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Top Biometric Companies: Let’s Have a Look

With technology becoming an integral part of human life, the use of biometrics like fingerprint and retina scanning is not just confined to the world of science fiction films anymore. Instead, over the last decade, biometrics has become a part of our day-to-day lives, with most smartphones coming with fingerprint sensors, which are used to unlock the devices. 

From fingerprint scanning to facial identification, voice recognition, and iris recognition, biometric products are used in various sectors of daily life like airport security systems, banks, government records, and modern home assistant devices. With a large number of companies offering a huge range of diverse products, choosing the right company to buy your biometric products from can be a really confusing decision. To help you make this important choice, we have enlisted some of the top biometric companies below.

Top Biometric Companies in the USA

top biometric companies in the USAThere are several biometric companies in the USA that have gained the trust of their customers over the past few years. Here we have assorted a list of the top five companies producing biometric products for your convenience.

1. Integrated Biometrics:

One of the leading fingerprint companies in the global marketIntegrated Biometrics makes use of Light Emitting Sensor, patented technology of their own instead of the conventional optics or silicon technologies. The LES technology makes Integrated Biometrics’ fingerprint sensors the best in the market, as it can capture fingerprints from wet, dry, as well as dirty fingers. 

These fingerprint sensors can also be used to produce high-quality fingerprints for authentication and identification purposes, on a large scale, making it the go-to company for many governments which use it for National Identification, Public Safety, maintaining criminal databases, Law enforcement, military records, and border maintenance.

2. Nitgen:

If your understanding of top biometrics companies includes ones with numerous awards, certificates, and large-scale recognition, Nitgen is the one for you. Nitgen has been in business since 1999. Also, it is famous for its commitment to customer satisfaction, maintaining the quality of the products, and environmental protection. Its products have certification of both ISO140001 and ISO9001 and are famous to provide extremely secure protection to the users. 

The optical design technology used by this company produces extremely efficient sensors with a compact size and minimal image distortion. As such, Nitgen is definitely a biometrics company you can trust without any doubts at all.

3. Suprema: 

biometric scanning technologyThe fastest-growing biometrics company, Suprema is the only company dealing in biometric solutions to be listed in the Top 50 security companies of the world. With its clientele based in more than 133 countries of the world, this company combines excellent engineering with the best algorithms to produce the most reliable biometric products in the industry. Products have a usage in areas like electronic passport manufacture, immigration records, and criminal identification, among many others.

4. SecuGen:

Since 1988, Secugen has been one of the top biometric companies in the USA by providing high-quality optical fingerprint scanners. By investing a lot of capital and time in the R&D department, Secugen has been able to modify its technology with time and keep up with the technological revolution

Secugen is best known for its SEIR base biometric sensors that are very accurate and fluid in case of adapting to different platforms. It is certified by the FBI and uses very sharp matching algorithms and proprietary extraction.

5. Lumidigm:

Provider of one of the most reliable and convenient biometric scanning technology, Lumidigm dominates the market. Lumidigm uses multispectral imaging technology that puts a great emphasis on the identity of the person being scanned. It has usage in banking sectors, crime branches, ATMs, and other exclusive places.

Lumidigm makes sure that every time someone tries to access a particular device, the information is properly identified and stored in the database.

What Features to Expect from the Best Biometric Companies?

Now that you are aware of some of the top biometric companies and the products they offer, let us look into some factors that will help you decide upon the one that suits your needs best among these biometric security companies.

  • Extracted Image

 fingerprint companiesBiometric Identifications use a scanner to extract images of the targeted body parts of the identifier. Then it converts them into a digital template. Stored in a secure database is the data on the identifier for future reference. Different manufacturers use different kinds of extraction techniques. 

The clarity of the extracted images can be a determining factor in the aspect of the accuracy of the scanners. Poor quality images can find it hard to match up precisely every time. That is why the top biometric companies use technology that meets the FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F & F & PIV-071006, and WSQ standards. This reduces the chance of errors due to the usage of low-quality images. The high-end devices generally use high dots-per-inch(DPI) scanners for better results.

  • Processing Speed

Best biometric scanners are those that can perform accurate scans very fast. For companies with thousands of employees, speed plays a major part in that. 

The processor should be able to scan and find the match out of the database in seconds. Moreover, without compromising the accuracy of the scan. Most of the top fingerprint sensor companies use high-speed processors integrated with scanners with high DPI.

  • FRR & FAR

High FRR (false rejection rate) and FAR (false acceptance rate) are one of the biggest concerns in biometric security businesses. Biometric sensors match the identifier’s fingerprint with his respective data on the database. When both match it is a genuine match. Additionally, impostor matching is when it does not match or match with another user.

Ideally, scanners should score 100% in genuine matching and produce zero impostor  biometric companies in the USAscores if the identifiers are genuine. When it fails to match the correct entries it counts as false rejection. False acceptance is when it accepts foul impressions. Although both should be zero, every device has its own percentage of FRR and FAR. The lower it is the more reliable the device becomes. Biometric products are immensely popular these days. The reason being the convenience they bring and the security they provide. Biometrics makes it a lot easier to unlock a device when compared to a PIN or a password that has to be remembered separately. 

Besides, passwords run the risk of being easily stolen, whereas biometric systems such as fingerprint recognition and facial identification can provide you with much more safety. The governments keep a track of criminals with the help of biometric identification. Hence, this proves the credibility of this system.

Now that you have learned about some of the best biometrics companies in the market and the features that determine their credibility, we hope you can decide which company to go to while buying products that you are to entrust your valuable information with.

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