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What Do We Know About The Latest Foldable iPhone Flip Till Now?

In 2019 and 2020, Samsung released two different fold phone smartphones, the Galaxy fold and the Galaxy Flip Z. Soon, we saw other companies like Motorola and Huawei also joining this bandwagon and releasing their own devices. Flip phones always had a special place in our hearts, and even though the technology of any foldable phone is still in its nascent stage, it holds much promise. This trend of using a folding phone, of course, piqued the interests of iPhone users, and the tech giant put fuel to the fire by allowing the spread of rumors of the next iPhone release to have a foldable option. 

Buzzing Rumours Grips the Tech world

new iphone releaseThis was way back in 2016, and the tech community was buzzing when it heard that LG display would mass-produce foldable displays for smartphones that were going to get released in 2018. These foldable displays were going to be supplied to the tech giants- Google and Apple. Die-hard fans of Apple products heard more rumors in 2017, which said that Apple would partner with LG to develop a foldable iPhone. According to experts, these rumors were exciting as both the book-like and the newspaper-like flexible OLED panels produced by LG in the different foldable display prototypes performed well. Simultaneously there were also rumors that Samsung was offering to supply Apple with foldable displays, and Corning, Apple’s current supplier, was also working on the glass for a new iPhone. 

As of September last year, a new rumor surfaced that Samsung would provide samples of the foldable display to Apple that the company can use in their new model of iPhones. It is said that Samsung will be supplying Apple with the foldable samples for one year, giving the company the head start to make their display panel. With the help of both the LG display panels and Samsung’s display panel, we can expect the company to produce a brilliant phone that can shake the foldable smartphone industry. 

Rumors of the iPhone

new iphoneHowever, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt as the famous Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, to whom the world looks for new iPhone news, has rejected all films that the company has kicked off the project for the development of a foldable iPhone. He has also mentioned that if Apple releases one, it will not be before 2023 as long as problems with mass production and issues with the development of the phone’s key technology are solved. 

We have also gotten a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in January this year that stated, but Apple has started to work on the foldable iPhone even though it has not fixed the tentative release date. The company is working on the ‘S’ display until now, and initial work has not expanded beyond figuring out the display panel. Even complete prototypes are not being produced in their labs. 

The design for the new Flip iPhone

foldable smartphoneThe rumors behind whether the company at all is working on the new iPhone release with the foldable display have led to many conjectures regarding its design. Most of the speculation comes from the patterns as well as some of the sources of Apple’s supply chain. According to one of the latest episodes of FrontPage Tech, a famous YouTube channel, Apple has already tested two different kinds of foldable iPhones. One of the designs is kind of like a fold-out hybrid tablet and the other design will have a clamshell body which will be reminiscent of the old flip of yesteryear. It is said that Apple is referring to the clamshell design over the fold-out hybrid tablet one; however, it is still too early to make sure about this decision. 

Some of the patterns filed by the company also show favorable indications for a future foldable design for the iPhone. These designs also include some considerations regarding other future devices that may skip the clamshell type and go for a more book-like hinge look. As of February 2020, one Apple patent has been filed that would allow the company to create a foldable display with the hinge in the middle. Another patent has been filed for a joint operating model that will allow a single screen device to be supplemented with the secondary display, which can be connected with the help of a magnet. Even a patent of a tri-fold display has been filed by Apple, and this goes on to supplement the rumors of a future Apple foldable design.

Therefore even if we cannot be entirely sure what the Apple foldable phone will look like, we can expect that we will get two displays connected by a hinge made by durable material avoiding the mistakes made by its competitors. 

When can we expect the iPhone to hit the market? 

folding phoneAccording to the Tech world’s rumors, nobody can give an accurate date when the foldable iPhone will be released. The Chinese supply chain for Apple has hinted the company is aiming to release it by November 2022. However, other sources have asked the world to wait till at least 2023 for the new design patiently. 

Start saving up from now! 

With the hub going on in the market, the iPhone flip will be pretty costly. It can exceed the range of the available Apple smartphones. Especially if you want to get your hands on the flip range’s premium headsets. Therefore, it would be better if you start saving up from today. The tech world will not be able to answer any question regarding the iPhone flip pricing anytime soon. 


Even though we haven’t gotten a flip version of the iPhone 12 this year. Still, we cannot be confident that the next one will not be a foldable phone. We can clearly understand that Apple is investing in flexible displays, and this means that it will soon get the much-awaited handset. It is clear that Apple is not a company which will take risks with his design; therefore, we would probably have to wait for a while. This is absolutely fine as long we can foldable iPhoneget a foldable iPhone that does not repeat its competitors’ mistakes. We have to keep your eyes glued to the tech world for new news and updates. No matter when it comes out, one thing is for sure that Apple will make all iPhone lovers crazy. Everyone will try to get their hands on the new design for their beloved smartphone. 

Samsung may have the edge as it was the first to release a smartphone with a flip design. But we cannot just praise the company just because they were the first to conceptualize it. Its foldable phone had its fair share of problems. Apple, with its hard work, will provide the world a device that doesn’t just follow trends but offers peak performance. 

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