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Capsule Wardrobe Concept-What? Why? How?

Before jumping into the concept of the capsule wardrobe, ask a few questions yourself.

Do you stand in front of your messy closet packed with clothes and accessories and yet you think to yourself that you don’t own anything to wear for this occasion? Or, do you tend to spend a lot of funds to buy numerous items while shopping? Have you been searching for something to wear and you found that one top you bought once upon a time, with its tag on? 

create a capsule wardrobeIf any of the answers to the questions mentioned above are a ‘YES’, then it is time for you to take up the challenge and get a capsule wardrobe.

In the present time, social media has given us access to view the latest trend sets as soon as possible. The obsession with keeping up-to-date and have-it-all has catered to the pockets of the fashion industry quite well. People tend to buy so many clothes and still wear the same 3 shirts in rounds. The capsule wardrobe could be practiced by both the extremely privileged class who have a problem of owning too many clothes or the ones who can spend a limited amount on fashion. Let us see what is it about.


The concept of the capsule wardrobe is simple, the name itself is self-explanatory which means wardrobe as tiny and compact as a capsule. It is a practice that encourages to have a closet with only the most necessary items. The widely accepted idea of minimalist fashion, which is comfortable and versatile is a step towards sustainable fashion. The term, ‘capsule wardrobe’ was first used by a fashion boutique owner Susie Faux in the 1970s. Later it became popular in the 1980s with the help of designer Donna Karan. it was men’s capsule wardrobea term that was used to describe the phenomena of few clothes worn in a different style by mixing and matching among them (to some extent it sounds like a permutation combination).

In other words, you get to keep only those few shirts and pants which you wear regularly even though there are hundreds of other items in your closet. 


  • Your closet will get some space. (Finally!)
  • Will make the long-drawn ordeal and very quick decision of what to wear.
  • You will be able to wear your favorite items every day, fashionable and yet comfortable, which fits you well, will make you feel more confident.
  • Might consider saving some money, instead of spending them all in shopping stores.
  • concept of the capsule wardrobeYou may donate your least worn clothes, or thrift them. (might do some good deed while cropping your wardrobe).
  • Cleaning becomes less hectic and faster with lesser items.
  • Sustainable fashion is a popular trend followed by many (this point is valid in case you are a constant trend follower.)
  • You get to focus more on quality over quantity while buying anything for your wardrobe.

Honestly, I can go on with the pros of why one should shift to the practice of capsule wardrobe. 


There are no rules or norms to create a capsule wardrobe. It depends on the person and the size of their wardrobe. One can select 25-50 sets of clothing according to their wish. 50 sets of clothing can seem too much for many people, or it could be the perfect capsule wardrobe amount. As I mentioned earlier, it completely depends on the size of their original closet. 

However, some tricks can still be provided to ease your work-

minimalist fashionFirst, choose the clothes you pick often, comfortable, and fit your present body well. Choose any clothing item, say – a jumpsuit. Do you want to wear it today? If the reply is negative, then most probably that is not your pick for your capsule wardrobe.

If you are still in doubt regarding the procedure to adopt this practice, then you can try the challenge introduced by the 333 projects. This is a challenge for anyone who would like to form a capsule wardrobe and be engaged in a minimalist fashion. Here, one needs to pick up 33 items which include everything starting from Tees, pants, shirts, shoes, accessories, belts, hats, and so on. Although, a capsule wardrobe is kept aside from few basic items such as some items of sentiment, garments, sports-wear, workout outfits, night suits, and loungewear.

Keeping a capsule wardrobe is extremely fun. One can wear one piece of clothing with the others, making a fresh outfit every time. In simple words, mix and match the few items and play with them. (Such as, if you own 3 shirts and 3 bottom wear, and mix and match them, you get 9 fresh looks)

Your capsule wardrobe should not be made inspired by social media trends or what others say, it should define who you are, and let your wardrobe speak your personality. Also, capsule wardrobes change with the change in seasons. 

Certain examples of capsule wardrobes are-

wardrobeMen’s capsule wardrobe: 5 shirts, 2 T-shirts, 6/7 pairs of trousers, chinos or denim, 1 pair of formal shoes and 1 pair of sneakers or loafers, 2 overcoats, belt, ties, shades. These are my choice of items that I would have selected if I were asked to organize a men’s capsule wardrobe.

Similarly, there might be various categories of such, mentioning below a list of capsule wardrobes. You might organize your closet according to them-

  • Summer capsule wardrobe
  • Winter capsule wardrobe
  • Travel or vacation capsule wardrobe


  • Donating old and not-worn clothes is always good.
  • You can re-sell them at flea markets or thrift stores.
  • You can use the clothes you don’t wear to recycle.
  • If you are way too sentimentally attached or aversive to just give/throw them away, (because you might need them later?) then just put them in a suit-case or cartoon and keep them out of sight. 


Sustainable fashionCapsule wardrobes are far from being a complicated concept. It is just a way to live a sustainable life, in the field of fashion and trends. There are no rules, no list of rights and wrongs. Your closet should consist of items that make you feel best. Play with the minimalist idea of fashion and express creativity. I hope you take out a day and get on decluttering your wardrobe soon. 

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