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Multimedia Software – Top 3 Must-Haves For Your PC

adobe photoshopThe term multimedia has become intricately involved in our daily lives today. If you like listening to songs on your mobile phone while on a drive, watching movies or television series on your laptop on weekends, or are into using apps to edit your pictures before posting them on social networking sites, you are already using some multimedia software or the other.

A multimedia file refers to any file that involves an integration of more than one media. ‘Media’ here refers to information that takes the form of photos, videos, or images. Therefore a multimedia file can include audio, video, image, or a combination of any two or more of these.

What is a Multimedia Software?

windows media playerMultimedia software is an application that helps you play such files on your computer. Some popular examples of such software are adobe photoshop, windows media player, WMV files, AVI video, and VLC media player. If you want to enjoy playing multimedia files on your device without any hindrances, read this article to find out which is the best multimedia software available at the moment. 

With the evolution of technology, various fields have incorporated the use of multimedia for ease of expression. Multimedia software is used in a large number of fields. From office presentations to school assignments, multimedia software can be made to serve a large variety of purposes. This is because through multimedia software thoughts can be expressed in a more organized and efficient manner. The use of audio, graphics, and text can enhance a presentation making it much more effective than a simple visual one. As such, choosing the best multimedia software for yourself is absolutely necessary as good software makes creating and editing files much easier.

There is numerous multimedia software available for you to choose from. However, before making your choice, you must know for sure what your specific requirements are. On the other hand, a multimedia server software is one that stores media like audio, images, and video in the digital format, and allows you to access and stream it over a network. Such software is becoming increasingly popular. As such, choosing one software as the best multimedia server software is a difficult job. 

1) VLC Media Player

VLC media playerWhen it comes to playing different types of multimedia files, there is no software that can beat the VLC media player. Demand for high-quality videos that consume less storage is getting higher every day. With that prospect in mind, different formats of videos are being created to meet the changing demands of the consumers. Neither are Mp3s the only format of audio anymore. The music connoisseurs of today prefer experimenting with the .wav and .m4a formats also. The VLC media player is the most versatile multimedia player which has been dominating the multimedia software market for a long time.

It can play MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, FLV, AVCHD, F4V, MKV, SWF, WEBM, HTML5, and various other formats. You can download the VLC media player from the official website of the app without paying any fee. Despite being free software, the quality of service that this software provides is comparable, and at times, even better than many premium ones. 

More about VLC media player

The VLC media player comes from a company titled VideoLAN project. The purpose of this company has always been to provide easy-to-use and interesting software. VLC comes with numerous useful features like the auto-rotate, loop, forward, backward, increase or decrease speed, subtitle finder, etc. Along with PC, you can also download other formats of the application, including VLC media player for mac, android, and iOS. VLC is also available for mobile devices.

The new versions will automatically go to the timestamp from which you left. All these features make VLC truly the best multimedia software. So do not hesitate to just go to the VLC media player website and download the version that suits your platform best. 

2) Adobe Photoshop

One of the best multimedia server software available in the market at present is the Adobe system. The Adobe system includes multiple software for playing, editing, and manipulating media and documents. Adobe Photoshop is an editing and graphics designing software of the Adobe system. It is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. Depending on the quality of the processor this software can provide you with the best photo editing experience. Adobe Photoshop has been very famous since the 90s. It remains the most used photo editing software in the world to this date. Thanks to the popularity of this app, the term ‘Photoshop’ has become an inseparable part of the English language now. 

best multimedia softwareAdobe Photoshop elements are so versatile and carefully instructed that this software automatically becomes the best photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop supports each and every type of image file. Added to this is the fact that it has distinct file formats with extensions of PSB and PSD. PSD images can store all the layers and are editable on any device that has Photoshop. That is why while discussing which is the best multimedia software that you must have on your computer, including Adobe Photoshop was a must for obvious reasons.

More about Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a premium software. Although it costs a bit, it can deliver you premium features that no other photo editing platform has to offer. Adobe system also allows you to install Photoshop plugins to add additional features to your Photoshop. It can record images with ease, and even the ultra-high-resolution images are editable in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop comes in various versions suitable for low to high-range systems. Depending on your system’s capabilities you can download a free trial version of the software. If you find this multimedia software useful and accessible you can easily buy it online. 

3) Windows Movie Maker

Developed by Microsoft, this multimedia software is available for the Windows and Mac operating systems, but cannot be used on android devices. This software can assist you in creating videos and editing them. For a smooth experience of video editing, all you have to do is set your video on the timeline of this software. Windows movie maker can help you perform editing tasks like repositioning, splitting, replicating, and many others smoothly, without any hindrance at all. This software also offers you various editing styles that make the task of editing easy and fun.

download the VLC media playerEspecially if you are using a PC with Windows operating system, software like an image viewer, windows media player, and 3D painter come pre-installed. You can easily shuffle between this three software as you please. This makes the task easier. Another feature of windows movie maker which makes it one of the best multimedia software available at the moment is that you can save your file in any way you want without changing the original file at all. This means you will end up with both the edited and the original files once you are done with editing.

As new technology arrives every day, the number of smart and versatile multimedia software also increases. In this crowd, only a few stand out. The reason behind the immense popularity and success that these multimedia software command is the fact that they have proven themselves time and again. They have continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of consumers and artists. Thus they have undoubtedly become the best multimedia software. 

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