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4 Best Web Browsers in 2021 for Your Search Mission

The internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts of the rapid technological development that has characterized the last few decades. Whether trying to find explanations to abstruse theories, looking for rare, mind-blowing facts or searching up delicious recipes to satisfy your cravings, the internet can find you everything you need with only a few clicks of the mouse. All of this would be impossible without the help of a web browser. Since most of us heavily depend upon the internet for something or the other, the web browser on our phones and computers is one of the most used software we have. As such, it becomes necessary to ensure that you have only the best web browser installed on your device. 

Knowing which web browser is the best one for you becomes really important because your browsing experience depends completely on the browser you are using. Speed and privacy become important considerations while trying to identify the best web browser. This is because while a good browser can facilitate a good and secure browsing experience, a bad one can completely ruin the experience causing threats to hover over your personal information. If you were an internet user two decades earlier, you must have used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the only web browser available during that time. However, users now have numerous choices while picking the right browser. From Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and opera for windows and android systems, to safari for devices with iOS, there are plenty of options to choose from.

What is a Web Browser? 

Before we start talking about which browser is the best and why let us first find an answer to what is a web browser. A web browser refers to a software application that can be used to surf through the World Wide Web for information. Using a web browser you can visit any website of your choice. When you request information, your browser fetches the data from the server and then displays the retrieved information on your phone or computer screen. In fact, you are using a web browser right now! Choosing the best web browser is, therefore, necessary if you want to enjoy a seamless browsing experience. 

As you already read, Internet Explorer was the only web browser available in the 2000s. It came pre-installed on all PCs of the time. At present, however, different kinds of web browsers have come up in the market. One way of choosing the best browser for your device would be choosing the fastest web browser available. This is because the speed of your browser determines how fast the information would be searched up and displayed for you. However, speed should not be your only priority while choosing a browser for yourself. You must also ascertain that your browser provides you with security. Especially because almost all of your activities on the internet go through your browser, choosing a secure browser is a must. This is why some people nowadays consider using a private web browser that protects you from third-party observers. Another category of web browsers is the dark web browser. The dark web is a section of the web that is kept hidden from the users. This part of the web is hidden intentionally and requires a specific dark web browser like Tor to be accessed. Although it is legal to use a dark web browser, it is advisable not to do so as the dark web is majorly linked with illegal activities. 

Top 4 Web Browsers in 2021

Now that you know what a web browser is, let us discuss which browser is the best for you and why. For this purpose, we have made a list of the four best web browsers that are available in the market at the moment. Each of these has its own specifications, benefits, and drawbacks. You must understand which web browser among these is the best one for you. 


Image Source- ArsTechnica

The opera web browser is a classy browser that can come in handy especially while collecting content on the internet. It can be used on a variety of operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. Opera provides you with an excellent interface and great security features that can surpass any private web browser. With a built-in ad blocker, it protects you from all third-party observers. Being a Chromium-based browser, the Opera web browser provides amazing speed, thereby giving you a seamless browsing experience. It also comes with a battery-saving mode which will ensure that your laptop battery does not die in case, the downloading speed is slow. 

Mozilla Firefox


Image Source- PCMag

If you are looking for the best privacy protection available and are a power user, the Firefox web browser is undoubtedly the best web browser for you. Like the opera web browser, the firefox browser too can be used with a large number of operating systems. This browser is extremely flexible as you can customize it as you feel like, with hardly any restrictions regarding its appearance, plugins, and extensions. Its privacy protection is undoubtedly the best in the market. The Firefox web browser alerts you in case your email address is associated with a data breach and blocks popup notifications and browser tracking. Overall, this browser can provide you with the perfect browsing experience.

Google Chrome 

google chrome

Image Source- Fortune

If you are an internet user in the 21st century, it is impossible for you to have not heard of Google chrome. It would not be wrong to claim that this browser is the world’s favourite. Considered by many as the best web browser at present, Google Chrome provides you with very speedy performance. It has an excellent library of add-ons and cross-platform support with amazing auto-fill features. Google chrome also has a great set of tools for web developers. The various Google chrome extensions that are specifically available with this web browser make browsing easier for you. These Google Chrome extensions, along with the excellent speed and privacy protection make Google chrome a favourite among millions of users. 



Image Source- Apple

If you are looking for a web browser for iOS, Apple’s safari is undoubtedly the best web browser for you. Its performance is standard with a very clean record on providing privacy protection to its users. Its performance is excellent on all devices of Apple, with an option to save the site to your reading list for offline browsing. Installing content blockers also becomes very easy when using safari. It provides you with a very secure browsing experience by blocking malicious websites and protecting users from phishing schemes and malware. If you are an iOS user, this browser can be the perfect fit for you. However, this browser cannot be used on android or windows operating systems, as those parallels are not available. 


Now that you have read about what a web browser is, and have gained a comprehensive idea of which is the best web browser in the market at the moment, we hope you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. Considering the specifications, advantages, and drawbacks of each of these web browsers mentioned above, we think Google chrome is the best web browser for windows 10. With features like Google chrome extensions, browsing has become easier than ever. To experience fast performance and amazing privacy protection all you need to do is to download Google chrome.

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