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Facebook Ad Optimization- Top Hacks for Best Returns in 2021 and More

It goes without saying that your main objective for advertising is to get the maximum returns from the minimum investment possible. And Facebook optimization for ad delivery is one of the better options that you can turn to. 

We will explore few essential aspects related to the same in the write-up. 

Ad optimization strategy for Facebook

You will come across many such tips and strategies that improve your chances of earning better returns. Let us go through few such options below-

  • Facebook ad optimization for likes

Facebook optimization for ad deliveryThere are likes and comments just under your Facebook posts. These are proofs that what you are writing is being liked by many visitors. It also means that the products that you are making available to your consumers are good and hence the comments and likes. In order to make it effective, use the same post for setting up multiple ad campaigns. This is essentially the promotional post. 

  • Optimizing your ad schedule

Your Facebook ads must reach out to your target audience regardless of the time of the day and week. First of all, analyze your Facebook ad accounts. The next step is to identify the time of the day when you get the most conversions

You can do this by visiting the Facebook Ads Manager page and go through the breakdown menu and see the report for each day of the week. This is a crucial part of your Ad optimization for Facebook. 

Once you are able to find out which time is best for conversion, customize the ad optimization schedule so that the outreach is optimum. 

  • Ad rotation addresses ad fatigue

It is a well-known fact that at one point in time ad fatigue sets in. in order to avoid such a situation from arising, ad rotation is what you can opt for. Ad frequency also influences the CPC and CTR of Facebook ad campaigns. 

 Facebook ad optimization for likesAn interesting that was noted is as per a reliable website “The more people see your ads, the more bored they’ll get”. In other words, if visitors have seen your ads many times, let us say, more than 4 to 5 times, the CPC increases. 

So, what will you do to prevent your target audience from getting bored with your Facebook ad campaigns? Follow these steps for the same-

  • Create ads with many Facebook ad designs
  • Set the ad schedule for each ad separately and on separate days of the week. 

By doing so, people will get to see the ads on different days of the week. And the ads will not be repetitive. 

  • Using the FTO or Fast take-off method works

If the budget that you are working with is not very high, the take-off time for the campaign can be more. Under such circumstances, the FTO method works. How does this method work? Let us find out-

  • Whenever you are launching a new campaign for Facebook ad set optimization, assigning Lifetime and Daily budgets that are more than your planned budget is key. 
  • Try not to use the feature of Accelerated Delivery of Facebook because doing so will address your ad delivery and not the cost and quality. 
  • Once you get more than 10,000 ad impressions, with the help of optimization for ad delivery Facebook impressions, you can get better results. 
  • Once the ad campaign takes off initially, you can revert to your planned budget once again. However, you have to be patient for at least 24 hours before Facebook can take effect on the changes you make. 
  • Optimize placement of ad

Where you place your ads on Facebook makes a lot of difference in terms of the cost of advertising. In fact, according to AdEspresso’s data, “the CPC can vary over 550%, depending on different ad placements”. 

  • Testing A/B ideas pay off

One of the main Facebook ad optimization tips is to find out which idea of yours works best. Run a Facebook A/B Test. You can test-

  • Ad placements
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Unique value offer
  • Bidding methods
  • Ad copy (mainly the headline)
  • Ad design
  • Objectives of the campaign

If you are optimizing link clicks, Facebook will display your ads to the visitors that are most likely to hit the click button. 

What will be your Facebook ad optimization?

Ad optimization for FacebookThe objectives for ad optimization for Facebook are many. Let us take a look at a few of the important ones here. These are-

  • Brand awareness-  As far as this aspect is concerned, you will have to address issues related to Reach, Impressions, Traffic, Views for landing pages, link clicks, engagement, Daily Unique Reach, Page Likes, App Install, and Event Responses
  • Lead Generation- This involves taking into account the leads, messages, replies, conversions, catalog, store visits, Impressions, Conversion events, and so on. 

It is crucial to identify what you need for your business in the first place. Additionally, metrics are factors that can mislead you often. So steer clear of observing any metrics especially if you are in the preliminary phases of advertising or just started off. 

Optimization for ad delivery Facebook impressionsFor you as a vendor, the most important user is someone that will “buy from you”. This is THE most important call-to-action that a prospective lead can take and that is to become a consumer. It cannot be ruled out though that there are several instances of so-called “algorithm manipulation” that take place from time to time. 

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