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Top Key Tech Essentials For Start-Ups In Lockdown

During the 2020 lockdown period, many entrepreneurs and businessmen worked towards their dream of starting their own company which resulted in the inception of various startups and small-scale businesses. 

With the pandemic already having its impact on the economy, for a startup to survive in an already competitive field requires foresight alongside long-term plans and preparations. From physical office requirements to technologies and tools for operations, there are many areas every business needs to think about.

That said, making sure your startup is safeguarded with all the important requisites and measures is key in keeping your startup alive; not to mention, progressing with technology being one of the prominent areas.

Moreover, in this digitized world, keeping yourself technologically aware and prepped will serve as an advantage and when it comes to your startup, having all the latest tech essentials can help you stay ahead of the curve!

From increased efficiency and automation to better results, tech essentials will surely be a huge boon for your organization, especially amidst this pandemic.

With this in mind, here are a few top key tech essentials for your startup that can prove to be of immense help during the lockdown –

1. IT Security Essentials

security essentials
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The first main area you need to focus on is security.

Although your company is relatively new, you still have important information related to your procedures and operations stored in various devices. Making sure you have strong IT security, therefore, is essential to keep your business and stored data safe.

That said, here are a few basic security essentials you need to have in place –

  • Robust Firewall – From protection against malicious codes to blocking malware and other unwanted traffic, a firewall is an important tech essential your startup needs. Serving as one of your initial lines of defence against hackers and cyber attacks, the presence of a durable firewall in your business IT infrastructure is extremely crucial. It will help immensely in safeguarding your daily operations and confidential data while also deflecting any potential threats.
  • Antivirus Software – While firewalls are reactive and act as a line of defence, antivirus software is more proactive; they actively seek out viruses beforehand to prevent any cyber threats from affecting your business. Moreover, antivirus software provides your business with consistent and reliable results, meaning you don’t have to worry about any virus threats as the software will take care of it for you.
  • Disaster Recovery – Another important security tech essential that your startup requires is having good disaster recovery software. In the unlikely event of a cyber attack, disaster recovery ensures that your systems are up and running in no time. Moreover, with your backups being safe, you can rest assured that you have all your data stored securely.

That said, consider relying on professional IT support Sydney services to have your IT security covered. If you’re looking for IT Support for your business, an agency like Redpalm Technology Services can be the perfect solution for you.

2. Content Essentials

content essentials
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Content is another important element that reflects the vision and values of your company. By having a good representation of your organization, customers and possible clients can understand your business better.

This is why it’s vital to have tools that can help you with your content, as it makes the creation process more efficient and refined.

Well, here are a few areas that content tools can help you with –

  • Website Building – From site builders like Wix and WordPress to UI and other design tools like Invision Studio and Adobe, there are many tech options that can prove to be very beneficial for your startup. Since your website is the first step in creating your online presence, having a strong site is important.

Writing Tools – After building your website, tools like SEMRush research, Google Trends, Content templates, Grammarly, etc. can help you produce appropriate and high-quality content. While your startup may not have enough time to devote to content creation, these tools are sure to help your business grow.

3. Storage Options

storage options
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From external hard drives and NAS servers to cloud computing, selecting a reliable storage option is essential for your startup. With lockdown restrictions or remote access to the servers, having reliable storage is always preferable.

Based on the nature of your operations and the type of data you have stored, selecting the right storage option for your business can help you keep workflow smooth and efficient. Additionally, although you might already have robust cybersecurity in place, making sure your storage is covered is also important in safeguarding your confidential data and information.

Here are a few storage options you could consider for your startup –

  • Network-Attached Storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox Business
  • Disaster-Protected Storage

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your storage options may be upgraded in the future; selecting a safe and secure option can help you start well.

4. Marketing Solutions

market solutions
Image Source- Unsplash

After adding in the necessary software for content creation, storage, and security, the next step for you is to start working on visibility.

With the increase in the number of startups during the lockdown period, marketing technology solutions have become all the more important. Many businesses, in fact, have adopted various software and tools to further streamline their operations while also boosting their visibility and growth. 

So, why should your startup be any different?

From workflow automation and scheduling tools to chatbots and live chats, and end-to-end analytics, there are many marketing solutions that are sure to help your organization. 

While you’re at it, also consider using email marketing.

Building up your clients through newsletters or following up on potential leads, email marketing campaigns are popular for good reason. Although considered a traditional approach, they do work immensely in delivering excellent results.

That said, based on your resources and requirements, adopting marketing solutions that meet your needs can prove to be advantageous for your startup.

To Sum Up

Tech essentials are always developing – there are creations and developments that industries see every day.

However, when it comes to your startup, having the top key tech essentials can help you find great results in a more realistic manner that not only fits your budgetary requirements but also helps you improve your operations.

Build a solid base for your startup by using these key tech essentials and start your journey towards growth and success!

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