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Human Evolution And The Missing Link: Where Have We Come Today?

It is no secret that man is a constantly evolving being. We are aware of how this human evolution followed a particular process so as to bring to the fore the Homo sapiens who in two days’ time look perfect. A lot of people tend to ask this question that did humans evolve from apes. Well, we would like to tell you yet another time that the predecessors, the human ancestors that we have had, definitely shared space with the primates who are the Dryopithecus.

We sincerely believe that the theory of the survival of the fittest as proposed by Charles Darwin is what made it possible for the Homo sapiens to outshine every other species and become a rational animal today. A lot of people say that we have directly descended from the apes, however, it is actually incorrect. In this article, while tracing the history of human evolution, we will also largely try to spot the link gone missing between humans, and apes.

What/Who is the Missing Link? 

 did humans evolve from apesCharles Darwin in his evolution theory talks about the family tree that any animal is supposed to have including human beings. Herein, comes out a very important aspect that there are several species that very closely coexisted in the time the Human evolution first started to begin. We often tend to put on a blanket, not taking cognizance of the existence of the conception entitled sister species

It is believed that, while going through the different stages of human evolution, we have ended up losing connections with our long-lost parents. As for the biologists are concerned, they consider this sneak peek into the prehistoric as LCA/ Last Common Ancestor theory, which speaks volumes about the human evolution timeline, and the threads that went missing in today’s time. However, for us common individuals, this is popularly known as the missing link. 

Who Identified the Roots of Human Evolution?

We, as human beings, have a general proclivity towards constantly referring to Darwin while talking about the evolution theory of humans. However, it is essential for us to remember that Darwin hardly engaged himself with this nuanced, complex dynamic of the stages of human evolution in his famous works. In fact, Thomas Henry Huxley, who also happened to be Darwin’s co-worker, is the one who has to be addressed when we are talking about the human evolution timeline. It was him, who first took cognizance of this evolutionary thinking in terms of periodization, which is responsible for the human hood of humans.

What is the Proposed Theory?

According to the precious opinion of Huxley, he focused solely on the structure of the human body first. As far as the anatomy is concerned, he said that humans are closest to the anatomy of gorillas and chimpanzees. Now the question is could they be our human ancestors? Bringing back the heart of all matters in the form of a question we ask did humans evolve from apes?

human ancestorsBiologists respond negatively to this. However, they are most certainly our sister species. With respect to human evolution, it is most definitely imperative to bring to your notice that Huxley himself could not identify which exactly among the gorillas or the chimpanzees could be pinpointed as the LCA. One does not need to mention that the phenomenal ideas as propounded by Huxley had a substantial amount of effect on the scientists who were working during the 19th century and the 20th century.

It is no secret that we are aware of how, scientists from these times merrily identified both the aforementioned categories as our sister species, in the light of stages of human evolution, and the final product that we see now. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are also other kinds of apes who also happen to share certain anatomical commonalities with humans.

Exciting Facts about the Human Evolution:

  • The very first fact that we ask people to consider while talking about human evolution is that we surely did not evolve from the apes would stop there is no direct connexion that apes and the Homo sapiens share, but there is of course a possibility that we may have had a shared ancestor. However, our ways of life differed in a great amount from our sister species, and we became a very different set of animals today. Following the different stages of human evolution, today, we are humans, the social animals.
  • Keep in mind that you are about 43% off the human representation of yourself. Only a part of your body is filled with human cells, while the other is full of several bacteria and microbes. While it is essential to know about our human ancestors, a little glance into the human anatomy is also essential.
  •  Are you aware of the concept of evolutionary remains? Recognizing the importance of the residual is really important. One cannot deny that treats are infectious and, can be present in humans across generations for thousands of years. Similarly, these traits being carried forward is particularly pertinent in the case of human evolution timelineanatomy as well. Did you know that with so many stages of human evolution, the purpose of certain organs present in the body also changes? For example, it is believed that our human ancestors used the appendix as their digestive organ. However, the Story is quite different today. It is essential to be able to make these distinctions as we take interest in the Story of human evolution!

Some more exciting facts:

  • We now want to tell you one of the most important things. In case you think that Darwin’s analysis about anything and everything is 100% accurate. Then you may as well be wrong. He is extremely popularly known for the proliferation of the many theories regarding evolution in his works. However, it is important for you to note that he does not largely work on human evolution, for that matter. He has left, in fact, a number of conceptions about the stages of evolution of human beings which have till date remained obscure.
  • Here goes a human evolution trivia that we want you to take note of. Like we know every civilization has its own origin Storey. However, have you ever considered the origin Story of species? As for the most popularly accepted notion across the universe, the species from which we hail is extremely old. Are you wondering about how old it might be? Well to your surprise our species, according to popular historians, is over 300,000 years old, approximately.
  • Finally, we would like to bring your notice to the fact that evolution, especially human evolution is a dynamic process, which is not over yet. We are evolving with each passing day. Our physiology and intellectual faculties go through a constant, enormous change. Even if it is not visually apparent today. One thing that we must keep in mind when we are dealing with a nuanced topic such as human evolution, is that evolution is not something that you can measure with naked eyes every day. It is a gradual process, which has the maximum amount of effect.

What is Humans Position Today?

stages of human evolutionAfter going through several stages of human evolution, we are today in a place from where we feel we are certainly the controller of this world. Furthermore, human beings are the most acceptable species with maximum intelligence. We undergo constant anatomical, psychological, intellectual development. We would never have been able to reside in a world dominated by technology.

It has been a very long journey for humans. From the time humans made stone weapons to an age where we have the capability to fight a pandemic. Also, we live with the maximum amount of digital and material comfort. However, take note of the hatred for the stagnation that our spices have shown to have since the neanderthal timeline! We are always looking to surpass our human ancestors and do better in life, in every aspect, and that is where the accomplishment of the process of evolution lies. 


Time has now come to conclude this blog which, so far, tried to discuss the many facts about our human evolution with you. We have learned that human evolution has not been an easy journey. Moreover, humans will continue to evolve in the future as well. Now we have the critical ability to think and function. Hence, we hope we are sensitive to ourselves, and the species around us. It is only then, that our human evolution will start to make much more sense. Good luck!

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