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How to Choose the Right Coffee Set Up For Your Office

Choosing the perfect coffee machine for personal use at home is already difficult as it is, let alone choosing one for everyone at the workplace. Considering most of us start the day with a cup of joe to give us the fuel and motivation we need to get through the day, having the right coffee set up for your office is crucial. In today’s article, we have a look at some factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect coffee set up for the workplace, so read on to find out more! 

Demand vs Supply

One of the most important things to figure out when setting up the perfect workplace coffee station is to do a little math and figure out how many cups of coffee you’ll expect to go through daily. This, of course, greatly differs according to how big or small your team is and how often each member of staff enjoys a fresh brew. So, why exactly is figuring out the demand versus supply so important? Well, purchasing an oversized or an under-capacity coffee machine is a great way of wasting money and valuable resources. Most commercial coffee machines offer a variety of different solutions for businesses that range from 30 to 100 employees

Consider Brewing Type

Another important factor when it came to choosing the ideal workplace coffee machine is to think of the brew type. In other words, are you looking for a pod-based coffee machine, an instant coffee machine or something on the higher end which grinds its coffee beans for the office? In reality, either or will work for your employees, but if you find that your staff is used to barista-style coffee, then opting for a machine that grinds its beans and offers a superior brew is a surefire way to keep a smile on the faces of your employees. 

Rotate Your Beans

Even the best coffee can get boring (thanks to that dawn flavour fatigue that many of us suffer from), which is why keeping your beans on a rotation is always recommended. Consider using Tanzanian beans one week, followed by Central American and Indonesian beans in the following weeks, to give everyone a brand new taste that they can look forward to each week. 

Maintenance and Cleaning Time

Maintenance and cleaning time are important things to consider and are unfortunately often neglected in choosing the perfect workplace coffee machine. If your machine takes ages to clean between each brew, you can expect to find a long line at the coffee station every morning. This in turn may reduce productivity levels and can even result in some disgruntled employees who would rather head out to a local coffee shop for their morning cup of joe

Maintenance requirements are also something to look into, especially when you expect your machine to serve a crowd daily. We recommend doing your research on your machine of choice and taking some time to discuss the finer details with the manufacturer. 

Give Your Coffee Station Some “Flair”

Let’s be honest — most of us are suckers for anything that looks stylish and sophisticated, which is why we always recommend that managers take the effort to give the office coffee station some flair. You could do this in a variety of ways, some of which include displaying cookies, muffins and other treats that employees can enjoy with their cup of coffee, or even adding opinions such as tea leaves or bags for those who would rather a less caffeinated morning beverage. It doesn’t have to stop there, though — simple decorations or even a stack of the latest magazines are the ideal way to create an inviting and warm environment for all during their coffee break. 

Cater To Different Dietary Needs

Last but not least, the perfect office coffee setup caters to various needs. Considering the consumption of dairy has been on a steady decline in recent years, it is always wise to offer alternatives such as Soy, Oat or Almond Milk to cater to the widest audience possible. Similarly, offering sugar-free syrups and sweeteners is a great way to make the office coffee station more inclusive to those who may have specific dietary needs. 

And there you have it — everything you need to know to create the perfect coffee station at any workplace, regardless of how big or small your team is. After all, it’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee! 

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