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Food Chain: A Common Concept! But, What’s Different?

It is no rocket science that any ecosystem, for that matter, is entirely dependent upon a specific play of power that concerns energy. When we are talking about the ecosystem and food chain involved with it, it is imperative to take account of the fact that energy always follows a particular direction. This progression and direction are particularly important in this discussion. In case you are wondering why we are saying this about the Ecosystem and food chain, we will now elucidate the matter further for you.  

top of the food chainWe all are aware that each organism in a given ecosystem needs food in order to thrive. It is only when that they can find their own food, they can surely contribute to the continuation of the maintenance of the balance of the ecosystem. The energy that we just talked about, is largely drawn from what food the organisms are accustomed to consuming. However, it is imperative for us to acknowledge that the central source of all energy in the ecosystem is invariably the presence of the sun. It is through the presence of sunlight that plants can perform photosynthesis, thereby adding more to the entire system.

It is important to understand what are producers in a food web, and why exactly one should place the secondary consumer at top of the food chain. As we proceed further with this article, we will take a look at the functions of a food chain, and the many ways of looking at it. Come on; let us now begin!

What Does a Food Chain Do? 

Of course, biologists have a very specific, scientific way of explaining how exactly the ecosystem and food chain functions. However, if we have to break it down to simpler terms, we would just say that a food chain ideally takes cognizance of the amount of energy that is required to produce nutrients for the different parties present at the food chain pyramid.

When we are talking about the food chain pyramid, it is imperative for us to attach sufficient importance to the existence of plants, and their role in feeding the herbivores of the food chain. All ecosystems and food chains are not of the same kind. We do acknowledge that a diversity of food chains exist on planet earth. For example, one certainly does not need to mention that the rainforest food chain and desert food chain are two different things, however dependent upon certain similarities in certain ways. When we are taking a close look at the different kinds of food chains, it is important to bring to the fore that even though different food chains require different energies, the central theory remains the same.

After the plants make adequate use of the sunlight to prepare their food, they sufficiently feed the herbivores present in the ecosystem and food chain. Does, to reiterate ourselves, we place the secondary consumer at the top of the food chain. It is after the herbivores are fed, the carnivores act as consumers in the food web. Darwin had mentioned the survival of the fittest is one of his cardinal works. If you give a thought, you will know that the entire ecosystem and food chain of different kinds is nothing, but an extended manifestation of the given theory.

Importance of the Producers, and the Several Kinds:

At the beginning of this article, we had mentioned the presence of a certain kind of energy that formulates the basis of the ecosystem and food chain. The central purpose of this energy is to travel from one place to the other and provide with the impetus to go on as the fittest residing within a particular system. It is imperative for people to understand what are Producers in a food web, and how in the end, it is all about the triumph of the consumer animals.

ocean food chainThere are several consumers in the food chain as we all are aware of. As a part of the ecosystem and the food chain, we invariably know about the primary and secondary consumers, and last but not the least, the food chain decomposers. It is essential to remember that the food chain decomposers are at the heart of the system, even after their microscopic presence at points.

Ecosystems and Food Chains Instances:

 As you have found us mentioning earlier, there are several kinds of food chains that exist on planet earth. Be it the ocean food chain, the rainforest food chain, or the desert food chain, the diversity is too huge to merely quantify in numbers. However, when we are talking about instances that carefully denote the various ways in which the food chain functions let us remember that why the meerkats can easily be placed at the top of the food chain at certain points, in certain other sorts of food chains, we can always take an example of the presence of the bird eagle.

It is strongly believed that a rather less complicated food chain in a given ecosystem, could be started with the presence of grass. It is important that you note, the primary consumer here is invariably the grasshopper who thrives on grass. They are preyed upon by the secondary consumers in a given ecosystem and food chain. This is more or less the process that each ecosystem and food chain follows. It is a cyclical pattern, which keeps repeating itself, thereby producing food for each living Organism in the system that we live in.

3 Important Points about the Ecosystem and Food Chain:

  • Did you know that the ecosystem and food chain is not blanket Phrase? There is a sheer diversity when it comes to the existence of different kinds of food chains within many folded civilizations, with many kinds of living organisms residing together.
  • It is due to the presence of the ecosystem and the food chain, the fittest to survive in a society constantly go through a process of struggle which makes them more fit to survive with each passing day. It is not rocket science to understand add what are producers in the food web will invariably decide the future of the ecosystem, And the consumer animals. Long as the ecosystem remains a part of the civilization, it will always push the living organisms into earning its source for energy.
  • The next most important thing about this topic is that it is due to the presence of the ecosystem and food chain that the universe happens to have a certain degree of balance. We know, that in such a vast civilization, it is impossible to survive without the right amount of balance. With respect to energy, does balance can only be ensured by the continuation of consumption as the ecosystem and food chain have conducted so far?


 what are producers in a food webIn conclusion, we would like to drive home the point, that our civilization is completely dark without the presence of ecosystem and food chains, which are the fundamental basis of it. However, we recommend that one should essentially have a certain degree of knowledge about the nuanced ways in which the ecosystem and the food chain functions. Of course, you do not need to be as aware as a biologist is about this topic. However, it is essential to understand that there is always a certain degree of power at play with respect to energy, when we are talking about what are producers in a food web, the consumer animals, and the future of the world.

As a responsible member of the society, who is invariably a part of this giant system, one must acknowledge the fact that they are intrinsically involved with this extremely intricate process of the survival of the fittest. One cannot possibly deny his own responsibility into being a sensible contributor to this entire system. Like we are aware, that there can be several candidates who can be placed at the top of the food chain, we are also aware that no other living Organism is as intelligent as the human species. Hence, as either active or passive contributors, we are supposed to ensure that we are doing our bit to live in a world, which will have enough production to sustain the several kinds of organisms present. We wish you the very best, thank you so much for having the patience to go through the blog!

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