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Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki, Terra Chips: Made Chips With A Difference

Alex Dzieduszycki and Dana Sinkler were employed under the supervision of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a star chef at Lafayette, his 4-star restaurant in New York. However, they decided to leave and begin a catering trade. Sinkler and Dzieduszycki were planning for making a signature dish for dishing out at the pub because it’s the area where visitors come first. However, they wished to craft something distinct from the extravagant crudité (starter) dishes that gained a lot of fame at that time.

Therefore, in 1990, they tried out with frying various veg stems in the kitchen of Sinkler’s small flat and the undertaking was remarkably successful. 

The veg chips innovated by them were a sensation. Shortly, Sinkler and Dzieduszycki introduced Terra Chips to the outlets.  

A private equity cluster acquired 51% of Terra Chips in 1995, and Hain Celestial took Terra Chips over in 1998 as a segment of an $80 million package transaction that incorporated three other firms. During that period, Dzieduszycki states, the yearly revenue of Terra Chips stood at $23 million.

Dzieduszycki and Sinkler have shifted to new projects. Dzieduszycki launched Julian’s Recipe, a frozen waffle business. Sinkler has begun a new eatery known as Hubee D’s. 

The success story of Terra Chips

For more than 20 years, Terra Chips has had a desire for making tasty, superior-quality chips for the customers. The company was the brainchild of Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki, two New York-based chefs with the type of go-getting life-force that maintains one’s inventiveness and fancy cooking

Both of them quit their jobs from 4-star restaurants based in Manhattan to launch a humble catering trade that shortly transformed into a flourishing undertaking and cater to some of the exclusive revelries in the Big Apple.

A Cookery Dilemma

Their emphasis slowly moved to the pub where the visitors typically come to have booze and bite on starters. Motivated by this concept, both the chefs began their journey to make a signature dish that visitors can relish as a delicious bite. At the same time, it would work as a lovely add-on to any dish. 

In February 1990, they thought of doing something innovative in the small apartment kitchen of Dana. As a result, Terra Chips came into existence. Both Dana and Alex started distributing their chips to the customers, packing their imaginary conception in black and silver containers. They marketed minimalism in this way.

From Kitchen to Commercial 

One of the oldest clients of Terra Chips was Saks Fifth Avenue. They were so keen regarding this innovative retail prospect that they placed orders for 50 cases instantly.

With present manufacturing at just 5 cases daily, it was a fairly huge effort! By 1993, Terra Chips raised its manufacturing to 150 cases daily. At that point, orders were coming in from more than 20 states of the US. With extension from its storefront site and getting on the threshold of launching a sweet potato line of specialized chips, Terra Chips shifted to a much bigger premise in Brooklyn, New York.

A Future of Delectability

Even though the Terra Chips brand has developed phenomenally since its humble start, the desire has never been lost for making tasty, superior-grade chips. They use hand-picked vegetables, made ready in little bunches and boxed in characteristic elementary black bags – that is a gesture to the origin of the brand.

At present, the Terra Chips brand is gratified to keep on its bequest as a segment of the Hain Celestial group of brands. The broad varieties in which Terra Chips is available are Exotic Vegetable Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, and Plantain Chips. The chips can be bought online as well.

The Hain Celestial Group is a prominent natural and organic goods firm with its presence in Europe, Northern America, and India. 

Terra Chips Menu

The lip-smacking menu of Terra Chips features the following: 


  • Artichoke, White Bean and Roasted Garlic Salsa
  • Mango Salsa 
  • Mediterranean Bruschetta


  • Terra Crusted Salmon
  • Grilled Vegetable Towers

The guests will surely admire both the appetizer and meal menu of Terra Chips. A vibrant assortment of natural vegetable chips is sure to amaze the guests. The gastronomic resourcefulness of Terra has helped them devise some fast and simple techniques to include Terra Chips into a variety of starters and meals that will both astonish and stimulate any appetite.  

Terra Chips: Chips with a Difference

They manufacture their chips with hand-picked vegetables like:

  • Batata (Cuban Sweet Potato or Boniato) 
  • Candy Striped Beet (also called as Chioggia Beet)
  • Beet
  • Kabocha (also called as Japanese Pumpkin)
  • Naturally Blue Potato
  • Purple Sweet Potato
  • Parsnip
  • Sweet Potato
  • Ruby Dipped Vegetables
  • Carrot
  • Taro (also called Dasheen and Malanga)
  • Yukon Gold Potato
  • Yuca (Cassava)
  • Plantain
  • Apple

They procure a wide variety of root vegetables for making every tasty Terra Chips combination. So, eating them reminds you of a never-before experience of eating vegetables.   

Different from any other chips

The moment somebody opens a unique glossy bag of Terra Chips, they will come to know the difference between it from any other chips. Every Terra Chips bag is full of natural vegetable chips that are a banquet for your eye and a pleasure for pampering your taste buds, providing a classy snacking feeling different from any other chips. All the chips are available in plentiful shades that will fascinate you. The distinctive crackle will leave you astonished. And the flavor? The flavor makes the customer keep returning for more. People search for a chip that flavors as good as it appears. Therefore, customers just take it easy, unwind, and brace themselves to commence on a gastronomic voyage with Terra Chips.     

Achievements by Terra Chips

Given below is a list of achievements made by Terra Chips in the course of its long journey: 

  • MSN recommended Terra Sweet Potato Chips to satisfy the customer’s potato chip taste desires
  • The name of Terra was incorporated in the wrap-up of Best Healthy Snacks to Purchase at Whole Foods by FitDay
  • Greatist names Terra Chips in the sum-up of the most superior quality crackers and chips for healthy noshing
  • In 2018, Buzzfeed highlighted Terra Avocado Oil Chips as a must-have snack 
  • Eat. Lose. Gain. suggests Terra Taro Chips as an improved substitute to fulfill potato chip hunger
  • Cleaning Eating Magazine nominates Terra Sweet Plantains as a victor in the 2018 Clean Choice Awards
  • This month, Bon appétit forecasts Terra Chips in the stars 
  • One Green Planet nominates Terra Chips as one of the most delicious, vegetarian, and gluten-free appetizers on the market!
  • Popsugar: The tastiest and fittest snacks to carry for your upcoming road trip
  • Terra Plantains came to the limelight in the 2018 Healthy Packaged Food Awards organized by the Prevention Magazine. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

1) TerraCycle

All Terra Chips packets are biodegradable via the TerraCycle network of gathering plans.

2) Seed Savers Exchange

Terra Chips pompously aids Seed Savers Exchange, which is a non-profit seeking association committed to the safeguarding and propagation of heritage vegetable and fruit diversities.

Seed Savers carries out its operations to maintain not just the seeds, but also the antiquity behind the traditionally varied America’s food crop and flora legacy.

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