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Most Expensive Go-Kart in the World

Who doesn’t like go-karts? Honestly, they’re just one luxury item that you can never miss on. Over the years, several electric go-karts have been launched in the market that only contributed to the popularity. Won’t you want to go on a ride on the most expensive go-kart? Well, this may seem feasible but it is not easy as it sounds to be. 

If you’re one of those people who like to experience thrill and adventure then a go-kart may be the best choice to make. The rapid developments in technology have paved the way for the development of the fastest go-kart ever. It is advisable to research and find the perfect one. Whether you want a ride or just a look, the most expensive go-kart in the world can fit all your requirements. 

But the question is which is the most expensive go-kart in the world? Before unveiling the fastest go-kart in the world, let us introduce what is a go-kart. 

What is a go-kart? 

expensive go-kartsA go-kart is often pronounced as a go-cart. It is a kind of quadricycle or open-wheel car that comes in different forms and shapes. One of the most popular things about these go-karts is that they are available in high-powered racing machine models as well. Superkarts can easily beat the speed of racing cars and motorcycles. 

A go-kart has come a long way and can play a huge role in popularity. Thanks to the advancements in technology, electric go-karts are available in the market as well. 

The go-karts are usually used for recreational purposes. In several countries, high-end go-kart races are held. Recreational go-karts are created using four-stroke engines or electric motors. These four-stroke engines are high-powered. One of the most exclusive features of the go-karts is that although they are single-seater they can easily accommodate an extra passenger. 

While go karts are used mostly for recreational purposes in many countries it is also used for public purposes. However, whenever one is to use go-kart for public purposes, they must ensure to take a license for it. In the European Union countries, the go-karts may be customized or modified with headlights, taillights, and horns for public use. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t exceed the limit of 15kW or they would be fined. 

What is the most expensive go-kart in the world? 

go-kartsWhen it comes to winning the title of the world’s most expensive go-kart or the fastest go-kart in the world, there are two contenders for the same- Daymak and Bugatti. 


Canadian electric vehicle giant company, Daymak just claimed to have launched the fastest go-kart in the world. The C-5 Blast not only earned the title of the fastest go-kart in the world but also the most expensive one. It is believed that the go-kart looks like a futuristic F1 race car. Who wouldn’t want to have their hands on such an exclusive go-kart? 

The C-5 Blast supposedly has the fastest engine. Being an electric go-kart, the vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph within a matter of 1.5 seconds. The 10,000-watt motor has played an important role in bestowing speed to the vehicle. The motor is further paired with 8 EDF jet motors to the front and four to the back. As a result, the go-kart is able to create a significant thrust of around 240 pounds. 

More about the C-5 Blast

The C-5 Blast broke the record of Osnabrück Institut MuT’s record of going from 0 to 60mph in 2.635 seconds. Eventually, it gained the title of the fastest go-kart in the world. The Daymak C5 Blast is supposedly heavy as it weighs 450 pounds. However, due to the EDF jet motors, the go-kart creates an upward thrust of around 220 pounds. 

high-end modelsNeedless to say, all these features won’t be available in a cheap go-kart. Hence, the C5 Blast is one of the most expensive go-karts. While many go-kart models cost around $10,000, the C5 Blast is priced at $60,000. Apart from being expensive and fast, the C5 Blast is extremely aesthetically pleasing as well. The go-kart has a matte black shine and the detailings are brought into prominence using silver and golden colors. 

The highlighting of gold and silver color adds to the beauty of the go-kart. You surely do not want to miss out on exclusive beauty. Make sure to head out to their official website to check the go-kart


The Bugatti Chiron is extremely fast as well. However, C5 Blast did give a tough competition to Bugatti Veyron and Chiron. The Bugatti Chiron is able to cover a significant distance in 2.5 seconds. However, the Tesla Model S P100D can cover a significant distance in 2.28 seconds also. 

The DC motor contributed to the speed of the go-kart. The brushes and Electric Ducted fans have played an important role in contributing to the speed of go-kart. The motors are however powered using twelve 5000mAH batteries. 

Do you need a go-kart? 

Superkarts Would you need the fastest go-kart in the world? Not really. 

The go-karts are mostly used for recreational purposes which is why it is extremely difficult to choose one. Moreover, these go-karts are so expensive which is yet another reason why most people won’t want to have one. If you have the budget and are interested in recreational activities then C5 Blast goes kart is yet another great option. 

Even the manufacturers suggest that not everyone needs a go-kart. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that no one needs a go-kart. On the other hand, everyone wishes to own the most expensive go-kart in the world, the C5 Blast. The rapid advancements in technology have played an important role in the increasing popularity of the go-kart. 

Should you invest in an expensive go-kart? 

fastest go-kart in the worldOwning a go-kart is all about personal preferences. If you want a go-kart, you need to take special care of everything. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that go-kart is a luxury and not a necessity. Hence, if you’re interested in owning a luxurious vehicle, then you can surely choose a go-kart over the others. 

There are several high-end yet slower models available at $10,000. So, if you do not have enough budget to invest in an expensive go-kart-like C5 Blast, you may consider investing in a cheaper go-kart model. 


most expensive go-kartGo-karts can be a significant investment, which is why you will need to consider the small aspects. If you’re ready to invest in a go-kart, you should consider analyzing your needs and aspects. 

If you do not have enough budget to invest in C5 Blast, you should consider choosing the other high-end models. It is advisable to research and find a go-kart that suits your needs. The most expensive go-kart in the world is going to cost you a lot which is why you need to consider if it is suitable for you or not. 

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