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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Attempting To Better Lives For The Needy

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) was founded after merging Gates Learning Foundation and William H Gates Foundation. It is an American private organization that was launched in the year 2000 in Seattle, Washington, the United States by Bill and Melinda Gates. 

Bill Gates Education

Bill Gates went to Harvard University. However, he did not continue at the university for long, and at the earlier stages of his days at the university, he preferred to drop out. He co-founded Microsoft along with his friend Paul Allen. 

He felt that cofounding Microsoft offered a much better opportunity for him as a “once-in-lifetime” effort. 

Bill Gates’ Social Work and the BMGF

Bill Gates foundation’s 
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Bill Gates is known for his social work and contribution towards society for worthy causes. Before getting into the details of Bill Gates’ social work, let us quickly go through the role and purpose of this foundation above.Net worth of Bill Gates is $132 billion(as per Bloomberg Billionaires Index)as of January 2021. 


Bill Gates foundation’s main focus is to offer support to the needy through its various programs like offering agricultural support globally, addressing inequities, economic development, public health, and medical research in developing nations. Aside from this, it also aims at improving access to information and the betterment of education in the United States. 

When the organization was founded in 2000, it had on its priority list to cater to and address issues like Global Development and Global Health. In 2012, United States Division was added, which is a “Global Policy and Development” division. 


With its headquarters in Seattle, it has offices in other parts of the globe too that include cities like New Delhi, London, Johannesburg, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, and Abuja. 

In the year 2006, Warren Buffett founder of Berkshire Hathaway, pledged a lifetime contribution towards the foundation stocks with a value of $31 billion. 

In 2008, Bill Gates gave up his full-time role in Microsoft so that he could devote more time to this foundation. 

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Jobs

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Jobs
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Careers at the foundation fan your challenging spirits. Energized people that have a team spirit and can work well towards a common goal can be onboard. He must also have leadership qualities and respect the culture and values of the organization. 

There are opportunities for Gates Internships and gates Fellowships for the eligible. 

How much has Bill Gates donated to charity? 

Bill and Melinda Gates have given away as much as $45.5 billion for charitable causes since the year 1994, according to reports from CNBC. In the year 2019, they gave away $589 million for charity work. This made them “the seventh most philanthropic people”. 

Bill Gates Donation to Coronavirus

Ever since the pandemic started, the Gates family has given away billions of dollars for a charitable purpose. Also, they have donated to support efforts that can tame the coronavirus by funding for healthcare endeavours. 

The single largest contribution that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation made towards fighting coronavirus is $250 million. 

Bill Gates Donations

Here we will check out a list of the 12 biggest donations that Bill Gates has made.

  1. United Negro College Fund, Inc- $1,525,380,950
  2. GAVI Alliance- $957,000,000
  3. The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International- $755,210,000
  4. The GAVI Campaign- $750,000,000
  5. Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria- $750,000,000
  6. World Health Organization (WHO)- $682,305,429
  7. The GAVI Campaign- $375,000,000
  8. UNICEF Headquarters – $299,763,679
  9. Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria- $500,000,000
  10. GAVI Alliance- $375,000,000
  11. Cambridge University Development Office in the United States Inc (CUDOUS)- $210,000,000
  12. Area Global TB Vaccine Foundation- $207,660,483

Bill Gates Mantra of Success

He follows the so-called 10 rules for success in life. 

According to him, if you want to make it big in the world, you must possess the following characteristics-

  1. Hard work is something that you must not run away from
  2. There are times when bad influence works and is good citing the example of his friend who replaced him as CEO of Microsoft whom he had convinced to move away from academics
  3. He says that at times it is good to laugh at yourself
  4. Always take on board people that are like-minded, good, and share the same organizational goals as you do
  5. He encourages me to play bridge. This is a game that constantly challenges your intellect every time and helps you to grow with every passing day. 
  6. He says that you must love what you do. It must not be a drudgery but something that you would love to do every day and continuously. 
  7. Plan your work that will be in tandem with the future. It must build something productive for the future
  8. Always ask for advice from a handful of people that you trust. If you do so, you will be able to identify where you are going overboard and also identify your weaknesses by the judgment of the others you have sought advice from.
  9. Do not put off things for the later period. It is always better to complete the work you have in hand well within the stipulated period. Procrastination is not something that will make you earn praises and appreciation. He learned this from his own experience.
  10. If you are pursuing a goal, you must have the energy to move ahead despite the challenges that you might have to face on the way. 

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