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What is the Blue Gas TESLA Killer Stock and Why Bother?

“What is this new hype about ‘Blue Gas’? Why are people so bothered about it? Before jumping into the assumptions revolving around blue gas being the Tesla Killer Stock, let’s figure it out, what’s this ‘Blue Gas’? Blue gas is nothing exceptional, but a hydrocarbon fuel, which is mass-produced from hydrogen & carbon feedstocks. It is similar to gasoline or diesel but more of an unrefined state, that is, not being purified from petroleum.”

Tesla Killer stock has been made public. A highly volatile stock opened up in China and then went ton to capture the global market by making it to NSE. The price of the blue gas stock shot up by almost six thousand percent in the last month creating a massive bubble in the stock market. It plunged to a huge extent and now the blue gas stock has been facing an average fall of twelve percent for the past three months. This has made the stock prone to quick changes due to market fluctuations

About Blue Gas Stocks

blue gas companiesLinde is one of the highest market suppliers of hydrogen gas and oxygen-based fuel among other market holders. We should be watching out for it because it could come into usage if fuel cell adoption can pick up the pace or if Space X launches those flights in the numbers they have been talking about. Almost every fuel cell is supplied through private companies and is expensive. At the moment there are only a few blue gas stocks. We haven’t found a provider for blue gas that has dirt with SpaceX. Tesla stocks have been powered by these underlying blue gas stocks and as a result, their prices shot up historically in less than a month. 

Tesla’s blue gas cars have become disruptive to the stock market. Five years ago, Tesla stocks were doing just fine This was when the stock created a massive bubble. People’s expectations regarding blue gas stocks were hence at a peek. As frenzied buyers tried to buy more and more of these stocks, the bubble based on blue gas companies and their stocks became big enough to burst in the near future. 

Stocks For Electric Vehicle Technology

In 2021, every big car company is investing in stocks that have Electric vehicle technology associate with them. Production strengths already had an added benefit as installed dealership and repair networks were in tandem with their presence in the consumer’s minds and portfolios. 

Tesla stocksLet’s take an example. Volkswagen has invested around US$ 91 Billion US dollars. This is twice TESLA’s expected sales for 2021. Their new range consisting of better and more advanced electric vehicles has made their presence felt. This in turn made them enter the EV market and it is now growing very fast.

What is the blue gas stock bubble? How was it created?

We know that Tesla was selling cars in huge numbers. It was making almost fourteen hundred sales in Norway alone. This increased the demand for blue gas companies to sell more blue gas, increasing the future price of their stocks. However, in 2020, tesla cars could sell on three thousand cars whereas Volkswagen sold more than twenty thousand cars. So, Volkswagen had made a good and noticeable entry into the electric vehicle market

This was not the end. Hyundai and Nissan performed better than Tesla in 2020 and sold in higher numbers, capturing a greater market space. The market that had once created blue gas stock bubbleseveral bubbles, raising the prices of blue gas stocks was now plummeting to an all-time low. In 2021, we have seen how unpredictable the stock market can actually get. Tesla is losing out on loyal as well as prospective buyers to older and more realized companies. These companies have known for ages how to capture the middle-class market and the international market with equal efficiency. 

Tesla Stock Price

In the US, the price of the TESLA stock fell below the expectation of the market. This provided proof that TESLA had lost out on its most reliable market in the US. This was a core consumer base for TESLA. Hence, this paved the way for Tesla Killer stock.

TESLA stocks and the underlying blue gas stocks hence fell to an all-time low valuation resulting in the burst of the bubble. In China the year 2020 witnessed the increases in EV sales to a huge extend. TESLA could not cover up for this portion of the market as well. This is because of the exorbitant prices of the TESLA cars. General Motors captured the biggest share and left the market share of TESLA in shambles. 

How is Tesla losing its value?

What the data wants to show is that TESLA is rapidly losing out on solid ground fast. In the now booming and progressing Electric Vehicle market better and more experienced players are coming up with their strategies and transitioning to EVs. All this while benefitting from their brand values. With this is added a vast and enriched dealership network and years of customer satisfaction.

If you are investing in TESLA and buying out blue gas stocks because you are under the impression that Elon Musk is genius or because you have been in love with the performance of the underlying stock in the derivatives or primary market then please consider thinking twice. A sneak peek into the future of the industry never harmed anyone. 

Killer stocks and how will they appear?

blue gas carsThe Tesla killer stock is a result of the falling prices of their stocks. Besides the simple fact that the much talked about technology of TESLA Battery is based on ion-lithium which is soon to become obsolete as soon as the emergence of quantum glass and associated technologies develop more rapidly by Samsung and other such companies like Panasonic and Quantum Space. The actual TESLA killer stock is coming with the decline in earnings. This is a must as little Ballard Power Systems (BLDP is not a $3 stock). Its price has doubled over the past six months. Geoffrey Ballard is considered to be the father of the fuel cell and hence the foster father of the blue gas stock. 

Geoffrey Ballard was no more working with the active management at Ballard Power and he had been working with the company for around 20 years ago. In fact, it was formed by another company that had been subsequently sold to a bigger company called Plug Power. Another often sought-after fuel cell company has emerged in the market and it has been giving strict competition to Ballard Power. 

Weichai powers have taken up a considerable market share in China and have been selling blue gas stocks for EV markets. 

Blue Gas Stock Prices

All the power cell company prices have gone up to a considerable extent. In certain months though, the stock market holders want to watch out for the month of January when blue gas stock prices generally fall. 

blue gas stockWell, to be honest, the most understandable thing you must note will be taken to after a quick look at the financials of the company. Ballard stock and the subsequent blue gas stock is trading vehemently as a crazy cloud-like stock. The software stock is at a valuation of $2 billion. It has been trading at more than twenty times the price of required sales. However, it is now nowhere near profitability. The sales are expected to grow at about 35-40% annually and monthly growth will also be tracked by the bigger companies. As they sell fuel stocks based on blue gas or hydrogen gas enter into the buses/trucks venture of China, the accessibility of the stock will be widespread. 


The volatility of such markets is manifold. So, the investors must look out for the fall of TESLA Killer stocks. This will make hydrogen or blue gas stock prices fall. 

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