers valuable features such as

  • The tool can restore the damaged PDF documents
  • It must support the recovery of PDF files regardless of the size and versions
  • Must feature a proprietary core that can level up to advanced analysis of documents and powerful fixing methods
  • Can save a recovered data into a newly formatted PDF file
  • Supports compressed and uncompressed recovered PDF files
  • It must be compatible with all significant Windows program 
  • Must have a viewer tool for PDF

How to Fix Corrupt PDF files? 

Now you already know some reasons your PDF Files get corrupted. Here are some primary ways on how to fix corrupt PDF Files:

Restore the previous file version

Do you know how to restore your last PDF file? If not, this process may help you a lot. Here is the step-by-step process on how to restore your previous PDF File: 

  1. Browse to the location/path at the location of the corrupt PDF document.
  2. Right-click on the file.
  3. Select Restore previous versions.

Re-establishing records to the past can save you from the beginning with no preparation. Yet, what goal would you think of if you’ve attempted all the workarounds as of now? However, nothing has been demonstrated to help.

Convert the PDF file 

Want to edit the PDF file that you have saved? You can still do that by just doing the tips below: 

  1. First, you need to find the PDF file from your computer/document folder or any other storage to save your file.
  2. Next is right-click your PDF File and select the word “OPEN WITH.”
  3. Options will appear; just click “Microsoft Word/Word.”
  4. When prompted, just click “Ok” and click “Enable Editing/Edit” on the top corner of the window.
  5. After editing, click the “Save As” option, and you may save it as a word or any other file that you want your PDF file to be converted.

Why Do Your PDF Files Get Corrupted? 

Before we discuss how you can fix your PDF files, you must know some primary reasons your PDF files get corrupted. Here are some reasons:

Download issues

File downloads that are incomplete or failed can corrupt PDF files, and it happens due to unstable Internet services.

Hard drive or storage device failure

The hard drive or capacity for media disappointments can happen because of many reasons like an electrical short out, unnecessary equipment warming, openness to water, and so on.

Issues during file transfer 

While moving the record starting with one PC then onto the next through a USB drive or link, the odds of PDF document debasement exist. This is because of reasons like the direct launch of capacity media from the framework or abrupt evacuation of move medium before the exchange was finished.

Power Failures and Improper Shutting Off

Inappropriate framework closures and force disappointments can interfere with record moves and downloads and ruin PDF documents. The abrupt application that exists additionally can cause such issues.

Outdated Adobe Reader of Corrupted PDF Files

It’s annoying when you’ve been saving your PDF file and yet it is not working, that’s why I love to share an important thing that you should consider to address this problem.

Outdated Adobe Reader of Corrupted PDF Files is one of the primary reasons your files are acting up; to do this, make sure that your Adobe Reader is up to date and your PDF file is not corrupted. 

If you already upgrade your Adobe reader to the latest version, try to determine if the PDF File is working by trying to open it. Last, always make sure that the default program is in Adobe Reader or Acrobat.


There are various ways to repair PDF files, but always choose the option that would work best for the issue of your file. Be sure to check out GogoPDF.com because this trustworthy website will surely help out with any of your PDF-related problems!

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