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Google Adwords Keyword Tool- Make Your Keyword List Work For You

The Google Adwords keyword tool is a very useful tool that helps you to draw up a list of strong keywords that will work for you especially in your PPC campaign. 

Google Adwords free keyword toolThe bid estimations and the ability to offer the best keyword ideas have made this tool indispensable. Let us see how you can plan your marketing strategy using the same. 

You will find out that the benefits of Google Adwords keyword tool far outweigh the effort that you have to put in for the campaigns. 

How to use Google Adwords keyword tool

First of all, this tool is free so you do not have to part with your cash for using it. However, you must have a Google Ads account. And even if you do not have one, it takes less than a minute to create one. 

Once you have an ads account with Google, choose the keyword planner. Discover New Keywords and Get search volume forecasts are two tabs that you will notice. These are basically so-called “SEO-focused” keyword research tools that will generate the potential keywords. So, choose the tool that you want to use and start discovering new keywords. All you have to do is provide the products and services that are closely related to your nature of business.

The results will be in accordance with the words and phrases related to your business that you type in. Just remember, if you are entering more than one keyword, do so separating each word with a comma.

When it comes to using the search volume forecast tool, find out the same for the keywords that you select. 

Google Adwords keyword tool freeWhat do you get from this Google keyword Adwords tool? This tool will provide data on the basis of the keywords that you enter. Not only that, but it will also tell you the number of clicks and impressions that you will get from the arrow down the set of keywords (the ones you entered). 

Regardless of the type of Google Adwords keyword tool free that you use, you ultimately get the same results and it is the Keyword Result page. 

Once you have a list of the keywords, narrow down your list of the search terms that you have obtained. Filtering options help you to add filters so that your keyword search becomes even more specific. 

How to use Google Adwords keyword tool- Tips and strategy

Once you have completed the above and you know how to go ahead with the same, there are few important aspects that you can take into account to refine your search. So, what are these factors find out? 

  • Reach For this parameter, you must consider the following when using the tool. 
  • How to use Google Adwords keyword toolLocation- This will give you data related to the geographic location or range that you enter
  • Language- In this, you get data related to search volume for a particular language. If you have pages that are available in different languages, this tool is effective. 
  • Search network- This will provide information about where the data is coming from, whether it is Google alone or Google Search Partners. 
  • Negative keywords- If you do not want to see any keyword or keyphrases that you would not like to see in the search results, use this filter. 

1. Data range

Here you enter a date range that allows you to see the monthly average searches. If you want to know which keyword is performing better during a specified date range, you can always compare two date ranges for the same. 

2. Keyword filters

There are keyword filters that you can use in Google Adwords free keyword tool. Let us see what filters are available for the same. 

  • Suggested bid- This filter allows you to know the set or list of keywords that will help you to better control your budget. You have to calculate this by taking into account the cost-per-click that the other advertisers have to pay for belonging to the same, location and having the same settings. 
  • Competition- If you want to know how difficult it is to stay on the top with a particular set of keywords, this filter will allow you to know the same. If you are trying to make more out of your budget, stick to the medium to low difficulty. 

Benefits of Google Adwords keyword toolThe Organic Average Position, Ad Impression Share, and Organic Impression Share are other filters that you must use for better search results for your keywords. Another aspect that you can filter is by using the Keyword option. This will help you to find those ideas that are already in your keyword list and search terms. In a nutshell, using filters is undoubtedly a better option to get the best set of keywords or key phrases. However, just make sure that you do not set a lot of restrictions on search terms and filters. It will make matters even more difficult. 

Also, you can always try and find out from time to time how every set of keywords is performing and then change your plan of action. Use filters judiciously and narrow down your search for the most effective of all keywords that you have selected for your campaign. 

 Google keyword Adwords toolThe Google Adwords free keyword tool is a much sought-after tool especially for the SEO professionals that work out different strategies to make their digital marketing campaigns a success, keeping in mind not just the campaign objectives but also for a longer time period. 

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