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3 Best Non Office Jobs: The Good & the Bad

One should not hesitate to admit that what is considered essentially “normal” in our society, often becomes pretty mundane for us. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you that, it is essential for you to intently like what you are doing. We understand that why are you doing 9 to 5 desk jobs, you are invariably bound by a strict routine that he required to follow daily. It is only natural to want to move to non-office jobs. Needless to mention, that this extensively rigid affair can cause a substantial amount of frustration in individuals.

In this context, it is also important to discuss that unless one currently enjoys the job that they are performing regularly as a means to make money, it is impossible to have properly functioning mental health alongside. Furthermore, the best quality work can only come out when the person doing it feels a certain degree of connection with it, which compels them to not make any compromise with the quality of work that they are doing. Hence, we need the best non-office jobs.

best non-office jobsAs per our opinion is concerned, we would always recommend doing what makes your heart happy. If you are thinking I don’t want to work in an office anymore what can I do, and you want to do away with all the mindless meetings that have lined up, or if you do not want to exchange words with your employer at all points, we recommend that you start considering alternative job options. The only twist this time would be that, you would not be looking for rigid nine to five jobs any longer. Instead, we would look for alternative non-office nine to five jobs, and discuss the pros and cons of them. Come; let us now begin to discuss Jobs, not in an office!

Need for Non Office Jobs: What are the 9-5 Job Problems?

Prior to going on to talking about the alternative non-office nine to five jobs that we can provide you with, in order to make a contrast that will be able to help you distinguish, we would quickly have a look at the activities that an office job typically involves:

  • Private agencies are like a machine of which you are only a small part. All you require to do is focus on the different ways of making a profit, which can get rather tiresome sometimes.
  • An office job typically requires an office environment in order for you to perform your job according to the expectations that the company has of you. This automatically implies a certain degree of compromises.
  • Jobs not in an officeYou always have to report to your boss which can lead to a great degree of discontentment in case you are not treated right by them, which makes you consider non-desk jobs.
  • Though your working hours should be from 9 to 5, more often than not you are insisted to stay back for some more work. This process drains you from within as your working hours expand. Even when you are at home, with the help of technology your office always stays connected to you.
  • Finally, you receive your salary at the end of every month, while also receiving a couple of insurance and retirement benefits.

Alternative non-office nine to five jobs

Now just alternatives that you can happily take up as your job option, we need to make sure that they do not require you to do the aforementioned things. Come let us now move on to the next section of our blog which will tell you about alternative non-office nine to five jobs:

  • Freelancing: 

non-desk jobsQuite understandably you are trying to go beyond the confines of your office job. One of the first options that you can consider as an alternative to your desk job is working as a freelancer. It is one of the most lucrative options out there in the market that makes it possible for you to put all your best skills together and perform excellently, however have a certain degree of flexibility attached to it. When you are working as a freelancer, you may have a host of customers or clients simultaneously. Be it the creative media be it writing or designing or even photographing, you can take up exactly the amount of work that you want to do. In our opinion freelancing happens to be one of the best non-office jobs.


  • In non-office jobs, you can filter your clients according to what suits you best.
  • You definitely do not require commuting to the office every single day, you can either have your own Home Office or walk from home as convenient.
  • Your employer does not tell you what to do all the time.


  • Non-desk jobs are not easy. Especially when you are doing this for the first time, it will take you a while to have clients who will have faith in you to provide you with a large number of works.
  • In the initial days, you may have to commute to places your client wants you to.
  • One problem with the finances is that many of these clients that you will work with will have a fixed rate to offer you, which will always seem non-negotiable.  As a freelancer who has just started, you may also come across requests to bring down your rates.
  • Entrepreneurship:

If you have so far wondered about I don’t want to work in an office anymore what can I do, Entrepreneurship can be an option for you. A number of us live with the dream of having our start-up, where we will be our only boss. Thus, when it comes to Alternative non-office 9-5 jobs we always recommend that you start your own business. One of the most important things about becoming an entrepreneur is that you will feel like a creator. Herein, you can have your own team who will work for you, and together you will give riseAlternative non-office 9-5 jobs to something which can bring you good amounts of profit.


  • You get to choose what you want to work on. Your business has to essentially be about something you are interested in.
  • You do not have to function within a given time anymore. Since you will be your own boss in non-desk jobs, you can freely choose the non-office job clients.
  • The profit depends on the bar that you set, given there is no intervention from shareholders. 


  • We know that business happens to be one of the best non-office jobs. In fact, when we talk about Jobs not in an office, business always seems the happiest and doable option. However, we have to remember that business involves both profit and loss, and there is always a possibility for the latter. 
  • As a new entrepreneur, there will be a great deal of work pressure on your shoulders. However, relentless work will bring In great results.
  • Given you will be your own master in this non-desk job, you will always have a tendency to procrastinate. 
  • Trying out a new sector: 

alternative non-office nine to five jobsWhen you are looking for non-desk jobs that can suit your needs perfectly, you cannot possibly miss the option of considering shifting the sector in which you have been working. Move to either an NGO job or make yourself a part of existing entrepreneurship. This alternative non-office nine-to-five job will have the atmosphere that you used to work in, however with unless her degree of rigidity.


  • One of the central advantages of this mode is that you will be able to retain a certain degree of familiarity.
  • You will have to be regular, which can help you maintain a basic balance.
  • You will get to explore yourself better than you could while you had an office job.


  • There will still be a fair amount of monotony involved in this non-desk job.
  • The pay might not always be according to your expectations.
  • You may have your own moments of frustrations akin to the ones that you had back in your office.


Here are some simple non-desk jobs for you to consider. When you want to go for non-office jobs, we hope you will think about the alternative non-office nine to five jobs, and choose the one suited best to your need, good luck!

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