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Amazfit Home Studio: Fitness Studio With A Difference

Jointly manufactured by Huami and STUDIO, Amazfit Home Studio has become quite popular among all the treadmill brands. Amazfit is a connected fitness treadmill that is accompanied by a 43″ HD screen, known as the GLASS. Besides, there are JBL surround speakers for offering an extremely customized and mesmerizing boutique fitness feeling. 

About Amazfit

Founded in September 2015, Amazfit comes with a range of bands and smartwatches. Users can have them while participating in sports activities or daily household chores. Of late, the company has expanded its business with a range of other smart hardware associated with health and sports, such as smart treadmills, TWS sports earbuds, sports equipment, and smart body composition scales. With an all-inclusive product line and exceptional customer experience, Amazfit makes the most of its capacity to fulfil the diverse requirements of various customer segments.

With excellent design and workmanship, the smartwatch range of Amazfit has attained many awards including the Red Dot Design Award and the German iF Industrial Design Award.    

At present, the innovative products of Amazfit are available in over 70 nations and territories such as Germany, United States, and Japan. As laid down by an IDC global wearable device market monitoring statement, during the first six months of 2020, Amazfit watches enjoyed the lion’s share of the grown-up watch market in Spain, Italy, India, and various other nations and territories. They also topped among the products in Germany, China, Russia, France, and Brazil.   

Awards and Accolades won by Amazfit

Given below is a list of awards and accolades achieved by Amazfit:

  • Reddot Design Award 2020
  • Reddot Design Award 2019
  • Reddot Design Award 2018
  • Reddot Design Award 2017
  • Reddot Design Award 2016
  • Muse Creative Awards
  • IF Design Award 2016
  • IF Design Award 2017
  • Technical Innovation Award

What’s so special about Amazfit Home Studio? 

Amazfit Home Studio provides an all-inclusive and systematic in-home fitness setup by pairing a sophisticated Slat Belt Treadmill with a Smart Gym Hub.

Immersive 43” HD Screen 

The immersive 43” HD Screen helps you know your exercise grade and watch on-demand video classes.

The smart gym hub features an in-built 43” HD LCD screen that can show your efforts and the data related to your workouts like heart rate, time, calorie consumption, and distance. Everything you will get to watch in bright color.

There is a wide range of on-demand video classes for all tiers of fitness, with fresh content uploaded daily throughout sculpt, treadmill, yoga, and stretch that is instructed by leading NYC trainers to inspire you. Besides, you can vie against other fitness fans and find out your actual rating on the leaderboards.

Furthermore, there is an in-built, high-definition, noise-cancelling mic in the smart screen, which enables in the future to link third-party voice assistants for connecting smart home gadgets.

3D TOF Camera System: Accurate Movement Identification For More Methodical Supervision

To offer accurate and methodical fitness supervision, movement capturing with common 2D cameras is not sufficient. With the TOF system for three-dimensional patterning, Amazfit Home Studio can identify positions more precisely. Through counselling to rectify any concerns in your build, it assists you in obtaining improved training and lower trauma. In the coming days, hand motions will regulate the screen to avert unintentionally squeezing the incorrect object at the time of your exercise.

Highly Sophisticated Slat Belt Treadmill Allows More Specialized Workout Programs

The dimension of the slat belt treadmill is 1350 X 510 mm. The device is ideal to let loose your capacity. The running belt is made up of 55 heavy rubber-layered aluminium sheets that are typically applied in sophisticated commercial-grade treadmills. The running belt is sheeted with a 1350 x 510 mm extra-broad belt. With the flexibility of the rubber stuff enabling the normal spreading of the impact power, nonetheless with the help of the aluminium sheets, the Amazfit Home Studio treadmill provides an improved feel in comparison to running on a rubber track. The device can stay even with your workout strategy by attaining the highest speed of 20 km/hour. The fitness gear also features a 10-tier motorized slope attaining 7°.

Robust, Dependable, Coarse Two-sided Training Bars

The bilateral training bars of the running track features a metal coating surface that brings a well-off extent of smoothness. Starting from warming up to cooling down, an all-inclusive training session can be accomplished on the device. The bars can hold a maximum weight of 100 kg, perfect for your weight drills, and offer additional protection at the time of running.

Immersive and Vibrant Run Surround Sound Tailor-Made JBL Speakers

There are three in-built superior quality JBL comprehensive-range speakers (one on the smart screen, and two on the treadmill), which sport prompt fleeting reaction and ultra-low aberration, offering a cutting-edge sound for a mesmerizing running feeling.

Heart Rate Wearables Synchronization Tailored For A More Concentrated Training Session

This treadmill backs the harmonization of heart rate data from outside gadgets. In comparison with treadmills with conventional hand-held heart rate calculation technique, Amazfit synchronously shows the heart rate with a peripheral gadget where the data demonstration is appropriate, hands are unencumbered, and running is additionally concentrated.

At present, gadgets backed for harmonization of heart rate data include Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Cor, Amazfit Bip, and Mi Band Series. More gadgets will be included step by step.

The Success Story of Huami and STUDIO: The makers of Amazfit

Amazfit Home Studio came into existence as a joint venture of Huami, one of the biggest wearable manufacturers in the world, and STUDIO, a prominent name in the world of fitness amusement.  

Amazfit Home Studio was officially revealed at the keynote address by Huami at CES 2020. The product is a blend of Huami’s dedication to supplying the most up-to-date technology in sports and AI advancement with STUDlO’s goal of generating digital experiences that would assist users to attain their fitness targets. 

“At the end of 2019, Huami defined a new mission: Connect Health with Technology. STUDIO’s passion for fitness has proven to be a perfect match,” stated the Chairman and CEO of Huami, Wang Huang. “We want to bring the latest in fitness to our users, through products and services they can count on. That’s what Huami Amazfit is bringing to the new decade – cutting-edge innovation in health technology.”

Since the time of its inception in 2013, Huami has excellently performed as a biometric and fitness data-oriented firm with outstanding skills in smart wearable systems. Within a short time, it has earned the position of a market leader in the world by delivering millions of smart wearable gadgets to customers. Huami sent a whopping 18.1 million smart wearable gadgets in 2017 only.

STUDIO enjoys the position of a global leader in fitness amusement, offering boutique fitness training sessions covering strength, cardio, and yoga verticals. Countless subscribers throughout the world made investments in their personal fitness via STUDIO after its inception in 2017. With the accomplishment of more than 1 million exercise sessions, the STUDIO lineup has grown strong skills on how to offer the most effective exercising experience. The STUDIO app is the house of Tribes that is a native community of the subscribers of STUDIO who have pooled several concepts, questions, and individual narratives.

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