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Best Business Books: Read Them Before Starting A Business

Before starting your own business it is necessary to gather more knowledge on it. The right techniques acquired from the best business books can lead a businessman to success. To build something new always takes time, hence it is necessary for a businessman to do some research beforehand for his company to flourish. These business books provide accurate measures and correct structure to excel in the business. Reading business books will guide you and help you transform the basic concepts into successful dreams.

List of the Top Business Books

best business booksOne of the measures taken by any successful businessman is the habit of reading. Ideas and concepts help one to grow creative and informative. Reading business books before and after starting a business builds up knowledge and gives a clear perspective towards it.


Recommendations of some of the best business books of all times are here:

  • “Business Adventures: twelve classic tales from the world of Wall Street” written by author John Brooks.

The noteworthy accounts and details are very reliable for gaining a better understanding of the difficulty of corporate life. As written by Bill Gates in his blog GatesNotes, that Warren Buffet had actually sent him his personal copy of the text to read. As said by Bill Gates that “Business Adventure” will forever be the best business book that he has ever read.

  • “The Intelligent Investor” was written by author Benjamin Graham.

One of the finest investment advisors, Benjamin Graham has been able to motivate people across the states. The text teaches investors to protect themselves from substantial mistakes and has been the Bible of the stock market ever since its publication in 1949.

  • “The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book that will change the way you do business” written by the famous business author Clayton M. Christensen is another example of the best business book

The author talks about both the success and failures of a few ruling Companies and uses them to guide and give a set of rules for obtaining profit on the phenomenon of undisciplined alterations.

A few more books: 

  • “The outsiders: Eight unconventional CEOs and the radically rational blueprint for success” Written by author William N. Thorndike.

top business booksIn this book, the author talks about the understanding of a successful career in investing, closely grading the performance of some companies and their leaders. “The Outsides” was the no.1 book on the recommended reading list in the Annual Shareholder Letter (2012) in Berkshire Hathaway.

  • “Good to great; why some companies make the leap and others don’t”, a book was written by the author Jim Collins; this book sheds light on the management plans and its practice.
  • “The Wealth of Nations” was written by author Adam Smith.

In this book, the writer talks about the roots of prosperity in England and the Netherland and puts forward economic theories about work, the nature of capital, and other concepts.

Best Business Books of 2020

Some of the Best books on business of the year 2020 are listed down below.

  • “The Real Business of Blockchain” by the authors David Furlonger and Christophe Uzureau is a highly praised book on business.

A book is written for business leaders from all fields. In this book, the authors throw light on how blockchain will influence and affect the business and how to make smart investments in the business.

  • “The connector manager: why some leaders build exceptional talent and others don’t” by author Jaime Roca and Sari Wilde.

The authors talk about the four categories of managers, what they do differently and why their techniques have a positive influence on their employees of the companies.

  • Another example of a great business book is “Business Data Science: combining best business books of all timeMachine Learning and Economics to optimize, Automate and Accelerate Business decisions” by the famous business author Matt Taddy.

In this book, the author talks about the use of machine learning and its importance to execute leading business data science. 

  • “The personal MBA: Master the Art of Business” by author Josh Kaufman.

One of the best business books of 2020, the author Josh Kaufman this book talks about not spending a lot of money on fancy business degrees, one can acquire all the qualities of a successful businessman by reading a single book. The book also highlights the techniques of marketing strategies and negotiating in a wonderful manner.

Books Recommended By Bill Gates, On Business

Some of the best books on business as recommended by Bill Gates are;

  • ‘Tap Dancing to work” by the author Carol Loomis is one of the best books for business.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have shared a strong bond for a long time. This is a book that compiles the articles of Buffet interwoven by his colleague Carol Loomis. This book points at how to evolve and develop the business to make it a success.

  • “Business Adventures” by author John Brooks.

One of the top business books ever written was “business adventures”. The book was recommended to Bill Gates by his good friend Warren Buffet. Buffet sent Bill Gates his own personal copy of the book and it still remains one of the best business books ever read by Bill Gates himself. 

  • “The ride of a lifetime” by author Robert Iger.

Bill Gates said that Robert Iger in this book has wonderfully given a detailed explanation of what it is actually like to be the CEO of a company.

  • “My years with General Motors” written by Alfred Sloan 

business booksFirst published in 1963, the book “My Years with General Motors” became a best-seller right after its publication. Also, it became an essential and important book to read for all aspiring businessmen. Hence, it is known to be one of the best business books of all time. It compiles the distinctive experience of a leader who led his company towards success and wealth. Thus, this book is highly recommended for all business tycoons. 

Best Books for Starting a Business: A Must Read For Beginners

It’s always better to get some professional advice before starting your own business. These books are the affordable way to get them as they compile the mistakes and ways to overcome them that some startups have made previously.

Moreover, the best business books that one should read before starting a business are:

  • For beginners “The art of the start 2.0: The Time-Tested, battle-hardened guide for  best business books 2020anyone starting anything” by the author Guy Kawasaki is a good suggestion

The author, who is also an entrepreneur and venture capitalists by profession notes down some important points for business owners in a reachable way. 


  • ‘The Founder’s Dilemma’s: Anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a startup”;  by the famous business author Noam Wasserman is another great suggestion

The author of this book has compiled the success and failures of other founders who have gone before you. The author also points out that why certain techniques and methods are better than the rest.

  • “Will it Fly?” written by the famous author Pat Flynn is a proper guide to the step-by-step understanding of the business market.


books recommended by Bill GatesThese best books on business contain the tips to become an established businessman. Furthermore, it also guides one to lead the employees in the right way and flourish the company. Top business books will save decades of education and will teach you the correct way to do business, the possible failures, and ways to overcome them in just a few pages.

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