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The Mother Company: Samantha and Abbie’s Startup Funding Story

Samantha Kurtzman-Counter and Abbie Schiller commenced to set up a media firm for kids. At the time when their kids entertained themselves by playing in the park, they looked for suggestions from their parents while they were building their product. 

Their casual surveys rang a bell with the parents. Subsequently, they turned into investors in The Mother Company, an LA-based firm that provided a set of programs and books for kids. 

According to an email statement by Abbie Schiller, The Mother Company was able to collect around $500,000 as funding via playground social occasions arranged for kids for playing together.

The success story of The Mother Company  

Samantha Kurtzman-Counter and Abbie Schiller were mothers with a steadfast objective to assist parents to nurture good human beings. They were high school pals who got reunified with a shared mission for giving a new definition to broadcasting time: for generating media for children that are advantageous for them and would assist in boosting teachings that set the groundwork necessary for a contented and vigorous life.   

The Mother Company was launched on a very special day, Mother’s Day in 2010. The first notable achievement by The Mother Company was the launching of the TV show “Ruby’s Studio” for children. Since its coming to the fore, Ruby’s Studio went on to win hearts across the globe on social media platforms like Amazon, Netflix, PBS affiliates, and YouTube together with their eleven prizewinning books for kids.

It is worth mentioning that Ruby’s Studio won an Emmy Award for the Best Kid’s Series in 2016. Since then, The Mother Company has joined hands with Flower Films of Drew Barrymore and Entertainment One (eOne) for creating useful content for present-day kids and teenagers. 

The Mother Company operates with top-ranking professionals to overcome various difficulties that they come across daily. They have started a series for aiding parents to tackle the pandemic crisis that is shown every week. 

The non-profit-seeking division of the company, The Mother Company Foundation, created the opening installment for the multi-lingual publications for the age group of 2-6 years. This turned out to be beneficial for a total of 11,000 kids in ex-pat hubs and headstart schemes in Mexico and California. 

The most admired publications of The Mother Company like Miles are the Boss of His Body and When Miles Got Mad to continue to be sold like hotcakes. In the meantime, the organization is putting maximum effort into bringing up the kids in the best possible way. 


The Mother Company is a media firm that creates Internet, television, and fictional content for household viewing. The headquarters of The Mother Company is located in Los Angeles, California. It is a family-oriented media firm generating superior quality cross-platform content for kids and provides professional resources to aid parents. The speciality of this company is that it is established, financed, and operated by moms.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of the company, Abbie Schiller served as a PRO. She also was the vice president of Kiehl’s LLC and ABC (The American Broadcasting Company). She joined hands with her classmate Samantha Kurtzman-Counter and nominated her as the president of the company. Previously, Samantha acted as a producer and director with shows on various channels like CBS, ABC, Vh1, NBC, the Disney Channel, and MTV. On Mother’s Day, a particular day dedicated to mothers around the World, 2010, the launch of the company took place. Jointly, Kurtzman-Counter and Schiller are deemed as mothers to transform amusement for kids

While looking for financing the business, Schiller at first contacted angel investors. The reason behind this move was that angel investors were ready to provide her over double the amount Schiller required. She also turned down bids extended by three separate conventional investment firms. Rather, Kurtzman-Counter and Schiller offered their venture to mothers in the park, birthday bashes, and academic occasions. They did this ahead of setting up a niche cluster of private financiers in and near LA.  

They could find over 20 investors and barring just one, all of them were mothers. Since then, the founders of the company have maintained majority dominance. 

The basic product of The Mother Company, Ruby’s Studio, has been tailored to amuse teenagers. At the same time, this academic TV show also aids them to grow the necessary emotional quotient (EQ) and pro-social abilities. In Ruby’s Studio show, Kelsey Collins, enacting the role of Ruby, educates kids while they delve into the day-to-day social-emotional difficulties via Do-It-Yourself handicraft projects, animation, and creative music. Ruby is a live-action program host in this popular show. Besides, kids are familiarized with feelings via graphic, recreated, and melodic section supplements. Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band and famous kid’s artist Elizabeth Mitchell are highlighted as musical invitees here. 

In its fund-raising efforts, The Mother Company collected an overall amount of $3.8 million in a single round. This is an unrevealed figure collected in August 2013.

Growth and Production

The Mother Company has entered into a growth pact with eOne, also known as Entertainment One Ltd., a Canada-based transnational entertainment house, for creating live-action content for young children (pre-teens and teens). The initial two ventures have been decided by the two entities according to the deal. The first one is going to be founded on Howard Wallace, PI. It is written by Casey Lyall and is the 1st in a series of three books. The second one will be centered on The Lost Girl authored by Anne Ursu. The executive producer for both these projects is Flower Films of Drew Barrymore, the famed Hollywood actress. The vice president of Television and the Scripted Development Team of eOne, Amanda Bowman Gerisch is ready to go for the collaboration.

Awards and Recognitions

This LA-based firm’s products, namely the companion book collection and Ruby’s Studio have achieved several awards and recognitions. 

In 2016, Ruby’s Studio: The Siblings Show achieved the NATAS Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Children’s Show. 

Other awards and accolades are the following:

  • Various Creative Child Awards such as DVD of the Year 2012 and DVD of the Year 2013
  • Smart Media Awards and Choice Smart Book by Academic
  • Parent’s Choice Foundation Gold Award
  • Coolest Kids Flick Award from Red Tricycle
  • National Parenting Publication Awards
  • And the esteemed 2014 Cynopsis Kid’s Imagination Award

The name of the Mother Company has come to the limelight via journals like Forbes, People, Examiner.com, and also on regional news television channels throughout the nation. Through these distribution channels and media, The Mother Company is sharing their valuable instructions and morals of their products and providing appropriate advice to the parents. Evaluation of all their products has taken place and periodicals like the following have endorsed them:

  • People 
  • Parents.Com 
  • Style Cartel 
  • Common Sense Media 
  • and School Library Journal

The success story of The Mother Company’s commercial venture and its tactical triumph has drawn the attention of media magnets like Entrepreneur, MSNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg.

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