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What Is A Digital Nomad? What Is Their Lifestyle?

A nomad is a wanderer. Before the discovery of the necessities of life, people wandered from one place to another to sustain their lives. It was an act of survival. The natural resources at one place would exhaust themselves and man would move on to the next location in search of food, water, and shelter. In today’s world, where technology has peaked and has left no stone unturned to make the confines of our world the most comfortable corners in the world, man is seen leaving, yet again. They seem to be in search of something as well. They have started calling themselves Digital Nomads. 

What is a Digital Nomad?

how to be a digital nomadDigital Nomad is a person who works virtually. They travel from one place to another, visit various cities and countries, yet work hard just enough to sustain themselves through it all. People who love traveling are usually struck by such an idea. They look for respite outside the four walls of their homes, out in the open. All they need is stable connectivity, their laptops, and a temporary location to work at. 

The location is, however, barely a problem. The digital nomads are known to work in all places. They can work at their comfortable hotels, or while having their breakfast at some café. They may even work while traveling on a plane. Depending on the kind of work they have chosen for themselves, their flexibility to work is realized. 

How to be a Digital Nomad?

To be a Digital Nomad, you have to break free from the traditional job structure. You cannot have a fixed workplace, or a boss to attend to. A digital nomad is a free spirit. They work on their own terms and choose their work accordingly. They are not answerable to a boss who needs them to either show up at the office at a regular interval or schedule meetings as per their whims. However, with the pandemic struck situation, since most work has been assigned as work from home, even people with traditional jobs have packed their bags and set out on a journey. 

digital nomad lifestyleThey are staying at different locations for as long as they want. Completing their jobs by the day, enjoying the locales by the night, is a refreshing experience. People could not have thought of such a situation had it not been for the outbreak of the pandemic. Restrictions on travel have been lifted, even though the offices and universities have not been given granted permission to regain normalcy. Taking advantage of the situation, even people who are in a traditional job set up have set out to take their chance, to lead few months of their lives as digital nomads. 

The digital nomads travel light so that they can easily access their laptops if a work-related emergency occurred. Even though they are usually not a part of the traditional job structure, they too have to meet deadlines, have meetings with the clients, and be accountable for their work delivery. 

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The nomadic lifestyle remains the same even to this date. Only with the added benefit of Science and Technology, you pack your bags, get a taxi to the airport and take a flight to the place you want to be. Travel has become convenient. Connectivity is no more an issue. Even if you are physically away from your workplace, you can keep on doing your work. You can take leave whenever you are tired, and take a long hard glance at the surrounding. 

digital nomad jobsdigital nomad cannot survive without his working gadget and stable connections. Even while he is submerged in the thoughts of wanderlust, he needs to get his work done to be able to bear his travel expenses. A digital nomad is not a nomad of the earlier days. He does not wander about looking for food, shelter, and protection. He knows exactly where he wants to be, and how he will be able to sustain himself. They sometimes settle in quaint parts of the world where the cost of living is not as high as in usual places. If someone enjoys being left alone, they usually go for the less populated corners of the world for as long as that does not mean compromising on their connectivity. 

The digital nomads usually have flexible work hours. They have a clear understanding of their clients, wherein meetings are flexible, working hours are flexible, and this does not even affect their pay rates. 

Digital Nomad Jobs

Given below is a list of 3 jobs that you can take up if you wish to be a digital nomad.

  • A freelancer: No matter where you are in the world, you can get in touch with your clients and fix up a schedule within which you will deliver your work. No matter how much you may have saved, you will never be able to sustain your living if you are not on a payroll. A freelance content writer, or graphic designer, or digital marketer is well suited as a digital nomad since they regulate their own availability to the client. Whether they want to take up work on a particular day is up to them, and they are not answerable to any authority for not having taken up work. This agency of freedom as a freelancer can enablewhat is a digital nomad them to travel and work at the same time.
  • A Virtual Tutor: If you are comfortable with teaching online, and your target audience is comfortable with such a setup, virtual tutoring could be a mode of income while leading your life as a digital nomad perfectly. The classes can be made flexible according to both the party’s convenience. However, this will need impeccable network services. As a tutor, you need to stay connected with your students for as long as the class goes on.
  • A Food Blogger or a Travel Blogger: These are professional nomads who travel across the world. Also, they receive payment for having done so. They try new food, visit new places every day, and this is how they generate income. The pictures and experiences they share on their blogs reach millions of people, which become their primary source of income. After having a substantial reach, they gain the name of Influencers. Bloggers influence the life choices and tastes of the people viewing them. They inspire people to break out of their chains and experience newness on a daily basis. They are the digital nomads in the truest sense. 


digital nomad jobsThe life of a digital nomad can be tempting. It comes with its own hardships. In case a client stops subscribing to their services due to lack of communication, they face a major setback. However, most of them have weighed their options well, and taken a calculated decision. They reach for the high-paying clients so that they can work as well as have their vacation while on the vacation. If you want to be a digital nomad, check out the professions you can try!

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