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Calculate Click-Through Rate for Ad Efficiency!

What is the Click-through rate?

The click-through rate gives an effective overview of the performance of a digital advertisement present on various digital platforms. In recent times it has become one of the most essential metrics in calculating ad performances. It is one of the basic measurements of analyzing online customer behavior. The data pulled from the click-through rate is comparatively easier to attain and analyze. Click-through rate calculators are available free on different sites online. The click-through rate formula is also simple. 

How to calculate click-through rate?

good click-through rateIt is easy to calculate the click-through rate of any online advertisement. It is calculated by the number of clicks on the advertisements divided by the total number of people who saw the advertisement multiplied by 100. The result is generally derived as a percentage. For example, if the advertisement is seen by 200 people and the URL is clicked on by 20 people, the click-through rate is calculated to be 10%. This will provide one with an accurate and real-time scenario. The advertisements can be henceforth judged in terms of cost-effectiveness and strategies altered or remain unchanged accordingly.

What is a good click-through rate for email?

Benchmark metrics that determine the competency of online ads depend on factors like industry and sector to which an ad belongs. The average click-through rate of an ad from each industry is very different. The email open rate on average is 15-25%. On average, an ad containing mail is clicked to open 20-30% of the time. The average Click through rate in an email is generally 2.5%. Any click-through rate above 2.5% is good for emails. For example, the click-through rate in the food industry is much higher than in the automotive industry because of the general interest of the people. Click rate is another metric that is taken into account and often confused with the click-through rate. But they measure slightly different statistics from each other.

Click rate Vs. Click-through rate in emails

How to calculate the click-through rateClick rate is a metric that infers the number of people who click on the ad link out of the number of people to whom the mail was delivered. On the other hand, the click-through rate is the number of people who clicked on the ad link out of the number of people who opened the mail. Therefore, click rate and click-through rate will vary in statistics. The method to calculate click-through rate and click rate is the same. For example, if the total mail delivered is 500, the total number of people who opened the mail is 300 and the total link click is 200, the click rate will be (200/500) x100 = 40%. The click-through rate in the same situation is (200/300)x 500 = 66%. Therefore, there will be a difference in results despite, minimal difference between the two. 

Average Click-through Rate for Banner Ads 

Banner ads are one of the most primitive forms of online advertisements. It is the ads that arise on the top and side of any webpage. Banner ads are like virtual billboards but in a flashy way. Their main function is to grab the attention of the viewers or visitors of the page. Therefore the design of a banner ad is more important than the content to increase the click-through rate average. The average click-through rate for banner ads is declining with the passage of time. The average click-through rate for banner ads has become as low as 0.25% currently. However, it is said that a CTR click-through rate of 2% or above is commendable for banner ads on web pages given the current situation. The how-to-click-through rate is calculated in banner ads remains the same as usual.

What is a good click-through rate for Facebook ads?

click-through rateClick-through rates on Facebook ads are generally seen to be very low. It is so because people visit Facebook for socializing and other informal activities. People generally don’t visit Facebook for commercial activities or serious monetary exchanges. The average click-through rates on Facebook are therefore lower than Google ads. People generally look into Google when searching for anything specific rather than on social media. Any click-through rate above 0.05-0.1% on Facebook is considered above average. However, employees of Facebook have claimed that click-through rates below 0.02% in Facebook ads should be considered poor performing.

What is a good click-through rate for Youtube?

Youtube click-through rates can be highly confusing if not understood well. It can also be detrimental to a channel if the analysis of click-through rates is improper. What would one prefer? A click-through rate of 6% with 300 viewers or 2.6% with 28000 viewers? Youtube analytics say that the average click-through rate of youtube ads is 2-10%. Click-through rates on Youtube highly depend on the created thumbnail and what impression it creates on the viewers. When the channel is at the nascent stage, there are a smaller number of viewers and a smaller number of generated content. In this case, the click-through rate can boost to even 30%. If a video gets a higher click-through rate on Youtube, it gains promotion to the home page of viewers and ‘watch next’ videos.

Therefore, Youtube has an organic system of promotion depending on the home analysis of the click-through rate of a video. But when organic videos have lower click-through rates than the videos which have been directed from other sources like pages or channels. It is also important that one chooses the thumbnails of a video wisely from the options rendered by Youtube. Hence, CTR on Youtube is mostly an impression click-through rate.

How to improve click-through rates?

Several factors affect the click-through rate of any advertisement. A few of the factors are:


Both the design and content of the campaign are important to increase the click-through rate of any campaign. According to the product or service on offer, the campaign should have an appropriate design. It should preferably carry the brand colors. The content should be flashy, racy, and crisp. The word space has limitations in online ads. Use impactful words for maximum effect.


Keep in mind the industry to which the ad belongs. Different industries have different click-through rates and have to be optimized in different ways. This is primarily because the target audience of each industry is different. Advertisements should keep in mind their target audience and then invest in advertisements.


What the advertisement wants to achieve is very important to optimize the click-through rate. If it is just about increasing sales, the optimization is different but with the addition of goals, its treatment is different.

Keyword optimization

Using the appropriate keywords which match industry standards will also ensure greater click-through rates. If there is fair competition for the product one is selling, then keyword optimization becomes a must. It will help the audience and buyers to be specific while buying. This will organically improve the click-through rates of the advertisement.

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